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Magic Dart
File:Magic Dart icon.png
Members only? Yes
Level 50 Magic and 55 slayer
Runes 4 Minds
1 Death and slayer staff
Spellbook Normal
Experience 30
Quest None
Lectern None
A player casting Magic Dart.

Magic Dart requires 50 Magic and 55 Slayer. It is also referred to as "Slayer Dart" in the Game Guide. To cast, a player must have a slayer staff which can be bought from any slayer master for 21,000 coins.

The maximum hit of the spell only is determined by the Magic level and is equal to 10 plus 1/10 of Magic level, rounded down, hitting a maximum of 19 at level 90+ Magic and a possible 20 with level 99 and operating a Magic skillcape or when using a magic potion or magic essence potion. The lowest max hit that this spell can have is 15. While wearing the Ferocious Ring in Kuradal's Dungeon, the maximum damage of slayer dart increases by 4 damage.

The accuracy of this spell IS affected by magic attack bonus. While fighting the Barrows Brothers, they have a very low magic defence that your magic attack barely affects it at all.

Magic Dart is a popular spell for players who play the Barrows minigame, as all the runes required to cast it can be obtained from the chest at the end, and they can wear melee armour with few negative side effects, due to the Barrows Brothers' extremely low magic defence. It is also a popular spell to use against the monster Dagannoth Rex due to its accuracy. Quest monsters which have high melee defence such as the Giant Scarab are also popular targets for this spell.

Magic Dart costs 394 coins for each cast, not counting the cost of a slayer staff.

Also it has yet to be said that using the void mace from pest control can take the place of the slayer staff and give a 10% casting bonus. which means your max hit will be increased around 2 damage.

Remember, You cannot use Ancient Magicks or Lunar Magicks if you are using regular Magic.


  • Due to the skill boost and increased damage during the quest While Guthix Sleeps, it is theoretically possible to hit up to 224 at that point in the quest.

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