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Terra riding a Magitek Armor

Magitek, or Magical Technology, from the game Final Fantasy VI, is the process by which Magic is extracted from Espers and infused into machines or humans.

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Magitek was invented by Cid Del Norte Marquez, a genetic engineer for the Gestahlian Empire. He developed this plan after Emperor Gestahl captured various Espers and took them prisoner. Using an unknown process, Cid began to forcibly extract magic from Espers and, in an experimental process, infused Kefka Palazzo with magic. This gave Kefka considerable magical powers, but also led to the degeneration of his sanity. Later experiments with Magitek and humans used a modified process, granting the subject magic but at a lower potency. This extended the lifespan of the Espers considerably and also increased the number of test subjects that could be infused on their power. Celes Chere became one of the many soldiers infused with magic this way.

With the process of Magitek fueling their army, the Empire built many machines capable of using magical energy, including various forms of Magitek Armor and air machines to compose the Imperial Air Force. Other specialized machines, including Number 024, Number 128, the Guardian, and the machine Air Force were also produced. The animals around the continent of Vector where the Magitek Factory was built also became imbued with magic, possibly from the fallout from the facility. With Magitek, the Empire conquered the southern continent and pushed, with some success, into the north and occupied Doma and Figaro.

After the Returners attacked Vector, the factory was heavily damaged and the Espers the Empire was draining magic from sacrificed themselves to become Magicite, and were stolen. However, Cid and Kefka discovered from the Returners that the magic taught by Magicite was much more potent than magic extracted through Magitek. Thus, the factory was dismantled and, with the war approaching its end, Magitek was largely discontinued in usage as Kefka and Gestahl opted to use Magicite.

Following the apocalypse, the Empire was destroyed, but Kefka's Tower still contained a great deal of machinery and Magitek soldiers, although they were much more powerful than the Empire's, likely due to Kefka's increased magical powers and ability to imbue others with magic.

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