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The Main Gauche (マインゴーシュ Main Gōshu) is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series. A powerful dagger, it is often one of the weaker, but still powerful weapons for the Thief class, and gives a boost to Evade and/or Speed.



Final Fantasy II

The Main Gauche in Final Fantasy II.

The Main Gauche increases Evade by 10 and is a mid-powered dagger.

Final Fantasy III

The Main Gauche increases Agility by 3 and is a low-powered dagger.

Main Gauche in Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy V

The Main Gauche is a dagger that can be found in Karnak Castle and Moore. It has a chance of parrying an enemy's attack.

Final Fantasy VI

The Main Gauche, originally translated as Guardian, is equippable by Locke and is found in the Returner Hideout. It boosts Speed by 4 and Evade by 10.

Final Fantasy XI

The Main Gauche is the base version of the Dancer's Mythic Weapon (Terpischore), found within Nyzul Isle. It can be used to obtain the Weapon skill Pyrrhic Kleos.

Final Fantasy XII

The Main Gauche is a dagger with 38 Attack Power and 34 Evade. It can be purchased in Jahara and Rabanastre.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Main Gauche has low power, but a Weapon Evasion of 40%.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Main Gauche is an artifact that increases the Defense of the character by 2.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Main Gauche is a level 35 Dagger that provides +30 Attack and is bought for 362 Gil.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Main Gauche is a level 15 dagger that increases Attack by 12 and fills the EX Gauge by 15% at the start of a battle.


"Main gauche" means "left hand" in French. The Main Gauche is the name given to a parrying dagger wielded with the left hand, which was used in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, as an off-hand weapon in conjunction with a sword.

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