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Mai runs a Harpie Lady Deck, occasionally with several other female-related cards included within. In the English anime the Harpie related cards are given more clothing and sexual references are removed.



Duelist Kingdom

Opponent Outcome
Rex Raptor Win
Striped jumper duelist Win
Joey Wheeler Lose
Random duelist Win
Panik Lose
Téa Gardner Lose (Intentional)
Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi Lose
Joey Wheeler No Result

During Duelist Kingdom, her Deck focused mostly on multiplying the amount of Harpie Ladies she controlled via cards like "Elegant Egotist", while another tactic of hers boosted her Harpies' ATK with cards like "Rose Whip" and "Cyber Shield". On occasion, her Harpie multiplication strategy would serve toward strengthening her Harpie's Pet Dragon.

Duelist Kingdom Deck

Battle City

Opponent Outcome
Jean Claude Magnum Win
Marik Ishtar Lose

During the Battle City tournament, she included Amazonesses in her Deck, as well as several of their support cards, like "Amazoness Archers" and "Dramatic Rescue". In her Duel with Yami Marik, the multiplication of her Harpie Ladies would serve the purpose of Tribute Summoning Marik's Winged Dragon of Ra (although she did not know how to release it from its Sphere Mode at the time).

Battle City Deck

Waking the Dragons

Opponent Outcome
Tournament Duelist Win
Valon Lose
Maximillion Pegasus Win
Joey Wheeler Incomplete
Joey Wheeler Win
Rafael Lose
Paradox Brothers Not shown

During Waking the Dragons, her Deck still focused on the multiplication of her Harpies (using a card called Nightmare Tri-Mirror), but it had changed to a half Beatdown, half Burn theme, focusing on "The Seal of Orichalcos" and cards like "Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation" and "Sparrow Formation".

Waking the Dragons Deck

Video Games

World Championship Tournament 2004 Deck {Harpie/Winged Beast Deck}

Nightmare Troubadour

Lady Sanctuary
Shining Lady
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