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Magic logs are logs that can be acquired using the Woodcutting skill from magic trees, or by bringing cursed magic logs into Gielinor. Cutting magic trees requires a Woodcutting level of 75 or higher and yields 250 Woodcutting experience per log cut.

Magic logs sell for nearly three times the price of Yews, but take slightly more than twice as long to cut. At high (85+) levels, Magic logs tend to produce better returns, but at lower levels with the high competition and long respawn times for Magic trees, it can often be more profitable to continue cutting Yews instead. The higher the Woodcutting level of the player the larger the profit divide grows, with Yews providing better experience but less money.

Members can burn these logs with the Firemaking skill at level 75 Firemaking, giving 303.8 Firemaking experience. It's generally not advised to use them to train Firemaking, except when used as Magic pyre logs to burn Fiyr shade remains, or for the Seers' Village Diary.

Members can also use the Fletching skill to cut these logs into magic shortbows at a Fletching level of 80, or magic longbows at a Fletching level of 85, providing 83.3 and 91.5 Fletching experience respectively. They are also used to smith a Rune Spear or Rune Hasta through Barbarian Training.

Two quests and one followup to a quest require Magic Logs. The Desert Treasure quest requires 6 Magic Logs, Mournings end part 1 requires one magic log to fix the device, and the Balloon Transport System requires 3 Magic logs to travel from Entrana to Tree Gnome Stronghold initially and 1 afterwards.

When the logs are in a player's inventory, the sparkles around them will change every now and then. The sparkles also animate when the logs are on the ground. The sparkle positions change upon being banked.

100 Magic Logs can also be looted from Movario's base after the While Guthix Sleeps quest. This can only be performed once, however.

Tree locations

In total, there are only 16 Magic trees in the game, excluding the Cursed Magic Tree after the Spirit of Summer quest, and those grown by players through the farming skill.

As Magic Trees are notoriously slow to respawn, the best place to cut them is at Lletya where the three Magic Trees are normally untouched and where the bank is but a short walk away.

A Player cutting the Wilderness Magic Tree and Cursed Magic Tree in the Spirit Realm.

And if you have at least 82 woodcutting, another good place would be in the Wilderness after completing the Spirit of Summer quest. Simply cut the Magic Tree in the Wilderness and enter the Portal via Jennica's Ring (which you acquire after the said quest). Upon entering the portal, you will be teleported out of the wilderness and into the Spirit Realm which is a different plane, parallel to the Wilderness. In there, you will find a Cursed Magic Tree that you can cut with 82 woodcutting. The Cursed Magic Tree logs will then turn into Magic Logs after leaving the Realm. Then, leave the Realm via the Portal and cut the Wilderness Magic Tree. Repeat. The idea is, when one tree is down, the other grows immediately.

The closest bank would be at the Wilderness Volcano (formerly Bounty Hunter teleport).

The building inside the yellow circle is where all kinds of Revenants spawn.

WARNING: The wilderness is a dangerous place. What makes woodcutting in the Western Ruins even more dangerous is the fact that ALL KINDS of Revenants respawn in the North-Eastern room of the Ruins where, unfortunately, the Magic Tree and the Spirit Realm Portal are located.


  • Magic logs are the only item to have an animation in the Grand Exchange collection box ("Collect" banker).
  • Interestingly, magic logs change colours depending on what form they are in. Looking at a Magic Tree's trunk, it is a normal, brown bark colour. In your inventory, on the ground, in the G.E., and in your collection box, it is a rainbow colour. When fletched into an unstrung or strung shortbow or longbow, it is a blue-green-ish colour.



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