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The Magitek Factory is a location in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is located in Vector. It is here where the technology and machines used by the Gestahlian Empire are produced, including the Magitek Armor units. It also contains a garbage chute where Espers which have been completely drained of their magic are discarded. The party has to pass through here to reach the Magitek Research Facility, where they must rescue Maudin and the other Espers in order to save Terra. They encounter Kefka here, and they learn of his plan to restore the Statues. He then throws two Espers, Ifrit and Shiva, into the garbage chute. The party follows them down, and they encounter the scared Espers who think they are enemies. However, they sense Ramuh's power and decide to help the party as Magicite. The party then heads to the Magitek Research Facility. The factory is later destroyed along with the facility, but is seen in small parts in Kefka's Tower, as ruins and small dungeons dotted across the entire tower.




  • Flametongue
  • Ice Brand
  • Thunder Blade


  • Golden Shield
  • Golden Helmet
  • Golden Armor


  • Dragoon Boots
  • Zephyr Cloak


Monster formations


"Magitek Research Facility" from Final Fantasy VI
Image:FFVI - Devil's Lab.ogg
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"Magitek Research Facility", also known as "Devil's Lab" on Kefka's Domain, is the background theme of the Magitek Factory.


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