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Return Magic as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

Magic Counter, also known as Return Magic, is a recurring ability in Final Fantasy series. It allows the user to strike back when hit with spells, either physically or with the same spell depending on the game.




Final Fantasy VII

Magic Counter appears in this game as Support materia. It has a chance of countering with the linked Magic Materia. The probability increases with the materia's level starting at 30% and reaches 100% on level 4. It can be found in the Northern Crater.

Final Fantasy IX

Return Magic is a support ability learned by Vivi Orunitia and Amarant Coral. When hit by magic, the unit counters by casting the same spell. It costs zero MP when casting magic using this method and they do not need to know the spell.

Final Fantasy X

Magic Counter is a weapon ability. It can be customized onto any weapon using 16 Shining Gems. In this version the user strikes their attacker physically after taking damage from a spell.

Final Fantasy X-2

Magic Counter is an ability learned by the Berserker class. It costs 300 AP to learn, and like its predecessor it involves a physical counter to a magic attack.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Magic Counter is learned by the Black Mage class for 800 JP. It is a reaction ability triggered by magic attacks. It responds by casting the same spell back at the original caster.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Return Magic is a reaction ability learned by Black Mages and Bishops. It can be learned from the Black Robe for 300 AP. In this game spells are countered with the same spell. The caster does not need to know the spell. Some spells cannot be returned (such as Blue Magic).

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Return Magic is learned by Black Mages and Bishops as well as the new Gria job, Geomancer. It is learned from the Samite Coat for 400 AP. Once again it counters magic with the same spell.

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