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For the summon, see: Magic Pot (Summon)

Magic Pot (マジックポット Magikku Potto), also known as Magic Urn and Magick Pot, is a recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy series. They are usually immune to all magical and physical attacks. The most common way to defeat them is with the use of an Elixir, as they are often invincible until the item is used on it. If not appeased, they are difficult to defeat. They also often give large rewards for defeating them.



Final Fantasy V

Main article: Magic Pot (Final Fantasy V)

Magic Pots can be found in the Phoenix Tower. They demand Elixirs and reward the party with 100 AP when given enough.

Final Fantasy VI

Main article: Magic Urn (Final Fantasy VI)

Magic Urns can be found in the Cultists' Tower. Glutturns appear in the Soul Shrine in the Advance release. The original Magic Urn casts curative spells on the party and flees, and Glutturns demand rare items or else they attack the party.

Final Fantasy VII

Main article: Magic Pot (Final Fantasy VII)

Magic Pot is an enemy than can be found in the Northern Crater. They are immune to damage until an Elixir is used, and give large amounts of gil and AP when defeated.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Zack fighting against a Magic Pot
Main article: Magic Pot (Crisis Core)

Magic Pots as enemies, are found in several missions in Crisis Core. When encountered, they will ask the player to use pre-determined commands which differ depending on the mission it is encountered. For example, in mission 10-2-3 Magic Pot will ask for Jump, Fira, Gravity, and Assault Twister in that order. If obliged, the Magic Pot will be added to the DMW. Repeating the task will grant the player rare items instead. In mission 7-6-6, following the Magic Pot's instructions will get you a Genji Shield.

Final Fantasy X

Magic Urn
Main article: Magic Urn (Final Fantasy X)

Magic Urns can be found at the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

Final Fantasy X-2

Magic Urns can be seen during one of the cactuar shooting games, where shooting them will yield items. They also appear as shopkeepers in the Last Mission mode of the International version.

Sphere Break

Magic Urn Coin
Coin No. 30 Coin Value 5
Trait Gil x2
Location Found in the Eastern or Northern Expanses of the Bikanel Desert.

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: Magic Pot (Final Fantasy XI)

In Final Fantasy XI Magic Pots do not house the familiar impish creatures of the other titles in the series, lack the Elixir gimmick, and show no unusual resistance to any form of damage. In fact, they have a weakness to blunt style damage (they are pots after all) such as that of Hand-to-Hand weapons and Staves. They are members of the Arcana family.

Final Fantasy XII

Magick Pot as seen in the bestiary
Main article: Magick Pot (Final Fantasy XII)

Magick Pots can be fought at the Subterra floors of the Pharos at Ridorana.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Main article: Magick Pot (Final Fantasy Tactics A2)

Giving the Magic Pot an Elixir makes it use an ability called Reward. It disappears and gives you Loot.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Main article: Magic Pot (Echoes of Time)

Magic Pots attack by rolling on their sides and charging at the player(s).

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

The Magic Pot minigame, in the Spanish release of the game.

There is a minigame related with the Magic Pot in which knives must be inserted into the pot in order to obtain points.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

The Magic Pot appears as an enemy in the Guardian of the Light Dungeon, where it tries to steal items from Chocobo. Unlike in other games, the Magic Pot is vulnerable to attack and can be defeated easily.

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