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The Majestic-class starliner was a Federation designed civilian starship that saw service in the 24th century. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)


The Majestic-class resembled a turtle in design; it had the wide main section with a rounded transparent dome on the top of the vessel, much like a shell. Its two large warp nacelles at the rear were like flippers and the long and slender bow of the ship was like the head peeking from under the shell.

The large transparent dome was the signature feature of the class. It allowed the passengers a "sky" above them and made the resort seem much more open. The dome itself was three-quarters of a kilometre in length and around half a kilometre wide and nearly two hundred metres tall.

The resort section of the ship was where the guests were housed. On each ship of the Majestic-class these sections were different, making each vessel an individual experience.

At the rear of the ship connected to the rear of the dome was a shuttlebay. The shuttlebay was large enough to accommodate dozens of craft. It also carried a number of work bees to carry out any external maintenance of the vessel while it was on a cruise.

While the vessel was a civilian craft it was still armed with weapons. Its main armament were five phaser banks located around the ship. Each ship also carried a number of armed smaller craft such as shuttles and runabouts to offer extra protection. However it was not a combat vessel and as such they stuck to relatively safe areas of the Federation where the chances of attack were low and Starfleet response would be quick. ("Waiting for the Sun")

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