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The Magma Set consists of all Items that give protection against Fire Damage. Wearing this full Set will give you 23% Fire protection, but increase damage taken by Ice by 24%.
Note that Dragon Necklace is not actually part of Magma Set, but provides 8% protection against fire for 200 charges, so with it set gives total 31% protection against Fire. With Magma Set, Dragon Necklace and Might Ring you have 51% protection against Fire.

Sorcerers may replace the Magma Coat with a Dragon Robe, getting a total of 27% fire protection and -28% ice protection.
Item Attributes Dropped by Level
Magma Amulet[1] fire +20%, ice -10% None.
Magma Monocle fire +4%, ice -5% Diabolic Imp, Efreet, Marid, Merikh the Slaughterer. 0
Magma Coat fire +8%, ice -8% Diabolic Imp, Fire Overlord, Hellfire Fighter, Morgaroth. 50
Magma Legs fire +6%, ice -6% Hellfire Fighter, Hellgorak. 40
Magma Boots fire +5%, ice -5% Dragon Lord Hatchling, Infernalist, Orc Warlord. 35
Also of interest
Dragon Necklace[2] fire +8% Hunter, Acolyte of the Cult, Yakchal.
Dragon Robe fire +12%, ice -12% Morgaroth. 75
Zaoan Robe fire +10%, ice -10% Lizard Dragon Priest. 60
Might Ring[2] physical +20%, fire +20%, earth +20%, energy +20%, ice +20%, holy +20%, death +20%. Ashmunrah, Demon, Hero, Morgaroth, Worker Golem, Zugurosh, Latrivan.
  1. ^ Magma Amulets haven't been known to exist yet, has limited charges.
  2. ^ 2.0 2.1 Dragon Necklace and Might Ring have limited charges.

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