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Magitek Armor is a technological device in Final Fantasy VI. It was created by the Gestahlian Empire to be used as a weapon. Magitek Armor is operated by a pilot sitting inside, who pulls levers to make the Armor walk and attack. It is utilized in almost all Imperial attacks and raids, and is often seen in cities conquered by the Empire. Like most Magitek devices and methods, it was developed by Cid Del Norte Marquez. All Magitek Armor units are produced in the Magitek Factory. There are various enemies that can be fought in the game that involve Magitek Armor to some degree. These include Magitek Armor, Heavy Armor, Proto Armor, and Mega Armor. There are also a handful of Magitek Machines in the World of Ruin. Pluto Armor appears as a manifestation in Cyan's Soul, and Duel Armor appears within Kefka's Tower.

In an odd change, while the concept art, game logo and FMVs in the Anthology port, all show Magitek Armor as being vaguely dragon-like in design with the rider on the armor's "neck", in-game the armor is humanoid in design with distinctive feet, arms, and a torso.

Special Ability

Main article: Magitek (Command)

Wearing Magitek Armor gives access to the Magitek command, although there are limited occasions where Magitek Armor is usable.



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