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This map shows where magic carpets can go. A blue line indicates a route.

The Magic Carpet is a transportation in the Kharidian Desert. They all start at Shantay Pass, and require 200 coins to use, but falls to 100 coins after doing the Rogue Trader minigame (desert section - Blackjack or Clothes). With a Ring of Charos (a), you can reduce the price to 75 coins. (If the ring of charos (a) is used without completing the Feud quest, the price is 100 coins.)

A player riding a Magic Carpet after the July 2008 Graphical update.

Due to a previous incident, the right hand used to have to be free (no weapons wielded) in order to hold on to the carpet when flying. (This made no sense after July 2008, because the player would stand up. Prior to this, they sat down, holding the carpet with their right hand) However, players do not need to free their hands anymore and can ride with a weapon wielded. Because of another accident, no pets or familiars were allowed on a magic carpet ride either, but this was suddenly changed too.

One interesting fact about the Magic Carpet, it that it travels at the same rate as when a player runs; meaning that many players chose to run the distance instead of using the magic carpet. Still, most players see the Magic Carpet as a much easier way across the desert, because it uses no energy, requires no energy and also no input from the player, the can just sit and watch. The ability to fly in a straight line, especially between Shantay and Uzer saves significant time and energy over running.

If many players are using the magic carpet service at a time, they will be let free at a set interval, so that players are at least one screen length away from each other at all times. This is in place possibly to prevent potential bugs, although what the nature of the bugs are have not been revealed. Below is a chart of the locations you can go to;

Magic Carpet Destinations:
From Shantay Pass
Location Quest Required
Pollnivneach None
Bedabin Camp The Tourist Trap
Uzer The Golem
From south of Pollnivneach
Nardah None
Sophanem Icthlarin's Little Helper
Menaphos None


  • Previously, players would ride the magic carpet in a 'rollercoaster style', with the player lying down on the carpet and holding on to the front. The animation was changed to a more traditional-looking pose, with the player standing up and crossing their arms.
  • Previously, players couldn't purchase carpet rides if they were wielding a weapon or had a pet/familiar out. After many months of complaining on the Official Forums, this was changed during a hidden update.
  • On the 4th of November 2009 a glitch was discovered (After the penguins had updated) were people were able to ride the magic carpets out of the desert. These players would appear to still be using the carpet while walking/standing, and when they walked, they would float like you do on a carpet. This glitch has not been fixed.
    The glitch as shown above.
  • Many players are requesting a cross-Pollnivneach carpet route, so that they don't have to walk across Pollnivneach to get from one station to the other.
  • The 9 November 2009 updates have caused the follower restrictions on magic carpets, canoes and balloon journeys to be removed.

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Magic Carpets can be found in the following places:

Magic carpets are cheaper alternative to boats but there are not many of them. Only players with a Premium Account can use magic carpets. Ask the manager for possible destinations.

Beacause magic carpets fly from one place to the other you can find them on top of some buildings or hills.

Since the 2005 summer update, magic carpets are Protection Zones.

Prices table

Players who have completed mission 6 of the Postman Missions Quest will pay 10 gp less than the advertised price for each passage.

↓ From To → Darashia Edron Farmine Femor Hills Svargrond
Darashia - 40 60 60 60
Edron 40 - 60 60 60
Farmine 60 60 - 60 60
Femor Hills 60 60 60 - 60
Svargrond 60 60 60 60 -

Warning: If you use other coins than Gold for the travel (e.g. if you are only carrying a Crystal Coin), be sure to have enough space and capacity for the change that the manager will give you - otherwise you'll be moved to your destination, but your money will be left on the carpet you travelled from.

Chemar of Darashia claims to sell a flying carpet for 500k gp.

Player: Buy Flying Carpet
Chemar: Do you want to buy a flying carpet for 5000 platinum coins?
Player: Yes
Chemar: Oh, I am sorry, but you have no pilot licence.

You can also say hills instead of Femor Hills or say darama instead of Darashia to travel to the same place but with words that are faster to type.

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