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Dr Who

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From TARDIS Index File, the free Doctor Who reference.

Magic was a framework for understanding and altering reality based on irrationality, ritual and will.


Cosmological status

Magic formed part of the fundamental 'operating system' of both the universe which existed before the Doctor's own and the universe which would would eventually follow it. (MA: Millennial Rites) Some universes which existed 'sideways in time' were also magic-based. (DW: Battlefield)

It was initially a strong force within the Doctor's universe, back in the time of the Pythia, but as the Time Lords rose to shape that universe, its principles were replaced by those of science as that which underpinned reality. (NA: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible, Christmas on a Rational Planet)

Had the Ferutu, rather than the Gallifreyans, become the Lords of Time, then the universe would have continued along magical principles. (MA: Cold Fusion)

Within a Rational Universe

The Doctor claimed not to believe in magic (DW: The Dæmons, MA: The Sorcerer's Apprentice) and endorsed Clarke's Law. (DW: Battlefield) Indeed, most instances of the supernatural encountered by the Doctor's first seven incarnations eventually stood revealed as the effects of alien science, be they the psychic powers and technology used by the Dæmon, Azal (DW: The Dæmons), or the nanotechnology of Elbyon. (MA: The Sorcerer's Apprentice)

Yet the Seventh Doctor was not entirely inflexible on the matter, as evidenced by the corollary he added to Clarke's Law stating that any sufficiently advanced form of magic is indistinguishable from technology. (DW: Battlefield)

One of the many sources of contention between Gallifrey and Faction Paradox was whether or not the rituals the Faction employed genuinely invoked voodoo spirits called loa, or whether the Faction were simply personifying the scientific principles with which they were engaging. (FP: The Book of the War)

Psionics was originally a species of magic, but survived the rationalisation of the universe through being sufficently grounded in science. Monitoring the network of connections that psionic abilities established across time allowed the Time Lords to possess an 'early warning system' against outbursts of wilder magics breaking through into their ordered cosmos. (NA: So Vile a Sin)

After Gallifrey

Following the first destruction of Gallifrey (EDA: The Ancestor Cell) then the Time Lords' exorcism of the irrational from the universe was revoked and magic regained its potency. (EDA: The City of the Dead, The Adventuress of Henrietta Street)

It is unknown whether the same has happened following the second destruction of Gallifrey in the Last Great Time War. Certainly, the Doctor was initially prepared to consider the linguistic-science of the Carrionites to be witchcraft. (DW: The Shakespeare Code)

Elsewhere, Clarke's Law continued to be the order of the day. The Sycorax's form of blood control was understood by both a member of UNIT and by the Sycorax themselves to be supernatural. The Doctor's regenerative abilities were also taken for witchcraft. (DW: The Christmas Invasion)

On a number of occasions the Doctor appeared to have suggested that a magical and a scientific understanding of the same phenomenon were now interchangeable. (DW: The Girl in the Fireplace, Tooth and Claw) Others made the connection too, Elton Pope noting that the sonic screwdriver is essentially a "magic wand". (DW: Love & Monsters)

The Doctor listed spells, rituals and incantations among those things in which he personally did not believe, but remained prepared to consider that they might nevertheless be real. (DW: The Satan Pit) Jack Harkness considered some phenomena, such as Fairies, to exist outside the bounds of scientific inquiry. (TW: Small Worlds)

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DC Comics

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Final Fantasy

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Magic may refer to:

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From Grand Theft Wiki

Magic Words are phrases recognised by MediaWiki which perform special functions, such as showing a Table of Contents, or the name of the current page.

Read more at:



These Magic Words force something to show, or be hidden

Magic Word Description
__TOC__ Forces the Table of Contents to show here, even if not required
__NOTOC__ Stops the Table of Contents from showing
__FORCETOC__ Forces the Table of Contents to show (in its normal position), even if not required
{{toc}} Floats the Table of Contents to the right
{{tocleft}} Floats the Table of Contents to the left
__NOEDITSECTION__ Stops the [edit] links from showing on this page
__NEWSECTIONLINK__ Makes a + button appear next to the edit tab, eg for adding a new section to a talk page
__NOGALLERY__ In a category page, make images show up in a list rather than in a thumbnail gallery
__HIDDENCAT__ In a category page, stops that category from showing up in the horizontal box on the bottom of pages within that category


These Magic Words echo out the contents of a variable, such as the date, or article name.


Magic Word Example Description
{{CURRENTDAY}} 9 The day of the month (eg 1)
{{CURRENTDAY2}} 09 The day of the month, with a leading zero (eg 01)
{{CURRENTDAYNAME}} Tuesday The full name of the current day
{{CURRENTDOW}} 2 The numeric representation of the day of the week
{{CURRENTMONTH}} 02 The number of the current month, with a leading zero (eg 01)
{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} February The full name of the current month
{{CURRENTMONTHABBREV}} Feb The abbreviated name of the current month
{{CURRENTTIME}} 04:28 The current time in 24h format
{{CURRENTHOUR}} 04 The current hour in 24h format, with a leading zero
{{CURRENTWEEK}} 6 The current week of the year, with no leading zero
{{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} 20100209042831 The current ISO 8601 time stamp.
{{LOCALTIME}} 04:28 For most of the above date/time varibles, replacing CURRENT with LOCAL will show the current date/time of the Wiki's default settings, rather than that in the User's preferences.

Wiki Statistics

These variables echo out statistics from this wiki. Numeric values are shown with thousand separators (eg 1,000,000). Adding :R onto the end of some of these (eg {{NUMBEROFEDITS:R}}) will show the number in its raw format, without thousand separators (eg 1000000) which can be used in calculations.

Magic Word Example Description
{{CURRENTVERSION}} 1.15.1 Current version of MediaWiki used on this wiki
{{NUMBEROFEDITS}} 177,621 The total number of edits on this wiki
{{NUMBEROFPAGES}} 31,053 The total number of pages on this wiki, including everything
{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} 5,741 The total number of articles on this wiki, including only legitimate articles
{{NUMBEROFFILES}} 6,667 The total number of files (images) uploaded to this wiki
{{NUMBEROFUSERS}} 1,868,402 The total number of Users in the entireity of Wikia
{{NUMBEROFADMINS}} 14 The total number of users on this wiki in the Administrator group

For the number of pages within a category, see other information (below)

Page Names

Adding an E onto the end of most of these page names will show the same function, but using underscores instead of spaces so it can be used in a web link (URL).

Magic Word Example Description
{{FULLPAGENAME}} Help:Magic Words The full name of the current page. AKA combines {{NAMESPACE}} and {{PAGENAME}}
{{PAGENAME}} Magic Words The name of the page, not including the namespace
{{PAGENAMEE}} Magic_Words The above, but using underscores to be URL-friendly
{{BASEPAGENAME}} Magic Words For subpages, shows the page above it. AKA removes everything after the last slash (/).
{{NAMESPACE}} Help The name of the current namespace
{{TALKSPACE}} Help talk The name of the next odd-numbered namespace. Usually the appropriate talk namespace.
Help The name of the previous even-numbered namespace. For talk pages, this will show the namespace of the main article.
{{TALKPAGENAME}} Help talk:Magic Words The full link to the relevant talk page. AKA combines {{TALKSPACE}} and {{PAGENAME}}
Help:Magic Words The full link to the relevant main article. AKA combines {{SUBJECTSPACE}} and {{PAGENAME}}

Other Page Information

Magic Word Example Description
{{REVISIONID}} 96607 The Unique ID of the current page
{{REVISIONDAY}} 26 The day on which the page was last modified. {{REVISIONDAY2}} shows a leading zero.
{{REVISIONMONTH}} 4 The month on which the page was last modified
{{REVISIONYEAR}} 2009 The year on which the page was last modified
{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}} 20090426175128 The timestamp of when the page was last modified
{{PAGESINCATEGORY:Cleanup}} 172 The number of pages within a given category. {{PAGESINCAT:category}} also works
{{PAGESIZE:page}} 4,462 The byte size of a given page

Namespaces and URLs

Magic Word Example Description
{{SITENAME}} Grand Theft Wiki The full site name
{{SERVER}} The URL of the wiki
{{SERVERNAME}} The domain name of the wiki
{{SCRIPTPATH}} The path (after the server name) to the wiki pages
{{ns:1}} Talk The name of a namespace number
{{#special:}} No such special page Links to a special page
{{localurl:Main Page}} /Main_Page The local URL of a page name
{{localurl:Main Page|action=purge}} /index.php?title=Main_Page&action=purge The local URL of a page name, with parameters
{{localurl:Wikipedia:Category}} The local URL to an external page will show up as a full URL
{{SERVER}}{{localurl:Main Page}} The full URL to a page is created by using the server URL then adding the full page name in localurl, which turns spaces to underscores
{{SERVER}}{{localurl:{{TALKPAGENAME}}}} The full URL to a talk page can be ouput in the same way as a page name
{{SERVER}}{{localurl:{{TALKPAGENAME}}|action=edit}} The full URL to Edit a talk page can be given using localurl and the edit parameter


Magic Word Example Description
{{lc:AbC dEf}} abc def Turns a string to lower case
{{uc:AbC dEf}} ABC DEF Turns a string to upper case
{{lcfirst:TESTing}} testing Makes the first character of a string into lower case
{{ucfirst:testing}} Testing Makes the first character of a string into upper case
{{formatnum:-218744561.35123}} -218,744,561.35123 Formats a number string, adds thousand separator as appropriate. Recognises positive/negative.
{{padleft:7|3}} 007 Pads a number/string (first variable) to the specified length of digits (second variable) to the left using a zero
{{padleft:7|3|X}} XX7 Pads a number/string to the specified length of digits to the left using a specified character (third variable)
{{padright:C|3|S}} CSS Pads a number/string (as above) to the right
{{#language:de}} Deutsch Shows the native name of a language ID code

Image Modifiers

Magic Word Usage Example Description
Places an image in a frame with a description. Uses original size and stubbornly ignores width parameter if given.

In general, far better to use thumb, as is only suitable for small images.

Modifies image size, sets it dependent on user's favorite thumbnail size in one's preferences, or on the given width parameter (see below).
thumb=image.jpg [[Image:Blank.jpg|thumb=clock.svg|Caption]]
Shows a thumbnail image of choice
border [[Image:Clock.svg|border]] Shows a 1px border around the image
40px [[Image:Blank.jpg|40px]] Resizes an image to specified dimensions. If one dimension is specified, it sets the width and maintains the aspect ratio.
50x100px [[Image:Blank.jpg|50x100px]] If two dimensions are specified (width x height), it uses them as maximums . EG it scales image to no more than 50 pixels wide and no more than 100 high, but image scaled to retain its true aspect ratio within the boundary specified.
40px|Caption [[Image:Blank.jpg|thumb|80px|Caption]]
Shows a thumbnail of the image, resizes the thumbnail, adds a caption

Image Position

Magic Word Usage Example Description
right Text1 Text1 Text1

[[Image:Blank.jpg|right]] Text2 Text2 Text2
Text3 Text3 Text3

Text1 Text1 Text1

Text2 Text2 Text2
Text3 Text3 Text3

Floats an image (or thumbnail) right. Text will wrap to the left of it.
left Text1 Text1 Text1

[[Image:Blank.jpg|left]] Text2 Text2 Text2
Text3 Text3 Text3

Text1 Text1 Text1

Text2 Text2 Text2
Text3 Text3 Text3

Floats an image (or thumbnail) left. Text will wrap to the right of it.
none Text1 Text1 Text1

[[Image:Blank.jpg|none]] Text2 Text2 Text2
Text3 Text3 Text3

Text1 Text1 Text1

Text2 Text2 Text2
Text3 Text3 Text3

Explicitly states that the image will not float
Text1 Text1 Text1

[[Image:Blank.jpg|center]] Text2 Text2 Text2
Text3 Text3 Text3

Text1 Text1 Text1

Text2 Text2 Text2
Text3 Text3 Text3

Centers an image, still acts like none. Works with either British or American spelling.

Template Modifiers

Magic Word Example Description
{{:GTA}} (no example included due to size of GTA page) A leading colon is the prefix for the name namespace (IE an empty namespace). This will transclude the specified page, not the page within the template: namespace. This example will include GTA not Template:GTA.
Latest News
Includes a page from the MediaWiki namespace. Same as {{mediaWiki:GTA}}, but also doesn't show up under Templates used on this page. Rendered as <GTA> if MediaWiki:GTA doesn't exist.

|}<noinclude>{{protected template}} {{Col-begin/doc}}</noinclude>

Includes the wikitext (markup, raw code) of a page. Does not render the page.
{{subst:GTA}} -- The content of the mentioned page is copied into this page. The include tag is replaced by the markup of the target page. The template will appear to show as normal, but changes to the template will not affect this page.


Magic Word Example Description
{{DISPLAYTITLE:GTA}} -- Changes a page's title, as displayed at in the header at the top of the page
{{CONTENTLANGUAGE}} en The ID Code of the site's default interface language
#REDIRECT [[Page]] -- Automatically redirects this page to another. Cannot be used to redirect across wikis. Cannot redirect more than once at a time. Redirects can be ignored with &redirect=no on the URL.
[[Category:category_name|sort_key]] [[Category:Characters|Johnson, Carl]]

[[Category:Grand Theft Auto IV|Missions]]
When a page is listed on a category page, it will be sorted and listed in alphabetical order. That can be overridden by adding a sort key, which sorts this example for Carl Johnson under J rather than under C, which is useful for Surnames.
This can also be used to eliminate repetition in titles, such as changing Missions in GTA IV to be listed as "Missions".

A "magic word" is a symbol recognized by the MediaWiki software and which triggers the software to do something other than display that symbol.

Some of the most commonly used examples are listed below.


Popular magic words

Behavior switches

  • __NOTOC__ hides the table of contents on a page.
  • __TOC__ places the table of contents exactly where this is entered. It overrides the NOTOC switch.

It is important to note that it is two underscores on either side, and that it must be all capitals. Most of the behavior switches that Wikia uses are standard (find them here). Due to extensions, however, there are a few extra, such as __NOWYSIWYG__, which disables the rich text editor.


  • {{CURRENTDAYNAME}} produces the current day of the week.
  • {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} shows the number of articles on your wiki.
  • {{SITENAME}} produces the name of the wiki.

Full list of variables

Technical metadata

Revision variables return data about the latest edit to the current page, even if viewing an older version of the page.

Variable Output Description Versions
{{SITENAME}} Wikia Help The wiki's site name.
{{SERVER}} domain URL
{{SERVERNAME}} domain name

Outputs a unicode-directional mark that matches the wiki's default language's direction (&lrm; on left-to-right wikis, &rlm; on right-to-left wikis), useful in text with multi-directional text. 1.7+
{{SCRIPTPATH}} relative script path
{{CURRENTVERSION}} 1.15.1 The wiki's MediaWiki version. 1.7+
The wiki's default interface language 1.7+
Latest revision to current page
{{REVISIONID}} 12637 Unique revision ID 1.5+
{{REVISIONDAY}} 8 Day edit was made (unpadded number) 1.8+
{{REVISIONDAY2}} 08 Day edit was made (zero-padded number) 1.8+
{{REVISIONMONTH}} 10 Month edit was made (unpadded number) 1.8+
{{REVISIONYEAR}} 2009 Year edit was made 1.8+
{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}} 20091008152751 Timestamp as of time of edit 1.8+
{{PAGESIZE:page name}} 6,684 [expensive] Returns the byte size of the specified page.
Affects page content
{{DISPLAYTITLE:title}} Format the current page's title header. The value must be equivalent to the default title: only capitalization changes and replacing spaces with underscores. 1.7+
Used for categorizing pages, sets a default category sort key. For example if you put {{DEFAULTSORT:Smith, John}} at the end of a page called 'John Smith', the page would be sorted under "S" by default in categories. 1.10+

URL data

Parser function Input → Output Description Versions
{{localurl:page name}}
{{localurl:page name|query string}}
{{localurl:MediaWiki}} → /MediaWiki
{{localurl:MediaWiki|printable=yes}} →
The relative path to the title.
{{fullurl:page name}}
{{fullurl:page name|query_string}}
{{fullurl:interwiki:remote page name|query_string}}
{{fullurl:Category:Top level}} →

{{fullurl:Category:Top level|action=edit}} →

The absolute path to the title. This will also resolve Interwiki prefixes. 1.5+
{{filepath:file name}}
{{filepath:file name|nowiki}}
{{filepath:Wiki.png}} → Wiki.png
{{filepath:Wiki.png|nowiki}} →
The absolute URL to a media file.
{{urlencode:string}} {{urlencode:x y z}} → x+y+z The input encoded for use in URLs.
{{anchorencode:string}} {{anchorencode:x y z}} → x_y_z The input encoded for use in URL section anchors (after the '#' symbol in a URL).

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

This is the Magic disambiguation page.

A = Appearances · I = Images · G = Gallery · F = Fan Art · Q = Quotes

Disambig Template Help

See Also

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

This article is about the magic skill. For information on training magic, see magic training.
"Spells" redirects here. For a comprehensive overview of all spellbooks, see List of spells.
A detailed image of the Magic icon.

Magic is a versatile skill that uses elemental energy released from runes for a variety of subjects such as combat, enchantments for certain items, teleporting, and to turn items into money via alchemy spells. While it is possible to play the game without being skilled in Magic, it is a considerable advantage to be able to use many spells, especially high level alchemy and various teleports. Magic can also be used by many different monsters in the game.

Players who employ the tactics of Magic as their primary arsenal are often referred to as "Magicians" or more commonly, "mages". Once skilled, they will be able to access the Wizards' Guild that is located in Yanille.

The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at rank 2,000,000) on the hiscores for Magic is level 52.

As with all guides in the Skills section, members-only items are in italics.


Jack, one of the first humans on Gielinor experiments with Fire and Air runes


Main article: List of spells

Magic is used almost exclusively through casting spells on another player or non-player character, on oneself (reflexively), or on an item.

A player fights using Ancient Magicks (Ice Blitz).

There are three kinds of Magic in RuneScape: standard (commonly called "modern" or "regular"), Ancient Magicks, and Lunar Spells. Each has a different spellbook and typically only one can be used at once (for an exception to this rule, see Spell Book Swap). The special spellbooks are only available on member worlds, with the completion of their respective quests.

To cast a spell, a player must choose the wanted spell from their spellbook. To access the activated spellbook, click on the spellbook icon (File:Spellbook.png) in the game's interface.

Ancient Magicks

Main article: Ancient Magicks

The Ancient Magicks contain some of the most dangerous offensive spells. These spells can only be used after completing the fiendish and long Desert Treasure quest. These consist of the following types of spells: Ice, Smoke, Blood, Shadow, Miasmic, and Teleportation.

Ancient Magick spells are capable of bringing in some of the best experience for Magic; however, the high price of Runes used in Ancient Magick spells makes this a very expensive way to train. This is comparable to using Chinchompas for Ranged.

A player casting Humidify from the Lunar Spells.

Lunar spells

Main article: Lunar spells

The Lunar Spells are useful for helping training your noncombat skills and other players for example in PvP situations (with the exceptions of Vengeance and Vengeance Other), and require the Lunar Diplomacy quest before being usable. A spellbook extension becomes available after completion of the Dream Mentor quest.

Many of these spells make other skills easier to train; for example, the Plank Make spell provides an alternate, faster way of making planks rather than using the sawmill.

Standard spells

File:magicicon.pngThe standard spells are activated on any new character's account and they are available on all worlds. There is no prerequisite to using the standard spellbook, although some spells are only available on member worlds and others require completion of certain quests or tasks. As with other skills, new capabilities require higher skill levels.

All spells yield their associated amount of experience when cast; combat spells give additional experience directly related to the amount of damage caused to the opponent(s).

In the standard spellbook, spells fall into one of several categories: combat, curse, teleportation, alchemy, and enchantment.

Teleportation spells

Main article: Teleportation spells

Teleportation spells are divided into two categories: the Teleother and personal Teleport spells. The latter is most popular with all players, free and member alike, as teleportation spells save lots of time when travelling around the world.

A player teleporting using the Basic spellbook.

Combat spells

Main article: Combat spells

The maximum hit using a combat spell in the standard spellbook is 39 (with Claws of Guthix used in conjunction with Extreme magic potion or Overload potion, the Charge spell, and a Void Knight Mace). For a long while the max hit from the Standard Spellbook was 30 (with the God Spells along with charge) although the recent update has increased the possible maximum hit.

Splashing while using Superheat Item.

Combat spells will occasionally splash upon contact with a target (i.e. they will do no damage). When splashing, the caster will receive only the base experience for that spell and no additional experience. As a result, there is no physical difference between splashing with a spell and hitting a 0 with the same spell. The splash rate depends on eight things:

  • The caster's Magic level
  • The Magic attack bonus of the equipment the caster is wearing
  • Any Magic prayers the caster has activated.
  • The target's Magic level
  • The target's Defence level
  • The Magic defence bonus of the equipment the target is wearing
  • Any Magic prayers the target has activated (including Protect from Magic)
  • Any Defence prayers the target has activated.


Main article: Curses

A curse spell is any spell that causes a negative effect to its target other than damage, usually reducing a stat.


Main article: Alchemy

All alchemy spells use nature runes to transform items into coins, or ores into bars. Particularly note High Alchemy in this section, as it is probably the most widely used spell in the game, but is usually considered a somewhat expensive training method at higher levels because of the accumulated money lost.


Main article: Enchantment spells

All Enchantment spells uses Cosmic Runes to improve an items abilities.

Standard spellbook

On the 27 January 2009, the way you could order your spells was altered. You could have teleportation spells first, combat spells, or just the normal level orders. The way you could change the order was by clicking on one of the three icons in the bottom right corner of the spellbook (File:Spellbook Icons.png).

Spell Components


Main article: Runes
A selection of runes and elemental staves

All spells (except Home Teleport) require the use of runes as a consumed resource. It's recommended to craft your own runes rather than buying it unless you can find a good way to make money. Runes are commonly traded stackable items which are obtained by various methods. For hints on obtaining runes, see Runes: Obtaining runes.

Elemental staves

Main article: Elemental staff

The requirement for n a spell can be removed if the player wields an Elemental staff corresponding to an elemental rune. As an example, wielding a Fire staff allows a player to cast High Level Alchemy using only one Nature rune.

Players who are lucky enough may obtain a combination staff. This is a staff with more than one rune's power. So far, the only existing combination staffs are the lava battlestaff (which is fire and earth), mud battlestaff (which is water and earth), and the steam battlestaff (which is water and fire), and their mystic counterparts.

Various magical staves are available in RuneScape. In the list below are all the free-to-play staves, which can all be obtained at Zaff's Superior Staffs! store in Varrock. The main effect of a staff or magic staff is to boost magic attack and defence, while elemental staves provide unlimited amounts of their elementary rune in addition to the boosts provided by a magic staff. There are many members-only staves such as battlestaves, mystic staves, the Slayer staff, the Lunar staff, the Ancient staff, and God staves.

Some members magic staves can increase the power of combat spells by 10% if they are wielding it. The staves which fall into this category are: Ahrim's staff, Ancient staff, Master wand, Void Knight Mace, Zuriel's staff and Corrupt Zuriel's staff.

Item Attack Defence Strength
Crush Magic Stab Slash Crush Magic
File:Staff.png Staff 7 4 2 3 1 4 3
File:Magic staff.png Magic staff 10 10 2 3 1 10 7
File:Staff of Air.png Staff of air 7 10 2 3 1 10 3
File:Staff of water.png Staff of water 7 10 2 3 1 10 3
File:Staff of earth.png Staff of earth 9 10 2 3 1 10 5
File:Staff of fire.png Staff of fire 9 10 2 3 1 10 6

Robes and armour

A player wearing Zuriel's equipment.
Main article: Armour

Most mages wear robes, although some light armour is available that is made from special material and does not hinder the wearer's ability to perform magic attacks. For the different sets of armour and detailed information on each piece, see the Armour: Magic armour article.

A player's maximum magic attack bonus is +152, and the maximum magic defence bonus is +196.

Best Magic armour

Best Magic Attack Bonus

Item Bonus Requirements
Table: View Edit
Zuriel's hood[1][2] +8 78 Magic, 78 Defence (20 Magic, 20 Defence for Corrupt version)
Zuriel's robe top[1] +35 78 Magic, 78 Defence (20 Magic, 20 Defence for Corrupt version)
Zuriel's robe bottom[1] +25 78 Magic, 78 Defence (20 Magic, 20 Defence for Corrupt version)
Master wand +20 60 Magic
Arcane spirit shield[3] +20 65 Magic, 75 Defence, 70 Prayer, completed Summer's End
Barrows gloves +6 Completed Recipe for Disaster
Infinity boots +5 50 Magic, 25 Defence
God capes +10 60 Magic, completed the Mage Arena
Third age amulet[4] +15 65 Magic, 30 Defence
Seer's ring (i) +8 Mobilising Armies Rank of 300
+152 65/78 Magic, 75/78 Defence, 70 Prayer, completed Recipe for Disaster, Summer's end, and the Mage Arena, and a Mobilising Armies Rank of 300.
  1. ^ a b c All Ancient Warriors' Equipment comes in corrupt versions. Normal versions require level 78 in relevant skills and last for 1 hour. Corrupt versions require level 20 and last 15 minutes.
  2. ^ A Third age mage hat also gives +8 magic attack and requires 65 Magic with 30 Defence, but is much more expensive.
  3. ^ A Mage's book only gives +15 magic attack and requires 60 Magic, but is much less expensive
  4. ^ Both the Amulet of glory and the Amulet of fury give only +10 magic attack but have no requirements to use and are much less expensive

Best Magic Attack Bonus Without PvP Armour

Item Bonus Requirements
Table: View Edit
Third age mage hat[1] +8 65 Magic, 30 Defence
Ahrim's robetop +30 70 Magic, 70 Defence
Ahrim's robeskirt +22 70 Magic, 70 Defence
Master wand +20 60 Magic
Arcane spirit shield[2] +20 65 Magic, 75 Defence, 70 Prayer, completed Summer's End
Barrows gloves +6 Completed Recipe for Disaster
Infinity boots +5 50 Magic, 25 Defence
God capes +10 60 Magic, completed the Mage Arena
Third age amulet[3] +15 65 Magic, 30 Defence
Seer's ring (i) +8 Mobilising Armies Rank of 300
+144 70 Magic, 75 Defence, 70 Prayer, completed Recipe for Disaster, Summer's end, and the Mage Arena, and a Mobilising Armies Rank of 300.
  1. ^ Ahrim's hood, Farseer helms, Healer hats, and Infinity hats all give +6 magic and are all much cheaper.
  2. ^ A Mage's book only gives +15 magic attack and requires 60 Magic, but is much less expensive
  3. ^ Both the Amulet of glory and the Amulet of fury give only +10 magic attack but have no requirements to use and are much less expensive

Best Free-to-Play Magic Attack Bonus

The maximum hit with magic in a non member world is 16, using Fire Blast.

The following armour gives the highest possible magic attack bonus for non-members:

Item Image Magic
Requirements to wear/use
Runecrafter hat


File:Runecrafter hat.gif +3 50 Runecrafting
Combat robe top-100[2] File:Combat robe top.gif +7 20 magic and 10 defence
Combat robe bottom-100[2] File:combat robe legs.gif +6 20 magic and 10 defence
Any elemental staff[3] File:Staff of Air.png +10 None
Runecrafter gloves


File:Runecrafter gloves.gif +2 None
Amulet of Magic File:sapphire amulet.png +10 None
Explorer's ring


File:Explorer's ring (1).png +1 Completed all Beginner tasks in the Lumbridge and Draynor Diary
Total +39 20 magic, 10 defence, 50 Runecrafting, and completed all Beginner tasks in the Lumbridge and Draynor Diary.
  1. ^ The Combat hood and the Druidic mage hood offer the same magic attack bonus as the Runecrafter hat, however the runecrafter hat has better defensive bonuses and doesn't degrade.
  2. ^ a b Combat robes offer the same magic attack bonuses as Druidic mage robes.
  3. ^ Any of the four elemental staves give the same bonus as a magic staff.
  4. ^ Any colour runecrafter gloves may be used.
  5. ^ Explorer's ring 1, 2, and 3 give the same bonus.

Additional note: The anti-dragon shield and the Wooden shield also give a defence bonus without damaging magic attack bonus, unlike other melee based shields, but the anti-dragon shield is slightly better, so is often used with the above equipment. Many mages also make the mistake of wearing the boots found in the stronghold of security. These boots may look colorful and "mage-like" but they actually reduce magic attack.


How to successfully fight as a mage

A player who is a mage is weak against Ranged and strong against Melee fighters. When attacking others, a mage should use a combination of curse spells (Bind, Snare, Entangle, Ice spells in Ancient Magicks) and highly damaging combat spells such as Fire Surge, or the Mage Arena spells. Curses tend to be underused, but do not underestimate them. When fighting monsters, using battle tactics helps, such as staying in a safe spot. Most undead creatures and demons are weak to magic attacks. This will provide an advantage over these creatures. One should take note of a monster's weakness to a particular element (wind, water, earth, or fire).

A little known fact about Magic is that as a player's Magic skill level increases, so does their defence against magical attacks. Magical defence is calculated from 70% of a player's Magic level and 30% of their defence level. Thus, even if a player doesn't care to use Magic too often, having a high Magic skill can help to protect them.

Training magic

Generally, the fastest way to obtain runes is to buy them. If money is tight, it is recommended that a player uses the Runecrafting skill to make runes for magic training. Alternatively, a player can play Fist of Guthix for free runes, although these cannot be taken from the arena. Using magic this way is the fastest and cheapest way to use magic, while also gaining the Fist of Guthix tokens to purchase items. You could also make teleport tablets, gaining money and experience at the same time.

Certain locations such as the prison in Port Sarim and the demon's cage atop the Wizards' Tower can prove to be useful when training magic because of the safespot which leaves enemies unable to retaliate.

Organising your spells into the proper category may maximise your training and lower the amount of time needed to cast each spell.

Finishing the beginner and easy tasks of the Lumbridge and Draynor achievement diary gives you a silver Explorer's ring, giving you the power to make 30 low level alchemies a day. This is easy experience, that if you take a few minutes each day to do it, you can level up your magic very quickly. The easiest but not the most profitable way to level your magic up using this method is to head to a field of crops (ex. potatoes, cabbage) and pick up 30 of them and then using the ring power of low level alchemy on them all. Each cast is 31 experience, so for one day, you can get 930 experience in a few minutes. It may not be a lot, but it literally takes minutes, even though you must wait a day to repeat it. One of the most effective methods is using the Woodcutting Skill to obtain and sell logs, to buy runes (or you can mine Essence and craft your own runes{you are on your way to self sufficiency}), With the recent drop in price on fires and mind runes, fire spells are strongly recommended, in conjunction with a staff of air. The bandits West of the Grand Exchange can be killed from behind the safety of the small stone wall there. The Dark Wizards by Varrocks South entrance can also be killed with the chance of rune drops, Beware low level players will want food as the Dark Wizards are potentially fatal.

At the moment, Curse splashing is one of the fastest exp gainers in the game, as you gain 29 experience per cast, and it is relatively cheap.

Members? Combat? Details
1 No Yes Cast any attack spell in Clan Wars. The higher the magic level, the better, so that a player can cast higher level spells.
1 No Yes Cast elemental spells at Spiders in Lumbridge's cellar with melee armour on. The spell will splash which leads to a long bout of magic casting with minimal input required. Do not leave your keyboard while doing this as it can result in being banned!
1 No Yes The Dark Warriors' Fortress has respawns of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Body, Mind and Chaos runes to use on the level 8 Dark Warriors.
1 No Yes The Fist of Guthix minigame gives free runes that can be used only within the game. Training here can save lots of money, considering spells that require death runes are very expensive. If you intend to get Fist of Guthix Tokens, it is recommended that your combat level is at least 30.
19 No No Cast curse on the magic training dummies in Lumbridge. A Mud battlestaff supplies water and earth runes making casts cheaper. However, a Staff of earth or a Staff of water is a cheap alternative if you cannot afford or equip a Mud battlestaff (30 magic and attack). With a Mud battlestaff, a player can get to 99 magic from level 30 magic with less than 5 million gp. The dummies can be cursed again, even if the spell hits. Equipping sacred clay armour doubles the rate of xp and makes it even faster.
33 No No Use Telekinetic Grab in the west Varrock bank to get the gold ore inside of the vault, then sell the ore for about a 100gp profit. Buy another law rune, and repeat. One may also choose to collect Wine of Zamorak, as this is highly valued by high level herblorists. Another way to profit from using Telekinetic grab is buying law runes for 300 each, and telegrabbing the nature runes North-east of Rellekka. There are two in a stack, which can sell for a total of 600 coins, for a 300 gp profit. However, this stack takes approximately one minute to respawn. A player could grab the nearby sapphire in this time. Even though these are cost effective methods, they are very slow and can hardly be compared to cursing. Alternatively, if a member, use telegrab at the Mage training arena for pizzazz points, which can be traded for Infinity robes as well as extra experience.
39 No Yes Use Crumble Undead on Skeletons in the Varrock Sewers or Shilo Village or the Shades in Shades of Mort'ton (minigame), the xp you get are higher than from a Fire bolt which needs a chaos rune, too. Even on higher levels this is a fast and cheap way to train your magic.
40 Yes Yes Use the Sacred Clay robes and/or magic staff rewards obtained from Stealing Creation to double the experience received from casting any combat spell.
41 Yes No If completed Biohazard and Gertrude's Cat: This method of training magic mainly revolves around raising Kittens into Cats and selling them to the West Ardougne Civilians for 100 Death Runes per Cat. After obtaining enough Death Runes, the easiest way to train magic is to buy an Air Staff and use Wind Blast. Wearing the Ardougne cloak 3 at the time of the trade doubles the amount of death runes you receive.
43 No No Requires level 50 Smithing minimum. Purchase all ores required at the Grand Exchange to smith a Mithril, Adamantite, or Runite bar(s), equip a Fire Staff, and use spell Superheat Item to smelt into bars. Fastest way to train Magic/Smithing simultaneously, with relatively little cost to small profit. See the Superheat Item calculator to check profits and losses. Gives 53 magic exp per cast.
45 Yes No Repeatedly cast Camelot Teleport. By using an air staff, only one law rune will be used. This spell can be cast at a relatively fast rate, with a gain of 55.5 magic experience per spell. Law runes can be bought for around 300 gp each in bulk, or one can do Law running for free law runes.
50 Yes Yes The guide to the Barrows covers this in more detail, but the Barrows can be extremely good magic experience, mainly because large amounts of runes are a common reward from the chest. Magic dart and ice burst are effective against the brothers. It is also profitable to train magic here, provided one knows what he/she is doing.
50 Yes Yes If 50 attack and done Underground Pass: Go into the underground pass and bring 1k+ death runes and 5k+ fire runes. Go all the way to the paladins and cast Iban blast on them, or some other nearby monster. Recharge the staff at the well nearby if necessary.
55 No No High Level Alchemy allows one to convert items into Coins. Most players owe their high level of Magic to this spell, at 65 magic experience per casting, using a fire staff so as to only consume 1 Nature rune per spell. See the High Level Alchemy article for detailed information on training with it effectively, as well as the High alchemy calculator which lists a profit analysis for this spell.
57 Yes No Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Diamond) Turns Diamond bolts into Enchanted diamond bolts, and is one of the few ways to gain magic experience while making money as well. This gains the player 67 magic experience per cast, and typically manages to net the player 1-2 gold per bolt (10-20 gold per cast). While this may not seem like much, done on a large scale (say, several thousand bolts), it can be a very fast, profitable method of training magic. This can also be combined with a player's fletching ability to both make the bolts and enchant them.
60 Yes No Using Bones to Peaches at the Mage Training Arena is good experience as well as making a profit by buying and selling infinity robes. A Mud battlestaff is recommended.
66 Yes No Crafting Air orbs. This yields a reasonable amount of experience and sometimes even some profit. Buying unpowered orbs and Cosmic runes is recommended for the fastest experience possible with this method. Some food is recommended for lower levels because of the aggressive monsters in Edgeville Dungeon
68 Yes No Cast Humidify. Astral runes, fire runes, a steam staff (or a water staff however this requires a fire rune), and a bucket are required. Keep filling the bucket and emptying it. With a steam staff, the spell only requires 1 astral rune but gives 65 Magic experience. Doing this is convenient near Baba Yaga's rune shop. Additionally, you can cast humidify on empty vials and sell the full vials for a modest profit. An even better method to train magic efficiently would be to cast humidify using an empty fishbowl. Fill it with the spell, then empty and repeat. The advantage of using a fishbowl is that it has a left click empty option. Use the F1 and F4 keys to get to your inventory and spellbook faster.
68 Yes No Casting Enchant Level 5 Jewellery in the Mage Training Arena while wielding a Mud staff is quick experience, and can help make a profit with Infinity robes. Keep in mind enchanting within the Mage Training Arena provides only 75% of the normal experience.
70 Yes Yes Using Ancient Magicks is a quick, yet expensive way to train magic. The way many players train with ancients is through Ice Burst. Utilise a multicombat area, the Tzhaar Fight Pits, or a combat ring in a player owned house to hit many enemies at once for more experience per cast. Alternatively, casting  Ice Burst using a safespot in the Shadow dungeon can be a good training spot because there are many monsters that are weak to magic.
80 Yes No Casting Stun on the magic training dummies in Lumbridge can bring very fast magic experience, but at a high cost. A Mud battlestaff is a necessity for this method. Equipping sacred clay armour doubles the rate of xp and makes it even faster.
86 Yes No Casting Plank Make on Mahogany logs is one of the fastest methods of training magic. Players will lose 150-300gp per cast if they buy all the required materials.
87 Yes No Casting Enchant Level 6 Jewellery in the Mage Training Arena while wielding a Lava staff yields up to 75K xp/h, and can help make a profit through Infinity robes. Keep in mind enchanting within the Mage Training Arena only provides 75% of the normal experience, which reduces Enchant Level 6 Jewellery to only 72.8 exp.

Temporary boosts

A player wearing a Magic cape (t) and performing the Skillcape emote.


  • The Magic Skill Cape is the only skill cape to have gold under the shoulder pads and on the back. On all the rest of the skill capes, they are coloured grey.
  • Magic in RuneScape Classic was very different from its current incarnation:
    • There were two magic skills, Good Magic and Evil Magic. When the current Magic system was released, the player's Magic level was set as whatever their highest old magic level was.
    • Melee armour offered no Magic attack penalties, leading to a massive imbalance in favour of high-level mages.
    • Spells gave the fixed experience using the formula 2 * spell level + 20. Jagex claims that the reduction of Magic experience in RuneScape 2 was due to the fact that runes were easier to obtain on the new version.
    • Spells were sometimes failed, which did not use any runes, but stopped players from using any magic for 20 seconds.
  • Combat spells cast on Dummies do not give Hitpoints experience.
  • Ever since RuneScape HD's release, failed spells will sometimes fly straight up instead of splashing and disappearing as usual.
  • If a player is far enough from their opponent, their spells will take longer to reach their opponent than an attack cycle, leading them to fire another spell before the first spell hit. This sometimes leads to a spell being in the air when the opponent dies.
  • Projectile spells will change directions to hit players that teleport.
  • Before the Autocast update on 9 September 2009, spells could only be autocast if wielding staves, and even then only certain spells could be autocasted.
  • Players can choose the option to train Magic and Defence through selecting Defensive casting.
  • During an update on 17 November 2009 Jagex changed the Magic potion to give a stat bonus of +6 instead of the earlier +4.
  • Runes are not compulsory for certain characters to cast spells when they have reached a certain profiency in Magic, for example, the Mahjarrat or posssibly the elves.
  • The black and white magic system was thought to be a reference to Final Fantasy which there was a black

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Umwak the Dulok shaman and Morag the Tulgah witch.
"It's not the Force, it's magic!"
Adler Roty

Magic was a catchall term referring to any of a number of supernatural techniques outside of conventional Force powers.



The exact nature of magic remains in dispute among philosophers, as does its relationship to the Force proper. It is possible that all "magic" traditions were simply different methods of accessing the same Force, or were emanations of different aspects of it. More so than the Force, magic potency could be trapped in artifacts or locations—but again, this may be just due to different methods of accessing and using the Force.

The term was also sometimes mistakenly used by primitives or less-informed people to refer to the Force powers of mainstream Jedi and Sith, who were likely to be called "wizards" and their abilities attributed to "magic." The Rakata for example referred to Revan's powers as magic, much to the dismay of Revan, who tried to explain the difference to them. Han Solo also referred to Obi-Wan Kenobi's powers as "magic."

Derivatives of the word "magic" and words such as "witch" are terms describing dark side users or powers (Witches of Dathomir, Sith Magic, Sith Alchemy, Morag identified as "Witch," Emperor's Mage) which had almost exclusively negative connotations.

Finally, it referred to the non-supernatural stage trickery of entertainers like Wim Magwit.

Behind the scenes

  • Fans generally attribute textual references to "magic" (and for that matter, supernatural phenomena attributed to religions) as simply different interpretations of the Force. The exclusive use of real life occult terms (witch, mage, prophet, warlock, alchemy, cult) to refer to Sith organizations or entities, creates a parallel between an orthodox religion (the Jedi) and a cult (the dark side).
  • In Star Wars RPG Force powers have the role of magic spells of traditional fantasy RPGs. The Force repository is comparable to the "mana pool" of fantasy games.
  • A connection of fantasy magic and the Force has been "attempted" during an April Fools' joke which wanted the midichlorians originate from the "planet Andowyne," the fantasy world of Willow.

See also

Two forms of science are magical in their abilities:


  • Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith
  • Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars 3: Death Star (First mentioned)
  • Star Wars: Ewoks (First appearance)
  • X-wing Rogue Squadron: Requiem for a Rogue
  • The Courtship of Princess Leia
  • Boba Fett: Bounty on Bar-Kooda (stage illusions)

Non-canon appearances


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From TibiaWiki


Magic is an energy present around the world of Tibia. Magic is used by many creatures including the player. Mana is the reserve of magic a player has; it is required for using magic; Soulpoints are also required when conjuring durable items such as runes, food, and arrows.

Uses for Magic

There are many uses for the magic, like the five blessings, that can be bought in different places.

There are also many items that have magic in them, like spellbooks, rings or amulets. Druids and sorcerers can use the purely magical weapons, rods and wands. Some other weapons and armors are said to be magical.

And finally, the spells, that can be bought in most cities by players. Spells can be of support or agressive ones, and can be instant or stored in a rune. Spells are also divided into elements, in which the different vocations specialize. Sorcerers use mainly fire and energy spells, while Druids use ice and earth magic. Druids are also able to heal, while Sorcerers tend to give more damage with their spells. Paladins use holy magic and can summon ammunition, while Knights use spells which help them excel in combat.

See Magic Syllables for a developed study on the words required to cast a spell.

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Magic is a mysterious supernatural force, wielded by members of numerous species to accomplish various things. Known practitioners of magic include Quintessons, Humans, and even Transformers. The precise nature of magic is not very well understood or defined, and it may or may not be related to the Gods. While there are those who would no doubt argue that it must ultimately have some rational basis, its existence cannot be denied.

Generation One

Cartoon continuity

Millions of years ago, the Quintesson Mara-Al-Utha was convicted of the crime of sorcery, and exiled to the dimension of Menonia. Here, magic was commonplace, and the exile's power grew under the tutelage of the Golden One, whose place as ruler he eventually usurped. Madman's Paradise

On the planet Earth, during the 6th century, there lived a wizard called Beorht. While at least one of his concoctions, the substance known as dragon's bane, had a clear scientific explanation, his ability to summon lightning appears to be a genuine use of magic. A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court

Beast Wars Neo

The Predacon Saberback is said to be an expert in black magic.

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Spell Cards

Spell Icon


Spell Cards


Spell Cards (formerly known as Magic Cards until Magician's Force) are green-colored cards that have various effects to alter the play of the game. Often, a Spell Card has a single effect to provide a bonus to the user or a weakness to the opponent. All Spells are Spell Speed 1 (with the exception of Quick-Play Spells (Spell Speed 2). You may play as many Spell Cards as you would like per turn.

Although Spell Cards are often not as powerful as a Trap Card, they have the advantage that they may be played the turn they are drawn without having to Set them first. A Set Spell Card may be activated the turn it is Set as well (with the exception of Quick-Play Spell Cards).

In a typical Deck, Spell Cards occupy a little less than half of the total deck size (around 12-15 cards) and collectively with Trap Cards often have a 1:1 ratio to Monster Cards.

Some very powerful Spell Cards have been banned from tournament play, like "Raigeki". Konami has released new, less-powerful replacements for some of these cards. For instance, "Raigeki" has been replaced in Advanced Format by "Lightning Vortex", which requires a discard and only destroys face-up monsters, or "Flash of the Forbidden Spell" (whose card's title is indicative of a less-powerful replacement to "Raigeki"), which requires that all five of your opponent's monster card zones be filled with monsters in order to activate.

Used properly, a single Spell Card can significantly alter the game in the user's favour. It isn't uncommon for a player to win a Duel with the use of a single Spell Card. Snatch Steal is a common example of a Spell Card that is capable of winning a Duel.

The name Magic Card was likely changed to Spell Card to prevent confusion with the card game Magic: The Gathering, in addition to possible trademark disputes.


A Spell Card's type is designated by a symbol to the right of the words "Spell Card". The various Spell Card Types are:

Facts about Spell CardsRDF feed

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki

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You receive your powers from a magical source. These abilities might come from a mystical artifact bestowed upon you, the mastery of numerous magical spells, or pacts made with powerful dimensional entities. This origin will give you access to Apprentice Charm. This item has a very short range and deals minor Energy damage, as well as lowering their resistance to further damage.

Initial Contacts

Most heroes of magic origin will begin their adventures in Paragon City by contacting MAGI, an organization that specializes in working with heroes of magic origin. Heroes of magic origin will have either Azuria in Atlas Park or Gregor Richardson in Galaxy City as their initial contact, depending on which zone he or she selects as his or her beginning zone.

Origin does not affect the initial contact of villains.


Heroes and villains of magic origin may only use magic dual-origin or single-origin enhancements. Villains normally obtain magic-origin enhancements from the Magic Quartermasters. Some lower-level contacts also sell magic-origin enhancements, but at an inflated cost.

The Apprentice Charm Power

Magic heroes and villains receive the Apprentice Charm power.

Magic Origin Titles

All heroes and villains have two opportunities to select titles for their character; once at level 15, and once at level 25. The second title is origin-specific.

Past Relevance

In the beta version of City of Heroes, a hero's origin played a much bigger part of the game than it did upon the game's release.

Future Plans

There has been wide speculation that in the future, there may be missions specific to a hero's or villain's origin; however, these reports are currently unconfirmed.

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