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Magic Tree
Magic tree
Members only? Yes
Woodcutting level 75
Woodcutting experience 250
Farming level 75
Farming experience 13,768
Examine The tree shimmers with a magical force.

Magic trees are sparkling, rare trees that can be found in selected members-only areas, and they are shown on the minimap by a rare tree mark. They require level 75 Woodcutting to chop down and are mainly cut by woodcutters looking for an income through selling Magic logs, rather than training solely for the purpose of leveling. These trees can be spotted by their sparkling animation and the jingling noise heard occasionally when a player stands nearby.


Magic trees in Woodcutting

Players with level 75 Woodcutting or higher may chop down a magic tree for 250 Woodcutting experience per log cut. Due to the difficulty in chopping down this tree and the slow rate at which it give logs, it is recommended that a Dragon hatchet is used, because it is 5-10% faster than the Rune hatchet. The Inferno adze is not as commonly used to cut Magic trees because its ability to instantly burn logs while training Woodcutting would negatively impact a player’s income. Because these trees respawn slowly, it is recommended that players either choose a location with multiple magic trees, train on a lower level tree while waiting for a magic tree to respawn, or to change worlds after chopping the nearby magic trees down.

Tree locations

Magic Trees can be found in these locations:

  • 3 trees (4 when using the Farming patch) scattered within the Tree Gnome Stronghold  In a straight line west to east. The center tree is just a little south-west from the bank.  The west tree is on the other side of the river next to the Terrorbird pen (south-west corner).  (Note: There is a south gate on the pen.) The east tree is just outside the Agility training area (south-east corner).
  • 4 trees at the Sorcerer's Tower (often very crowded)
  • 3 trees east of the Ranging Guild (they are also just northwest of the Sorcerer's Tower, so players can go back and forth between the two locations)
  • 2 trees surrounding the Mage Training Arena
  • 3 trees in the south-east area of Isafdar, just south-west of Lletya (less popular due to high quest requirements)
  • 1 tree in the Wilderness, which has a counterpart: the cursed magic tree that is found in the Spirit Realm (unpopular due to its distance from a bank)

Magic trees in Construction

A garden complex with a magic tree in the foreground.

A magic tree can be planted in the Garden of a Player-owned house for decoration. It requires 1 bagged magic tree, a watering can, and 75 Construction; when added, it earns the player 223 experience.

Magic trees in Farming

Members can grow a magic tree at level 75 Farming by planting a magic sapling in a players tree patch, giving 145.5 experience for planting the sapling and a further 13768.3 experience when the tree is full grown. A nearby Gardener will ask for 25 Coconuts in payment for ensuring that the player’s tree will not die while growing. After the tree has fully grown, it can be chopped as normal, and will also grow back normally when it is chopped down. At level 80 Summoning, a player can use a Hydra familiar’s scroll to instantly regrow a tree grow in a farming patch, allowing for continuous chopping without competition from other players. This method results in one of, if not the fastest ways to chop down magic trees.


  • Magic trees used to have a much louder, constant ambient sound. However, this was reduced because players complained that the sound was annoying.
  • Magic trees and Arctic pines are the only trees to possess a constant animation.
  • The animation can sometimes not show because of slight lag.
  • Although Magic trees are the only trees that are supposed to glow, there is a "normal" tree south-east of the Magic trees at the Ranging Guild that glows slightly.
  • Due to the Grand Exchange, magic logs have risen greatly in price as fletchers compete among each other for them.
  • On Standard Detail, the stumps are slightly lighter than the trunk.
  • The stump of the tree has no texture, yet a fully grown tree's trunk have a texture.
Lagged magic trees at the Sorcerer's Tower

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