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Magitek is an ability and a command in Final Fantasy VI. It can be used only when characters are riding Magitek Armor, and replaces the Fight command. All Magitek abilities are magical and most are unblockable. Magitek is only usable on three occasions - during the opening sequence of the game, during Sabin's time in the Imperial Camp, and while in Cyan's Soul. Magitek is highly powerful and requires no MP to use, but the range of attacks is highly restricted for most characters.

Notably, Terra Branford possesses a full set of eight Magitek commands, while all other characters only have the three "Beam" attacks, and Heal Force. The reason for this is unknown. It may have to do with Terra's innate magical powers, or she may simply have been given a stronger set of armor, although in Cyan's dream sequence if Terra is in the party, she still has access to the extra commands.

Fire Beam Fire Beam
Deals Fire-elemental damage to one opponent. Its Spell Power is 60.

Ice Beam Ice Beam
Deals Ice-elemental damage to one opponent. Its Spell Power is 61.

Thunder Beam (Bolt Beam) Bolt Beam
Deals Lightning-elemental damage to one opponent. Its Spell Power is 62.

Healing Force (Heal Force) Heal Force
Restores one ally's HP. Its Spell Power is 50.

Bio Blast Bio Blast
Deals Poison-elemental damage and inflicts Poison on all opponents. Its Spell Power is 50 and it ignores Split Damage.

Banisher (X-Fer) X-Fer
Deals Instant Death to one opponent. Its Hit Rate is 120, but it will fail on targets immune to Instant Death. It stalls the target's final attack one turn.

Magitek Missile (TekMissle) TekMissle
Deals Non-elemental magic damage and inflicts Seizure on one opponent. Its Spell Power is 58 and it ignores Defense.

Confuser Confuser
Inflicts Confuse on all opponents. Its Hit Rate is 128, but it will fail on targets immune to Confuse.


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