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The Magitek Research Facility

The Magitek Research Facility is a location in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is located in the Imperial capital of Vector and is adjacent to the Magitek Factory. This is the location where Cid Del Norte Marquez performs his experiments, and it is where the Empire keeps its Espers. The party comes here to rescue several Espers, including Terra's father Maduin. After trekking through the factory, they finally reach the facility, where they free the Espers, upon which they are turned into Magicite. Cid finds out about this and is confused, but Kefka comes in and blames Cid for keeping Magicite, the real source of power, a secret. He then instructs Celes to come with him, as he tries to convince the party that she was only setting them up. This makes Locke wonder where Celes' loyalty lies, but Celes tries to convince Locke she's on his side by teleporting Kefka and the soldiers out, leaving Cid and your party to escape.

Kefka then proceeds to destroy the entire facility. Cid helps the party escape via mine cart, and the party meets Setzer outside, who helps them escape on the Blackjack.



Monster formations


In the facility

Mine cart

Outside the facility

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