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Real Name
Lord Majestros of Khera
Current Alias
Mister Majestic, Jim McArest

Sublime One, Mister Cape




Majestrate (son, deceased), Kenesha (Savant, daughter)


Base Of Operations
Secret base in Mt. Rushmore, formerly the Arctic


6' 3"

225 lbs (102 kg)




Marital Status


Traditional Kherubim Education

Lord Majestros was born a Kherubim Lord from the planet Khera.

Place of Birth


First appearance

WildC.A.T.s #11



Mr. Majestic, born Majestros on the planet Khera, was a Kherubim warlord. He has two children, Kenesha (Savant) and Majestrate. Kenesha was born out of a union with Majestros and Lady Zannah (Zealot) on Khera. However Zannah could not stay a warrior if she became a mother. Thusly Zannah gave Kenesha to her mother to raise, allowing Majestros to believe Kenesha was Zannah's sister, rather than his own daughter.

Majestic became trapped on Earth with three other Kherubim lords during the Kherubim/Daemonite war. His son Majestrate also made the journey. Majestic would spend the next several centuries fighting for justice, and allied with Maximum Man and The High, creating the superhero team The Big Three during World War Two. He ends up joining the government-sponsored Team One during the Cold War. While the team was fighting Lord Helspont and the Cabal, Majestros is forced to kill his friend and fellow Kheran Yon Kohl (also known as John Colt). Demoralized, he seeks solace in the Arctic. He only returns to the civilized world when Savant (Kenesha) asks him to help Zealot in her battle with Tapestry.

During his tenure as leader of the WildC.A.T.s, Majestic leads his team in a completely new direction, brutally punishing criminals both superhuman and non-superhuman alike. These actions are influenced by his team-mate T.A.O., AKA 'Tactically Augmented Organism'.

TAO is eventually discovered and his plans to escape devastate the team. Savant herself is critically wounded when she is tricked into stepping in front of Grifter's blaster fire.

Majestic is distracted with saving the life of a fellow team member and at the same time, stopping a nuclear meltdown. He returns to confront Tao deep in the sewers. Despite the entity's deceleration he has the cure for world hunger and many diseases, Majestic urges him to face his death with more nobility. With a flash of his eyes, Tao is incinerated.

Majestros soon quits the team, along with most of the new version, as the old Wildcats are back. He rejoins at the request of Grifter at the end of WildC.A.T.s but didn't stay long. He later teams up with Savant herself, along with several other heroes, including Cybernary to go on several dimension hopping adventures. He would help with a rebellion against an evil dictator among many other incidents.

Strange Visitor

Majestic did not spend the majority of his time after Team One in solitude, but rather as a government agent taking on paranormal anomalies with the aid of a gifted boy named Desmond. As his adventures span from the late 1960s to the early 2000s, Majestic was flung into New Earth's Metropolis by Daemonite technology. From here Majestros takes on the alias of Jim McArest (an anagram of "Mr. Majestic"), as he had suffered amnesia from the interdimensional trip. In 2005, Majestic (with the aid of Superman and the Eradicator) returned to the WildStorm universe.

After Majestic, Superman and Eradicator returns to Majestic's Earth of his home dimension, but finds it mysteriously devoid of human and animal life. Only plants remain. Yet strangely, there are no car accidents, plane crashes, or other devastation. They investigate to find out a large alien spaceship had taken all animal life from the Earth, for reasons unknown. With Superman and the Eradicator forced to return to their home universe, Majestic must investigate this situation alone. He soon discovered that a alien space ship had taken every living thing off the planet and went after it. After months of pursuit, Majestic reaches the ship, and boards it, finding aboard the population of not just Earth, but dozens of other planets. All of them are held in stasis, except those members of the Plenary, a civilization of refugees who inhabit a derelict area of the vast ark. Majestic returns the population of the Earth, but finds it has been conquered by Daemonites from another dimension, who entered through the gate he left open, and that he lost over a year of time. In addition to controlling the world, the Daemonites are using Kheran Planet-Shaper engines to adapt the planet to their needs.

Realizing that continuing the fight would be futile, Majestic uses the power of the Void contained within his possessed friend Spartan to travel back in time before the Daemonite conquest.

Returning to Earth after sealing the hole in the Bleed which the Daemonites had used to enter his reality, Majestic sets out to discover the origins of the Kherubim technology cached on the Earth. Enlisting the aid of his former ally Desmond, and Zealot of the Coda, Majestic finds a tunnel that leads deep into the planet, laced with Kherubim technology. There he is forced to confront James Wyvern, owner of Pacificon, and secretly Lord Helspont of the Daemonites. After a short battle, Desmond is assimilated into the core of the Planet Shaper engine, and Helspont infiltrates it, causing the display of a holographic tutorial revealing the history and purpose of the device. It is revealed that the ancient Kherubim seeded these devices across countless worlds, subjugating the native life and fostering their own evolutionary growth. However, this process was sometimes unsuccessful, as in the case of the Daemonites. Before the tutorial can be completed though, a signal from the Shaper's Guild causes the device to shut down.

After this shut down, Majestic and Zealot meet Javen, a former friend of Majestic, who is now a Master Motile of the Shaper's Guild. He presents Majestic with an offer, that Majestic and the Shaper's Guild seize the rule of Khera, and fight the corruption that has plagued the planet since the end of the Daemonite War. However, this offer is merely a ploy, concealing the Shaper's Guild's real intent, to use Majestic's pure genestock and the planet shaper to forge a new Khera out of the planet Earth. Unfortunately, Majestic's recent temporal adventures have ruined his genetic structure, rendering him useless for those purposes, and ultimately, causing the end of his life within relatively short order. Therefore, the Guild seeks a secondary source, Majestic's daughter, Savant, who he did not even know about it till it was revealed to him by Javen. The Shaper's Guild attempts to seize her, and place her within the Planet Shaper machine.

Meanwhile, a force of the Coda, led by Zealot's mother, Harmony, of the Red Skein of the Coda, and a Kherubrim warlod, Lord Khull Imperator, arrives to oppose the radical actions of the Shaper's Guild. They lead a force to fight the Shaper's forces, and prevent the use of the Planet Shaper Engine. Majestic, having escaped from the Shaper's Guild with the help of Spartan, allies with Helspont, leading his own mission against the Shaper's. Eventually Javan is defeated by Savant, though only after having injured Zealot, and killed Harmony, but Lord Khull Imperator, having defeated Helspont, announces his real desire, to seize the Planet Shaper engine for his own faction. He seemingly engages the engine, separating it from the Earth, which causes it to catastrophically fail, destroying the planet.

This turns out to be a ruse perpetuated by Majestic and Desmond though, using the full immersion holographic systems of the Planet Shaper to convince Imperator that his plans failed. But Desmond has been possessed by Helspont, who still intends to use the engine for himself. Majestic is able thwart him only by continually changing the access codes to the system, requiring him to endure weeks of continuous in order to prevent the Daemonite from taking over. Eventually all seems lost when Majestic reaches the limits of his endurance, until suddenly all animal life vanishes from the Earth, which causes the Planet Shaper to shut down, a result of the mysterious ark Majestic had already defeated in his sojourn to the future. Due to temporal poisoning Majestic dies, disintegrating into little white slivers which blow past the Mr. Majestic who first returns to the Wildstorm universe with Superman and the Eradicator.[1]


Majestic and the Wildcats involved themselves with a Kheran woman named Nemesis who has been killing people for some unknown reason, and entered into a plot that had been going on since before the Kherubim first crashed to Earth.

Majestic and Nemesis had met on Khera when she tried to steal his sword. After he caught her, they soon became friends and lovers, and Majestic was able to get her Coda training, something an Adrastean like Charis (her real name) was normally not allowed. Unfortunately, since Charis was an Adrastea, Majestic being with her was frowned upon so they had to stay together in secret. However, their secret wasn't as well hidden as they thought. Kheran politicians, trying to make peace for their planet, chose Majestic to sleep with Zealot, an act that would unite the two most powerful factions on the planet, the Pantheon and the Coda. Majestic felt it was his duty as a Kherubim to do what he was asked of him for the sake of Khera, but the politicians would have blackmailed him by threatening to tell others about Charis if he didn't. Because of his "duty" Majestic and Charis separated, though they still loved each other. They ended up on Earth together though when their ship crashed on the planet. Charis was part of the Coda but was betrayed by another faction (led by her new man Raven) the Brotherhood of the Blade. The Brotherhood had joined with some rogue Daemonites in a plan to overthrow both their people. The first step of this plan was to kill the Coda and frame Charis. They did, leaving only Charis (and Zealot, who had left before the attack) alive among the original Coda. After this, both Zealot and Majestic swore to hunt down Charis (now Nemesis), not knowing that she had also sworn to avenge her sisters. The whole betrayal had taken place in Ancient Greece, and Nemesis hadn't been seen since. It wasn't until 2005 that Majestic found her.

Majestic, Zealot, Savant, and Grifter found Nemesis in the middle of killing some Brotherhood assassins, though the Wildcats didn't know that was who they were. After she had killed them, the Wildcats tried to stop her from kidnapping a child that was with the men, but Nemesis made short work of the team. She even managed to cut Majestic with a sword (the blade of the sword was made from the metal of a machine that was created to destroy the universe and could cut through anything). She escaped with the child (named Kara) but Majestic and the team eventually find her.

Before the Wildcats could arrive though, Daemonites found Charis and Kara and managed to take them by surprise, but she was able to hold her own until Majestic arrived looking to take Kara back and to kill Charis. After surrounding herself and Kara with a forcefield, Charis blew up the building, with Daemonites and Majestic caught in the explosion. Majestic survived though and used his former relationship with Nemesis to take her down. Majestros took both of them to a Halo Corporation building in New York City. While there, Charis revealed the truth behind her “betrayal” and also explained what was going on with the girl. The Brotherhood (and their Daemonite allies) had been mutating humanity (by polluting water all over the world) since they had betrayed the Coda and their people in Ancient Greece. The girl was created as an activator to trigger the mutations so Nemesis was keeping her safe so the Brotherhood couldn't use her to control humanity. Majestic and Zealot accepted her story (after some tests of their own), but before Nemesis could be released, a Brotherhood spacecraft (a Bladeship) emerged from a bleed portal and fired hundreds of projectiles into the Halo building with the Wildcats (and Nemesis) inside. The projectiles were Scimitars, Brotherhood/Shaper hybrids, living weapons born and bred to kill. Majestros saved Nemesis at the last minute from being cut in half by a Scimitar. While Majestic was fighting some of the Scimitars, Kara was kidnapped and the Bladeship attacked. After the Brotherhood ship bombarded the building with plasma canons, Charis was the last one standing, thanks to her force field. Following the Scimitar that had captured Kara onto the ship, she came face to face with Raven, the leader of the Brotherhood. She was too late to stop him from activating the girl, and the resulting blast knocked her off the flying ship and to the ground.When she awoke, she was with Majestic, Zealot, Grifter and Savant. It was then that Majestic and Zealot called a truce with Nemesis and offered her the chance to finally avenge her slain sisters of the Coda. Majestic, Nemesis and the Wildcats battled the human mutates in New York City, while other superhero teams fought mutates all over America.

Savant located the Brotherhood's battleship in space, and teleported all the Wildcats (except Majestic) using the Halo Corporation teleportation system. On board they found that Raven had the entire population of New Jersey frozen in status pods as hostages. He was ready to kill them if the Wildcats didn't surrender. Nemesis, being a Coda warrior, was unable to surrender, and threw out some special grenades, taking out the Brotherhood and buying time for her to send the hostages back to Earth and set the ship to self-destruct. Nemesis was able to locate Kara and free her, but she was attacked by a Daemonite and was about to be shot. Grifter, deeply in lust with Nemesis, took the hit for her. Savant tried to teleport the team back, but there weren't enough beacons to get them all back, so Nemesis gave hers to Kara. She also gave Grifter a goodbye kiss and told Zealot to tell Majestros that had she not sacrificed herself, she would have showed him what he was missing for the past three millenia.

After the Wildcats were gone, Charis faced off against Raven. Raven also had a blade forged from the material that allowed Charis' blade to cut through anything, so when they fought, it was especially dangerous. They fought and Nemesis won, but in killing Raven, she had damaged the ship and she was sucked out into open space. It was then that Majestic returned, saving her from certain death since the force fields she had activated when she was sucked out, were losing power. Back at the Halo Corporation building in New York City, Majestros asked Charis to stay with him and be with him as well as join the Wildcats. She turned him down, and after one last kiss went on her way to more adventures.


Main article: Captain Atom: Armageddon

Majestic encountered the DC hero Captain Atom who was transported to the Wildstorm Universe due to saving his Earth from a meteor made of kryptonite. Majestic didn't give Atom a chance to explain what he was doing on his planet, and started attacking him, though he wasn't actually trying to kill him. After having pummeling Atom, Majestic is blasted by him; stunning him, and then punched him into the ground. Before Majestic recovered, Atom flew away to find out where he was.

Majestic tracked down Atom who have discovered that this Earth isn't his and tries to fly as fast as he possibly could, believing that he would get him back home. Majestic caught up to him as he flew and then stopped him, telling Atom that he was there to help, not to fight. Majestic took Atom to his base in Mount Rushmore to explain to him in on what was going on. Majestic apparently knew more about what was going on than Atom did, and knew that Atom had come from the DC Universe's Earth (as well in recounting his adventures with Superman, much to Atom's surprise). But even using the most sophisticated of computers and his own genius, he couldn't figure out a way to get Atom back to his world. Atom decided to see if he could get help from other heroes but Majestic warned him against the idea. He told Atom that some of the other heroes (implicitly The Authority) were not to be trusted, but Captain Atom left anyway. Once he was gone, Majestic returned to his base only to received a disturbing message. According to the machine, if Captain Atom wasn't returned to his Earth, he would start a reaction that would destroy the entirety of the Wildstorm Universe.

Majestic went to find Atom and discovered him outside at the White House. Captain Atom attacked Majestic without warning, angry at him and other super heroes in his universe that seemed to have normal humans (including the President who he'd just met) trembling in fear. Majestic didn't fight back since he had come to talk. Instead, he let Atom yell and fight. When he was done, Atom spit in Majestic's face, causing him to hurl Atom into the Washington Monument. After that, he told Atom what he'd found out about the destruction Atom would cause if he didn't get home. He also told Atom that if he sacrificed himself, he could save everyone. Atom was stunned of hearing this, but is unsure if Majestic's difference engine was true and left to check that out with other sources. Returning to Mount Rushmore, Mr. Majestic kept running the numbers on his computer to find a solution. The only thing he found was more bad news: he discovered that even if Atom sacrificed himself and died, he'd still destroy the universe.[2] Majestic went to The Authority's base, The Carrier, to talk to Jack Hawksmoor. Jack told him that The Authority had a plan, to have the Engineer do some subatomic changes to Captain Atom, which she did and seemed to have worked.[3]

Unfortunately, it hadn't worked. Atom came into contact with Void and reacted violently, cluing everyone in to the fact that he still posed a threat to the universe.[4] Against Mr. Majestic's advice, Jack Hawksmoor sent Authority members Apollo and Midnighter (after The Engineer failed) to kill Captain Atom. While they were fighting, Majestic ran more checks on his computer and kept getting the same response. If Atom stayed, the universe would die, and if he died (which was becoming more and more likely thanks to the fight going on) it would still be destroyed. Majestic flew back up to the Carrier to confront Jack about his flawed plan and strongly demands him to call off Apollo and Midnighter, but The Doctor used his magic to freeze time around Majestic hindering him from doing anything.[5]

Midnighter and Apollo managed to bring Atom back to the Carrier and were about to kill him when Atom started to glow. After Apollo and Midnighter were killed just by touching him, The Doctor unfroze Majestic on Jack's command to see if he could help. Upon being unfroze and seeing what has happened, Majestic angrily reprimanded Jack. Right after Jenny Quantum was killed in her efforts in helping Atom, Void appeared. She went to Atom and removed a piece of herself from his body. The tiny shard of her essence had somehow lodged itself in Atom and had been causing all the problems. Once removed, Atom was able to return to his Earth, but the Wildstorm Universe was still going to be expunged. In one final flash of light, everything that was in the Wildstorm Universe was gone, but rebooted to be known as Earth-50 with many of the universe's denizens, including Majestic, remaining intact only with their past history reformatted but for him and others involved with Captain Atom to vaguely forget the entire event.[6]

Armageddon and Revelations

With the failure of the Worldstorm reboot the universe went in a different direction. When Nemesis was sent into the future by the Void to learn enough about the coming Armageddon to prevent it, she discover that Majestic had become an enemy of the Wildcats because of his effort to create a New Khera in Hawaii. This threw him into conflict with his former team because he was taking technology from them (since their base had survived mostly intact) as well as survivors to populate the utopia he was building. Nemesis left this future and went back to her time to prevent it so it was unknown if that future would come to pass.[7]

In the present Majestic next appeared as part of Nemesis' efforts to fix the world. She and her partners (Savant and Backlash) needed access to his technology so she spent a night with him to distract him from their break in. He knew what was going on but didn't stop them.[8]. When they seemingly succeeded in preventing the apocalypse Nemesis ended up in bed with Majestic again.[9] It turned out though that not only had Nemesis failed to save the world, she'd actually been tricked (by Tao) into damning it. The future that Tao had made Void show her became more than just a possibility because of her actions.

World's End

Since the destruction brought upon earth due to the Reaper clones of The High, Majestros at first was confused at what he thought was an encounter with his old friend when he ran into one of the crazed clones[10]. Some time after that Majestros became what is perceived as insane. He has decided to build a utopia based on his homeworld of Khera, here on the shattered Earth in what was the island state of Hawaii. As was seen from Nemesis' experience in the future Majestic attacks the Halo building to take their advanced technology and the survivors that they have saved so he bring them back to his "utopia". He had become an enemy of the Wildcats because of his effort to create a "New Khera" in Hawaii.

The conflict between him and the Wildcats eased in a truce and Majestros offers to only Maul, Warblade, Nemesis and Jodi Slayton to live in Hawaii as he deems them the only ones to be "desirable". The four initially rejected his offer, but Nemesis and Jodi Slayton eventually accepted after their battle against Daemonites. However, it was then revealed that Majestic blackmailed them as he held Savant as a prisoner and among others to be artificially impregnated to give birth to pure Kherubim "heirs". Majestic, again, battled the Wildcats after they received a distress message from Backlash, when he was distracted in fighting Spartan above Beijing, China. Upon arriving back to Hawaii to stop the Wildcats from escaping, Nemesis battled Majestic in order to allow her team to escape. Their reluctant fight brought them over an active volcano in which Nemesis willingly allow themselves to fell into the magma. Majestic was the only one to emerge unharmed and was incredibly dismayed to believe that his love perished. Majestic angrily gave chase on the Wildcats as he believed them to be their faults for Nemesis' apparent death. As he arrived at the Halo Building, Majestic was lured to confront his nemesis Lord Defile as he, Lady Decadence, and his Daemonites recently invaded the building. Upon seeing each other, Majestic and Defile ferociously fought against each other until Spartan allowed himself to be infused with the energies of the Otherspace in sucking them into the said dimension, but subsequently destroying the entire Halo Building in the process and apparently killing everyone within the vicinity. Majestic, however, shortly escaped his ordeal and didn't go after the Wildcats.[11] He later returned to Hawaii in his vain search for Nemesis and finding only her swords. During his search he is again met by Savant and Zealot, which they came for his help in battling Tao. Majestic, however, initially attacked Zealot until their fight is stopped by their daughter who and her mother reveals to him that Tao was responsible for manipulating his actions and was indirectly at fault for Nemesis' demise. This revelation enraged him to timely arrive at the site of the battle between Tao, Max Faraday, and Spartan, where he helps in subduing Tao with the Nemesis Swords. Unfortunately, Tao had his underling Pit Bull hold Faraday's wife hostage forcing Faraday to relent to Tao's demands for the Creation Equation. Majestic pleaded Max from revealing the Equation to Tao, but Faraday listened to Tao's demand.[12]

Powers and Abilities


Kherubim Physiology: Kherubim resemble humans in appearance, but are physically far stronger and more durable and extremely long-lived, nearly immortal. However an evolutionary drawback to their near-immortality is that Kherans are almost infertile, only very rarely will a Kheran produce offspring. This effect is seen in real world natural environments, as longer living organisms will have fewer offspring than organisms with short lifespans. This is a natural check against overpopulation.

Immortality: As a Kheran, Majestros possesses virtual immortality. His race is extremely long lived and he has been on Earth for literally the whole of human civilization and is showing no sign of growing old anytime soon. He is for all intents and purposes virtually unaging.
Kheribum Lord: As a Kherubim Lord, he is a rare type of 'Enhanced' Kherubim, with abilities beyond those of the typical one. All Kheribum Lords possess unique and specific powers and seem to be enhanced beyond the norm yet the exact nature of how or why this is the case has yet to be revealed. Majestic has all the powers of a Kherubim High Lord, but the exact nature of those powers has never been firmly established. His strength and durability vary greatly from appearance to appearance, but the majority of his appearances portray him with powers fairly similar to those of Superman.
Drahn Evolution: Majestic did not begin life at these power levels. Not much has been shown of his original abilities, but it is known that he was altered by the alien race known as the Drahn to reach his familiar levels.
  • Superhuman Strength: Mr. Majestic is incredibly powerful, being able to easily lift well in excess of 100,000 tons effortessly. The upper limit of his strength is unknown. He has done all of the standard superhuman feats such as punching through objects and lifting weights. Using his immense strength, Majestros was able to take a pencil and use the pressure created by his hands to turn the graphite core into diamonds in order to pay for a meal. He has used his own strength to catch large comets in mid-flight, grab a mountain sized object and proceed into space with it, while in the center able to easily resist the force of a black hole which was so powerful that even a being such as the Eradicator was not able to despite him being significantly further from the center than Majestic. He has even rearranged the entire Solar System including moving all the planets such as the Earth, a solidified Jupiter (Jupiter is 300 times larger than Earth.), and even flew a second star into the Solar System from the edges of the Galaxy. While it is unknown if his power levels are still at the same level, he is at the very least equal footing with Superman, which makes him the strongest superhero within the Wildstorm Universe.
  • Invulnerability: Majestic's body possesses a high degree of resistance to physical injury. He is nigh invulnerable and can survive bullets, explosions, lasers,and the like without any injury. This is demonstrated by his ability to survive within the vacuum of space for extended periods of time without any sort of protection. He has even survived the explosion of an Earth sized planet unharmed and sat inside of a sun without any discomfort at all. He has proved to be resistant to mystical attacks, shrugging all but the strongest attacks off with ease.
  • Superhuman Speed: Majestic's speed is just as impressive as his strength. He is is capable of enhanced reflex action and the ability to move at incredible speeds by sheer force of will. He is not only to battle opponents using super speed, but create a variety of devices as well. At one point, he was able to come up with the idea of a very complex piece of machinery and construct it within nanoseconds, and that was after starting over within the same time frame. His maximum speed is unknown, but he has traversed the milky way galaxy in minutes and the universe in less than four months, which puts him at several hundred times faster than the speed of light. As with his strength, it's unknown if he is still at these power levels. Given the versatile nature of flight, it can be assumed that he is much faster when in the air.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Majestros possesses what could possibly be considered godly amounts of stamina. He flew non-stop for months to reach the edge of the universe, which is a testament to how long he can operate at peak efficiency without food or sleep. It's unknown if his stamina has remained consistent or if it too has fluctuated as with his other powers.
  • Superhuman Hearing: The ability to hear any sound at any volume or pitch. The only Earth creature who can detect sounds at the frequency he can is a blue whale (0.01-200,000 Hz). He has shown enough control to block out ambient sounds to focus on a specific source/frequency. He can identify a person by their heartbeat, or pick out a single voice in an entire planet.
  • Superhuman Vision: He also possess a superior sensory arrangement of microscopic, telescopic, infrared and ultraviolet visual capabilities. He is able to see the entire spectrum. Microscopic, chemical, x-ray, auditory, ultrasonic, magnetic, photonic, etc. It's unknown how Majestic can preform these feats.
  • Electro-magnetic Spectrum Vision: He can see well into all of the EM Spectrum. He can see and identify radio/television and any and all broadcast/transmitted frequencies, allowing him to avoid detection through radar or satellite monitoring methods.
  • Telescopic Vision: The ability to "zoom in" his distance to see something at a great distance, without violating the laws of physics. The total telescopic ability is unclassified.
  • X-Ray Vision: The ability to see through anything except lead. He can see things behind a wall as if the wall were not there, or can "peel back" layer after layer of matter in his mind. Mr. Majestic is able to focus his vision past layers of matter, literally seeing "through" them -- possibly perceiving x-rays, cosmic rays or other forms of energy invisible to normal human vision which pass through Earth's atmosphere (and solid objects) after emission from Stars. Since it is passive, this ability would not generate harmful radiation in the same manner as a focused projection of hard X-rays.
  • Microscopic Vision: The ability to see extremely small objects and images down to the atomic level (normal optical microscopes can only see objects down to the size of chromosomes).
  • Infrared Vision: Allows him to see better in total darkness. He can detect the heat signatures of living beings or devices in operation.
  • Superhuman Smell: Majestic's sense of smell is so great, he can detect the differences between dimensions and universes. His sense of smell also allows him to detect the differences in the atomic structure of matter and also measure the disturbance in causality and the way time flows.
  • Flight: Through unknown means, Mr. Majestic is able to seemingly defy the forces of gravity and propel himself through the air unaided. Like many other superhumans with the same ability, Majestic's skill in flight allows him to preform just about anything he could on the ground in the air. He is easily able to reach escape velocity under his own power and has flown for months on end to reach the end of the universe, which puts his top flight speed at several hundred times greater than the speed of light. It's unknown if he maintains this level of power.
  • Superhuman Breath: Majestic create hurricane force winds by blowing, can chill his breath in order to freeze a target (this latter ability has also been called "freeze breath" and "arctic breath"). He is also able to draw in large amounts of air, an ability used when dealing with and disposing things like clouds of poison gas.
  • Energy Manipulation: Majestros possesses the ability to generate, manipulate and control various forms of energy for a variety of purposes.
  • Energy Blasts: Majestic can generate light, heat, force, and other forms of energy in the form of powerful blasts of an orange/red color. These blasts are usually generated from the hands and eyes. While the maximum power of these blasts are unknown, it's been stated that Majestros is capable of easily blowing holes through planets.
  • Laser Vision: Majestros is capable of controlling the output of his energy blasts to generate an extreme amount of energy in the form of heat, essentially producing heat vision. Visually, the power is typically depicted as two beams of red light firing from his eyes. These beams can possibly be made invisible to allow him to work unnoticed. The maximum power of his power is unknown, but it was sufficient enough to solidify the gas giant Jupiter. The area of effect can be consciously determined by Majestic, down to the microscopic level.
  • Subatomic Programming: For example, he once displayed that he knows how to manipulate photons and transmit information and data with his eye beams and used this ability to rewrite Eradicator's genetic code (subatomic programming), giving him cross-dimensional awareness.
  • Psionics: Majestic is a Kherubim Lord and all Lords have psychic abilities. He hasn’t shown much in the way of offensive uses psychic powers, but he has immense amounts of raw psychic power and potential and has been able to effortlessly resist the efforts of other powerful psychics.
  • Telekinesis: He has used telekinesis as well but only on few occasions. The extent of this power is unknown, as it's rarely used.


Genius-level Intellect: Majestros possesses such intelligence that it would be classified as superhuman. When faced with obstacles that can’t be overcome with brute strength, Majestic can evaluate a situation to find the proper solution and implement it correctly. He is knowledgeable in many fields (including physics, cosmology, chemistry, engineering, biology, earth and alien technology) and has more than once shown himself to be as smart as, if not smarter than, the most brilliant minds on his and even other planets. Majestros is a able to construct any device within a matter of seconds, analyze a situation and come up with the proper solution and find weaknesses in enemies. His intelligence (and control over his body) allows him to use his powers in unique ways.

  • Inventive: Majestic has also built ships for interstellar travel, sentient machines, bombs, mechanical combat suits and other things using scrap metal and other basic resources. He usually has access to highly advanced Kherubim Technology that he can use, but sometimes he doesn't and has to make due with what he can find. To aid in his creating, he built a Kherubim Forge powered by “pure primal energy operating in tandem with arcane alien metallurgy”.

Master Warrior: Majestic is also a skilled warrior, especially in the use of bladed weapons like most Kherubim warriors.

Weapons Master

  • Swordsmanship


Stealth: He can infiltrate areas with even the highest security in order to take them down from the inside.

Strength level

Majestic-Class. It's unknown if he's still capable of his strongest feats, but even without them, he's still well over the 100 ton benchmark.


Creation Engine Blades: As proven by Nemesis, blades forged from fragments of the Creation Engine are capable of bypassing his invulnerability, harming him.



  • Molecular Disentangler: used to detach a shape shifter's mind from the building it was controlling.
  • Energy Dampeners: pills that take away his powers in case he needs to work stealthily in places where his power signature would give him away.
  • Planet Movers: Gloves that let him move planets without them being destroyed by their own weight.
  • Invisibility Suit




  • Majestic's Sword
  • Double-Bladed Invisible Sword


  • When Jim Lee was asked why he based Mr. Majestic so much on Superman, he stated that he was tired of seeing so many comic heroes who possessed great power but were too afraid to use it. Mr. Majestic possesses powers similar to those of Superman, but his personality is entirely different. Majestros has more militant views, as he is a Kheran warlord. The difference between the two is further portrayed when Majestros finds himself stuck on Superman’s Earth. The two manage to discuss their differing outlooks on the world around them: Majestic’s no-nonsense, all-business personality and Superman’s more subtle approach to things. Majestic reveals that he has put superhuman villains in stasis-prison without giving them a fair trial and getting into bouts with that world’s heroes, claiming he finds them dismayingly reticent.
  • Mr. Majestic is considered the variant of Superman on Earth-50. Apollo is also Superman-like, but is apparently Earth-50's variant of Ray.


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A Majestic in GTA San Andreas (Rear quarter view).

The Majestic is a car featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



The Majestic is a 1980s two-door coupe based on a 1982-1987 Buick Regal. The car performance is ranked in a mid range; although its top speed is slightly above average, its acceleration and braking are generally average, and its cornering is relatively stable given its rear wheel drive.

The Majestic is one of three gang cars driven by members of the Ballas. However, it is not the best choice for performing drive-bys, as it is a two door car - meaning that only one gang member can accompany the player.


The car can only be modified at TransFender garage:

  • Colors (two external areas)
  • Hood Vents (two varieties)
  • Exhaust (three varieties)
  • Nitro (all)
  • Spoilers (four varieties)
  • Side Skirt
  • Wheels (ten varieties)
  • Bass Boost
  • Hydraulics


  • The default radio station in the Majestic is Bounce FM.


  • The Majestic can usually be found in any area that the Ballas are in control of, but after the player has acquired all of the Ballas' "turf", the Majestic becomes extremely rare, only spawning indefinitely in one location in Los Santos, specifically, in the parking lot under the Mulholland Intersection in Downtown Los Santos.
  • A flame-proof Majestic can be found during the mission High Stakes, Low Rider.

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  • Faction, similar car in GTA IV that fills the place of Majestic.

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Majestic Dragons, known as Savior Dragons in the Japanese version are a series of upgraded Five Dragons.

Each "Majestic Dragon" monster is Synchro Summoned by using the Dragon, along with the "Majestic Dragon" Tuner monster and an additional non-Tuner monster.

Currently the only "Majestic Dragon" monsters are "Majestic Star Dragon" and "Majestic Red Dragon".

The "Majestic Dragon" monsters return to the Extra Deck during the End Phase and Special Summon the corresponding Dragon from the Graveyard. Their effects are similar to their Five Dragon counterpart, except more poweful; they also can negate the effect of an opponent's face-up monster and get an advantage from the negated card until the End Phase.

In the anime, before Majestic Dragon is drawn, the Dragon's Birthmarks of the five Signers form the complete Seal of the Crimson Dragon on the users back. When summoned in the anime, the user of the dragon will be consumed into its body for as long as it remains on the field. These dragons have been shown to be extremely large in size, dwarfing their own Five Dragons Counterparts. They appear to glow, and attack by flying straight through their target.

So far, the ATK of a "Majestic Dragon" monster is equal to 40% of the original ATK of its basic form + 2800. Stardust Dragon's 2500*0.4 = 1000; 1000 + 2800 = 3800, for the ATK of Majestic Star Dragon and the Defense is that of the basic form (2000) + 1000 = 3000. Red Dragon Archfiend's 3000*0.4 = 1200; 1200 + 2800 = 4000, for the ATK of Majestic Red Dragon and the Defense is that of the basic form (2000) + 1000 = 3000.

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