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RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.
Location on World map
Fight Arena
Yanille Wizards' Guild Tai Bwo Wannai

File:magicicon.pngThe Wizards' Guild (sometimes referred to as the Magic or Mage guild) is located in Yanille and requires level 66 Magic to enter. (Note: Boosts can be used to enter)



Players can reach the guild by going to Yanille. Besides walking, there are several fast-transport means to the area near Yanille:


The guild has a number of useful things for those interested in magic, as one would expect.


Ground floor

Zavistic Rarve
Location of the Wizards' Guild.

First floor (2nd Story)

A Magic Portal at the Magic Guild.

Top Floor (3rd Story)

The magic portals are one-way teleportation devices. There are no portals at the destinations to return you to the Wizards' Guild.


  • 8 level 24 Zombies in a locked cage. This is good magic training spot, but you have to use Telekinetic grab to gather anything that they drop.
  • Wizard Frumscone is the creator of the "magic zombies" and gives you permission to kill them. He is also part of the Swan Song quest.


Wizard Guild's Magic Robe Store

Proprietor: Robe store owner
Item Image Main Stock Price
Mystic hat File:Mystic hat blue.gif 15,000 coins
Mystic robe top File:Mystic top blue.png 120,000 coins
Mystic robe bottom File:Mystic robe bottom blue.gif 80,000 coins
Mystic gloves File:Mystic gloves blue.gif 10,000 coins
Mystic boots File:Mystic boots blue.gif 10,000 coins
Magic cape File:Magic-hood-inv.png File:Magic-cape-inv.png File:Magic-cape-(t)-inv.png 99,000 coins

Wizard Guild's Rune Store

Proprietor: Magic store owner
Item Image Main Stock Price
Air rune File:Air Rune.PNG 17 coins
Water rune File:Water Rune.PNG 17 coins
Earth rune File:Earth Rune.PNG 17 coins
Fire rune File:Fire Rune.PNG 17 coins
Mind rune File:Mind Rune.PNG 17 coins
Body rune File:Body Rune.PNG 16 coins
Chaos rune File:Chaos Rune.PNG 140 coins
Nature rune File:Nature Rune.PNG 372 coins
Death rune File:Death Rune.PNG 310 coins
Law rune File:Law Rune.PNG 378 coins
Blood rune File:Blood Rune.PNG 550 coins
Soul rune File:Soul Rune.PNG 410 coins
Staff of fire File:Staff of fire.png 1500 coins
Staff of water File:Staff of water.png 1500 coins
Staff of air File:Staff of Air.png 1500 coins
Staff of earth File:Staff of earth.png 1500 coins


  • The Wizard Guild was founded by Jack.
  • This guild is named inconsistently within the game as well as the website.
    • Magic Guild - Knowledge Base (Magic - Extra Features), Wizard Distantor's examine information, title of shops within the guild, the doors of the guild, and as listed in the Magic Milestones.
    • Wizards' Guild - Knowledge Base (Guild Guide), Zavistic Rarve's examine information as well as in dialogue, and the World map.
    • Magicians' Guild - Wizard Distantor's dialogue.
  • It is somewhat strange that there are 2 wizards with combat level 7 in the guild as it is impossible that they have 66 magic with such a low combat level.
  • Zavistic Rarve is one of the few NPCs that there are 2 of, close to each other. He can be seen both inside and outside the Guild. Another one is Rantz, but you must have reached a certain point in Big Chompy Bird Hunting when Rantz watches as you kill Chompy bird


  • RuneScape Game Guide
    • Magic - Extra Features - The Magic Guild

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