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"So that's it! Magicite... Cid, you miserable blockhead! Now... General Celes!! The game's over. Bring me those Magicite shards!"

Magicite is the name of magical stones in several Final Fantasy games. They usually contain a great deal of magical energies in them, that can be extracted by anybody.



Final Fantasy II

Magicite reference in Final Fantasy II.

In the Destruction floor of the Arcane Labyrinth, Magicite is mentioned by mages. Three types of magicite (blue, green, and red) must be collected so that one of them may create the Destroy spell, which can be later obtained by fighting Deumion.

Final Fantasy VI

"Gestahl's methods are incorrect. You can't drain a live Esper of all its power. It is only when we are reduced to Magicite that our abilities can be transferred in total..."

Magicite is what remains of Espers after they die in Final Fantasy VI. In order for the magical power of an Esper to be fully drained, an Esper must be transformed into magicite. The Esper's soul remains anchored to the Magicite, and can communicate from it and also temporarily summoned back into their living incarnation.

Using Magicite

To use Magicite, it must be equipped via the menu option "Abilities" ("Skills" in the SNES translation). A list of spells that the Magicite teaches is shown when it is equipped. The equipped Magicite can also be summoned once per battle. After a battle, when Magicite is equipped, the party will gain anywhere between 1 and 10 magic AP. This amount is then multiplied by the learning rate of each spell in the Esper. For example, Ramuh teaches Thunder at a rate of X10, Poison at a rate of X5, and Thundara at a rate of X2. If 2 Magic Points are gained after a battle, Thunder really gains 20, Poison really gains 10, and Thundara really gains 4. Once a spell has 100 Magic Points, it is learned and can be cast at will. Also, some Magicite gives bonus stat boosts if it is equipped when a character levels up. For example Ramuh gives +1 Stamina and Ifrit +1 Strength.

List of Magicite

There is also an item called Magicite Shard, which can summon a random Esper when used in battle.

Final Fantasy XI

Magicite is a type of crystal deposit growing where the Crystal Lines cross through the interior of the beastmen strongholds. These magicite deposits were being harvested in order to resurrect the Shadow Lord.

There also exists a "Black Magicite," an exotic black crystal found in the Northlands that was stored at the Tavnazia Cathedral as an artifact called the "Star of Tavnazia."

Final Fantasy XII

See also: Sage Knowledge 1-26#SK 12: Magicite.

In Final Fantasy XII, Magicite is a magical stone containing high amounts of mist. It is with this mist that anyone holding it can extract magic. While the player can't equip Magicite, they can sell it as loot. There are two additional subsets of Magicite: Nethicite, which can absorb Mist, and Auracite, which has the ability to summon monsters, much like regular Magicite in Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, orbs of magicite are magical stones that are found in treasure chests or dropped by many monsters when they die. Equipping them in action slots allows the characters to cast spells. Magicite itself is temporary; while a player can cast that spell as many times as they would like as long as it is equipped, the orbs will not be retained to other levels. There are rings that can be acquired which are permanent additions to the player's inventory.

In a single-player game, a player can fuse magicite alone or with the help of Mog to create more powerful spells, while in multiplayer-games, two or more players must combine their spells to create larger spells. Single-player mode allows multiple orbs of magicite to link together; multiplayer-games removes this option, requiring each character to overlap their casting ring in order to form the new spell. This does open the possibility for circumventing some combinations with proper timing, i.e. two Fire spells casting Firaga, as well as creating problematic combinations by miscasting a spell due to improper timing, i.e. switching Slow with Holy.

While fusing, any ring can take the place of its spell's magicite orb. In single-player mode, some spells (Curaga, Graviga) are unable to be fused. In multiplayer-mode, to fuse a weapon with a spell requires the focus attack's and spell's rings to match rather than combining the orb with the weapon.

Fusion List

Blizzard Magic

  • Blizzard (Blizzard)
  • Blizzara (Blizzard + Blizzard)
  • Blizzaga (Blizzard + Blizzard + Blizzard)
  • Icestrike (Focus Attack + Blizzard)

Fire Magic

  • Fire (Fire)
  • Fira (Fire + Fire)
  • Firaga (Fire + Fire + Fire)
  • Firestrike (Focus Attack + Fire)

Thunder Magic

  • Thunder (Thunder)
  • Thundara (Thunder + Thunder)
  • Thundaga (Thunder + Thunder + Thunder)
  • Thunderstrike (Focus Attack + Thunder)

Healing Magic

  • Cure (Cure)
  • Curaga (Cure + Cure)
  • Clear (Clear)
  • Life (Life)
  • Full Life (Life + Life)
  • Clearga (Clear + Clear)

Time Magic

  • Haste (Life + Cure + Cure)
  • Slow (Life + Blizzard, Life + Fire, or Life + Thunder)
  • Stop (Life + Fire + Blizzard, Life + Blizzard + Thunder, or Life + Fire + Thunder)

Gravity Magic

  • Gravity (Fire + Blizzard, Blizzard + Thunder, or Fire + Thunder)
  • Graviga (Fire + Blizzard + Thunder)

Holy Magic

  • Holy (Blizzard + Life, Fire + Life, or Thunder + Life)
  • Holyra (Blizzard + Life + Life, Fire + Life + Life, or Thunder + Life + Life)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Main article: List of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Spells
Magicite as it appears on the menu.

In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, Magicite stays the same in appearance as round magical stones and can still be fused to cast stronger spells but work a little differently. Unlike in the previous Crystal Chronicles game, magicite can be taken with the character and used in the next dungeon. They can also be purchased from a Magicite Store in Rebena Te Ra. In the previous game each Magicite can be used more then once before disappearing, but in this game each stone can only be used once. In the beginning only 10 of each type of Magicite can be carried by a character, excluding the Raise Magicite which is 4 when beginning. Pockets can be found or purchased to carry more Magicite with the limit being 99.

Magicite is still fused through characters combining their spells but as they level up the character will be able to pile more onto an area to cast a spell. The lock last for a couple of seconds and during this time the character can cast another spell to fuse with the one still locked onto an area.

Players can also steal a magic pile from enemies. When an enemy is a casting a spell, the player can move their target ring onto the enemies and if done right will now have control over it. This won't work if the pile doesn't create a combination spell.

There is also a Plus-One effect. If the target rings match up perfectly, the center will turn red with blue electricity around it. This will add +1 to the spell being casted.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, magicite is collected by Adventurers in dungeons. They are necessary to upgrade magic abilities that Black Mages and White Mages can learn from the Black Mage Academy and White Mage Temple. The Black Mage Academy will need Fire Magicite and Frost Migicite while the White Mage Temple will need Restoration Magicite and Enhancing Magicite.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Magicite in Dissidia

A red and black Magicite shard is the representative Crystal for Final Fantasy VI. Terra receives it after defeating Kefka inside the Tower of Rubble. Along with the other nine Crystals, it opens the path to Chaos' domain in the final stage of the game. It is unknown if it is meant to represent a specific Esper, or is just a generic piece of Magicite.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

In Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon, Magicite can cast magic spells when used. They are obtained from summon related bosses.

  • Phoenix Magicite
  • Leviathan Magicite
  • Alexander Magicite
  • Ifrit Magicite
  • Shiva Magicite
  • Ramuh Magicite
  • Bahamut Magicite

Chocobo Racing

In Chocobo Racing, Magicite is a series of blue shards of stone owned by the playable characters -- Chocobo, Mog, White Mage, Black Mage, Golem, Goblin, Behemoth, and Chubby Chocobo. It provides them with their special abilities during races, and in Story mode, the Magicite, when combined, forms a key to Fantasia, the realm of Espers, previously sealed away by the founder of Mysidia, Ming-Wu.

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