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The Magic essence potion plays a major part in the quest A Fairy Tale Part II. The potion requires: level 57 Herblore and rewards 130 experience per potion made. The potion is made by adding a Starflower to a Vial of water and then adding Gorak claw powder. (The powder is made by using a Pestle and mortar on a set of Gorak claws.)

A player drinking a dose of magic essence potion receives a temporary +3 boost to Magic. These potions are not recommended for replacing Magic potions, which give +5 boosts while not being very expensive. The primary and secondary ingredients for this potion are relatively difficult to obtain and cannot be purchased. Gorak claws are frequently dropped from the powerful Gorak creatures, which can be found either in a separate dimension using Fairy ring code DIR, or in the God Wars Dungeon. Starflowers are found on another dimension, the Cosmic Plane, which can be reached via Fairy Ring code CKP. The flowers take about 2-5 minutes to start growing after the player arrives on the plane and require level 49 Farming to be picked.

The Magic essence potion is untradeable. It can be made into Magic essence mix by adding Caviar, if the player has had sufficient Barbarian Training. The mix is tradeable.

The ingredients required to make magic essence potions.


  • In the game, the potion's name is just 'Magic essence', not 'Magic essence potion', unlike how most other potions are named.

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