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Magic 8-Ball
weight: 1
value: $50

The Magic 8 ball can be retrieved from a pool table on the first floor above the ground floor in the Bishops' Shark Club. 'Using' the 8 ball displays vague if promising 'fortunes' similar to those on real world magic 8 balls popular in the 1970s. Rarely, the player will receive instead a clue to various secrets in Fallout 2. In many cases, knowing the location of the secrets is not enough; until the player activates the clue from the 8 ball, the secrets don't actually exist. Despair not if you haven't the patience; none of this type of secret offer rewards that can't be missed, other than maybe the secret password to the computer.




  • The secret password to a computer in the Vault City vault.
  • Listen to what Curtis says in the Vault City courtyard. Bring back his Mr. Nixon doll, and the player is planning on not being nice about it, just to see watch the minor black humor unfold, a save might be called for, to also see what happens when he is reunited with the doll. You can get a Wrench out of this, which doesn't seem like much, but they are way harder to get than Tools for the Deliver pliers (tools) and a wrench to Valerie quest, which then gets you a Super Tool Kit, which then completes the Get super repair kit for Skeeter quest, which then gets you the Fuel Cell Controller which you give to Smitty to install in the Highwayman car, and unless you're playing version 1.0, that's the only way you can get it. Hmm. Maybe if the player isn't too busy, or something. Note that you have to do all of this before receiving your reward for freeing Curtis' father Joshua, as the entire family leaves town afterwards. There are only three alternatives to getting the wrench from Curtis: wander around, south of Vault City, until you run into some Ghoul Crazies or a ghoul caravan, or get a wrench in Redding, or get one out of the Vault in the city, which requires you to be a citizen or walk past the guards in combat mode.
  • A clue to set Bess free in Modoc after selling her. See Fallout 2 special encounters for why this might not turn out as the player imagines.
  • A clue to get the Fallout Hintbook from Father Tully after the game.
  • A hint, perhaps unnecessarily, that you need high Strength and Endurance to beat Francis at arm wrestling. Now, if it told you that Francis has Buffout in his inventory...
  • Mention of the existence of Easter Eggs. (there are two, one is in Eldridge's basement, the other is accessed from a random computer terminal on the oil rig, before the trap maze).
  • Information about the cross marked "Trash" in Golgotha.
  • Check the Desperado toilet. Someone put grenades in it, a reference to putting firecrackers down toilets, a once-popular prank. Just as well they didn't think to pull the pin out.


Most info (other than Fortunes) from TNUF2Guide by Per Jorner

Billiards items in Fallout games

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