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A player shaking a Skullball.

The Magic skullball is an item that can be bought from Faruq's Tools for Games in Al-Kharid. This item begins as just a "Magic Skullball," but with the "Choose-Answers" option, you can choose one out of four options to give the magic skullball. There is an option for Yes or No answers, Longer answers such as "I don't know" or "Yes, I'd say so.", Minigames, and Colours. The choosing of these answers are completely random, and the type of answer you'd like is always open to change. The answers given are not unlike the Magic Eight Ball.

Longer answers responses:

  • 'Absolutely'.
  • 'Ask again another time'.
  • 'Don't hold your breath'.
  • 'I wouldn't have a clue'.
  • 'I'd be lying if I said no'.
  • 'Nothing interesting would happen'.
  • 'Not so sure about that'.
  • 'Seems probable'.
  • 'Surely not'.
  • 'The fortunes are with you'.
  • 'Without a shadow of a doubt'.
  • 'Yes, I'd say so'.

Minigames responses:

  • 'Enjoy mass combat in Clan Wars'.
  • 'Experienced runecrafters can play the Great Orb Project'.
  • 'Fight for glory and rewards in the Duel Arena'.
  • 'Match weapons and wits against your foe in Fist of Guthix'.
Additional Members responses:
  • 'For organized warfare go to Castle Wars'.
  • 'Train at the Brimhaven Agility Arena'.
  • 'Slay for your team in Soul Wars'.
  • 'Warriors of varied experience can play Pest Control'.
  • 'If you like fishing, try the Fishing Trawler'.
  • 'Anyone can play in the Burthorpe Games Room'.
  • 'Accomplished cooks can race to brew rum in Trouble Brewing'.
  • 'Test planning and reactions in the Sorceress's Garden'.
  • 'For hearty combat challenge, play Barbarian Assault'.

Colours responses:

  • 'Black'.
  • 'Blue'.
  • 'Green'.
  • 'Orange'.
  • 'Red'.
  • 'Yellow'.
  • 'Purple'.
  • 'White'.


  • The quote, "Nothing interesting would happen." is possibly a reference to the statement "Nothing interesting happens." which happens when you use an item on another item it has no use with.
  • The magical skullball is based off the Magic 8-Ball.

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