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Maggie Cooke
Occupation Shopkeeper
Born 12th June 1924
Residence Zaire
Sibling(s) Betty Williams
Spouse(s) Les Clegg (1947)
Ron Cooke (1974)
First appearance 1st April 1968
Last appearance 13th January 1975
Duration 1968-1974, 1975
Played by Irene Sutcliffe

Margaret "Maggie" Cooke (née Preston, previously Clegg) was the owner of Coronation Street's Corner Shop from 1968 to 1974. She was soon joined in the street by her sister Betty Turpin, whose son Gordon she had raised with her husband Les Clegg. Gordon wasn't told the truth about his parentage until 1975.



Maggie Preston was born in 1924 and married Les Clegg. In 1949, her sister Betty had an affair with a married sailor and had a son, Gordon, who was adopted by the Cleggs and they raised him as their own son.

Marriage to Les Clegg

By 1968, Les was a violent drunk and Maggie put up with hell during the marriage. Gordon hated his dad and didn't forgive him for beating Maggie up. In 1968, they moved to Coronation Street for a fresh start and bought the Corner Shop from David and Irma Barlow. Gordon lived in the flat upstairs.

Things went well until Les gained Maggie's trust to go out on his own, but when he went out to celebrate a bowls victory he disappeared, showing up with a bottle in hand and smashing up the shop. He hit Maggie but was restrained by Gordon, who knocked him out. He was admitted to a mental hospital after seeing a psychiatrist, though he was remorseful about his actions Maggie supported his rehabilitation, as the marriage has left her a nervous wreck.

When Gordon runs off with Lucille Hewitt, Maggie worries he is throwing away his future in acountancy

Maggie found life much easier with Les away. Gordon was studying for his accountancy exams, so she didn't let him help in the shop, taking on Valerie Barlow as assistant. Maggie concerned herself with Gordon's welfare and didn't approve of his relationship with Lucille Hewitt. She worried that Lucille would keep him away from his studies, but Lucille wasn't too interested anyway as she thought Gordon was a mummy's boy.

Eventually the relationship did get serious and they were intent on marrying. Maggie refused to give them permission to marry, and a few days later they left Weatherfield, the only way they could be together with their parents interfering. However, they had a change of heart and returned for Gordon to take his exams. The engagement was still on, but Maggie decided to stop mothering Gordon and let him marry Lucille if he really wanted to. In 1969, Gordon called the wedding off and took a job with an accountancy firm in London. Maggie was happy about the broken engagement but upset that he was leaving.

Later that year, Betty and her husband Cyril Turpin moved to the area, and Betty got a job as a barmaid in the Rovers Return Inn. Betty thought she was helping Maggie by matchmaking between her and Len Fairclough, but they were good friends and Maggie was still married so wanted to remain so. Betty tended to dominate Maggie too much under the pretence of helping her out, and wouldn't take no for an answer.

In 1970, Maggie and Les started divorce proceedings. She didn't believe he would stay sober and sure enough he started drinking again within a few months.

Going solo

A divorced Maggie gave herself permission to pursue Len, but he was still only interested in her as a friend and pursued barmaid Anita Reynolds instead.

Later that year, Maggie sold part of the business to Irma Barlow, who had just been widowed. The share in the shop was a gift from her dad Stan, as she used to own the shop, but Irma hated the arrangement. Maggie gave the money to Gordon, who was becoming quite a success in London. Soon a more enthusiastic Irma brought her share of the shop to 50%. Irma also moved into the shop flat with Bet Lynch.

In 1971, Jennifer Swann turned up in Weatherfield, telling Maggie she was going to marry Gordon. Ray Langton warned Maggie Jennifer was a gold digger, but Maggie didn't tell Gordon about it.

The following year, Maggie took a Social Services course at the Open University. Irma left to live in Wales and sold her share of the shop back to her. Maggie had to tread carefully when Cyril wanted him and Betty to buy the other half of the shop, and Cyril made Maggie feel guilty that Betty had to come to Weatherfield to help her in the first place. Maggie stood firm and didn't let herself be emotionally blackmailed, and admitted she didn't want Betty in the shop. She announced whoever offered her the most could have the whole shop - she was going to live in London. There was no sale; Maggie changed her mind and stayed.

Alf Roberts and Ron Cooke

Alf Roberts asks Maggie to be his mayoress, but she isn't keen

In 1972, Maggie employed Norma Ford as a live-in assistant. With her divorce now final, she started seeing Councillor Alf Roberts, and was hurt when he didn't tell her his estranged wife Phyllis had died. They had an on-off relationship until 1974. In 1973, Alf was chosen over Len as the last Mayor of Weatherfield and he asked Maggie to be his Mayoress. Maggie turned him down, admitting she was scared of letting him down - she thought Annie Walker would be a much better choice.

They kept seeing each other, with Alf eventually proposing, but Maggie turned him down, as he wasn't very romantic despite being reliable.

In 1973, Maggie thought about enlarging the shop but Len talked her out of it as there was the possibility that the shop would be demolished and it would be a waste of money. The following year, Maggie was lumbered with Betty again when Cyril died. Maggie had to persuade her to return to work at the Rovers when she was ready, though Betty wanted to stay at the shop. Maggie feared that if she let Betty stay she would be there forever.

Maggie marries Ron Cooke

Maggie later met reformed alcoholic Ron Cooke and was impressed he had stayed off the drink for two years. He almost immediately proposed to her and promised her a new life in Zaire. They married in July, with Maggie seizing the opportunity for a fresh start in a new country. Gordon returned to Weatherfield and ran the shop after Maggie left, later renting the shop out to the Hopkins family.

Gordon learns the truth

Later in 1974, Megan Hopkins found Gordon's birth certificate behind a sideboard in the shop accommodation, but the mother's name was not Maggie's, but Betty's. The Hopkinses were going to blackmail Betty, but Maggie returned to Weatherfield so he would hear the truth from her. The Hopkinses were evicted from the shop and Maggie returned to Zaire.

As of 2009, Betty still works at the Rovers but Maggie hasn't been seen in Weatherfield since 1975.


(To the Hopkins, icily): "It doesn't matter very much to me what you say, or to Gordon. We shan't be here – but Betty will. So remember it's her business and leave it alone...please." (final words)

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Fallout 3 NPC overhaul project
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race: Human, Asian
affiliation: Megaton, Billy Creel.
role: Orphan
location: Megaton
family: Billy Creel Adoptive Dad
Manya Vargas Adoptive Mother (if billy dies)
Nathan Vargas Adoptive Farther (if billy dies)
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: none
SPECIAL: 6ST, 5PE, 4EN, 4CH, 4IN, 6AG, 4LK
actor: Stephanie Joy
base id: 00000A66
ref id: 00003B5C

Maggie is a nine-year old girl from Megaton whose parents died during a raider attack in 2275. She was rescued by Billy Creel, who's been taking care of her ever since. She's a friendly little girl running around the town. She appears to be interested in Harden Simms, and discusses with Billy the prospect of her kissing the boy, to which Creel tells her to slow down, as she has plenty of time to do that later. She also asks Billy Creel about "The Talk", stating that Harden has already had the talk.

If you hack Colin Moriarty's terminal, however, it is revealed that he believes that Maggie wasn't rescued and that it was probably Creel himself who killed her parents. However, nothing else in the game supports this theory.

If you possess the "Child At Heart" perk, Maggie will inform you of a safe in the floor of Billy Creel's house, and give you the combination: 15 16 23 42 (a reference to LOST).

As a child, Maggie cannot be killed with any weapon and cannot be targeted using VATS. If you plant the charge on the Megaton bomb in The Power of the Atom, leave, and return to the city before detonating the charge, Maggie and Harden Simms will both have vanished.

Maggie also apparently goes to live with Manya and Nathan in the event of Billy's death.

It is revealed Maggie is from somewhere up north. This could be any number of places North of Megaton, since Megaton is fairly southerly.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Athlete of the Wastes Outfit - - N/A


  • Maggie knows if Billy is dead. However if Manya dies, she doesn't seem to know.
  • This could be a reference to the book "Maggie a Girl of the Streets" by Stephen Crane, but it is highly unlikely, given the different personalities and ultimate fates of the two characters.
  • Maggie is invincible, like all the children in the game, and does not show up as a target in V.A.T.S. mode.
  • She constantly repeats Billy's name when asked about him 'Billy...Billy Creel.. do you know him.. Billy Creel..Billy.
  • She can start a conversation with Billy, where Billy says that they should go on a "holiday" or leave Megaton for a bit, "Just you and me.". To that, Maggie responds with "Thanks, Billy! You're the best!".
  • She will only turn unconcious if "killed" with the console (on PC only), with the command "kill" after selected her (either by clicking on her when console is active or using the "prid" command)..


Maggie only appears in Fallout 3.


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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Boss
Japanese {{{japan}}}
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Location Moschet Manor
Item Dropped None
Weak Against None
Resistant to Slow, Stop

Maggie is a boss at Moschet Manor in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. She has no HP bar, and defeating her does not end the battle. She fights along side her husband, Jack Moschet. As soon as Jack is attacked, she joins the battle.


Maggie will stay close to Jack while she fights, making it difficult to damage her without getting hit by Jack's attacks. The main threat she represents is slowing caravanners while healing Jack as long as she is in the battle. She does not damage the player very much, so close, constant physical attacks are safer in this battle than most.

  • Fan Smack - Maggie's basic move is swinging both of her giant fans in front of her. Whenever her spells get interrupted, she will retaliate with this attack, knocking back anyone too close.
  • Slowga - Just like the Malboro, Maggie is able to conjure clock images which will burst, slowing all characters in a wide area. Either running away from the casting circle or making Maggie flinch are the best ways to avoid being affected.
  • Stop - Later in the battle Maggie will also cast Stop. It has a smaller range than Slowga, but it casts a little faster and has a more devastating effect.

Battle Tactic

The battle with Maggie is like that of any support monsters. Take her out before focusing on Jack. She will never stray too far from the Gigas, so finding a safe spot might be hard. The best way to finish the Lamia half of this battle painlessly is to use lots of Focus attacks to disrupt her Slowga and Stop spells. Attacking Jack is useless because she will only heal him. She does not remain in the battle for very long, so attack fast and move on to the boss. You will know you have beaten Maggie when she runs back to her room in the manor (the south-east room). She wont go inside the room but will only stay standing at the door, but wont attack you or heal Jack. If you want to boast about all your "Boss Slaying" skills, simply freeze Maggie with Blizzara and hammer Jack with a Fire-elemental weapon, Fire, or Fira. As long as Maggie is frozen, your characters cannot be slowed and Jack loses most of his support, allowing the player to defeat the Gigas Lord.

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Biographical information


Date of death


Physical description


Chronological and political information

Maggie was killed during the Battle of Reach in 2552.[1] Before her death, she told her husband Joe, an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper assigned to Earth, to keep living his life.[2]


  1. separated.ogg
  2. merciful.ogg

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Maggie may refer to:

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This article is about the NPC that starts the Swept Away quest. For the NPC that helps in the Prince Ali Rescue quest, see Aggie.
Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes,if not during the 2008 Hallowe'en event
Quest NPC? Yes - Swept Away
Location West of Legends' Guild
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? None
Quest requirement? None
Gender Female
Examine A young witch.
Notable features She appears to wear clothes which are of a darker shade of purple than normal magic clothes; her hat seems to have some form of white object pinned to it.
A close-up view of Maggie.

Maggie is a travelling witch who was the starting point for both the 2008 Hallowe'en event and the Swept Away quest. She can now be found near her caravan west of the Legends' Guild. Maggie owns two skeletal oxen, Babe and Norman.

She makes experiencing-giving goulash, which players can consume after they complete the Swept Away quest. As she has a sweet tooth, she also requested players to obtain sweets for her during the Hallowe'en event. Players who completed the event for her were rewarded with either the Witch set (for female players) or the Warlock set (for male players).

After the end of the 2008 Hallowe'en event, Maggie can be visited just west of the Legends' Guild. Free players may also visit her by talking to Wendy, who is located south of Falador. Although, if you are in a member's world, you may not enter this way, and if you go to Maggie's Realm in a Free-To-Play world, then go to a member's, you will be teleported out, thus making Maggie's realm essentially the only F2P-world-exclusive area. Unlike the Betty and Hetty she doesn't live near her student/servant. She lives far away from her student Wendy and she is the last witch of Aggie, Maggie, Hetty, Betty name likeness. She is energetic since she eats too much candy. She walks like she is skipping and always says 'Cha'.

Using the broomstick (and, indeed, every other item) on Maggie will cause the response: "Thanks for the offer, but I don't really need that. Why don't you keep it?"

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Physical description




Chronological and political information

New Republic era

Maggie (left) with fellow pilot Trif

Maggie was a former Imperial who defected and joined the Alliance of Free Planets.


Maggie served as both a starfighter pilot and a soldier during the Nagai-Tof War. During that conflict, shortly after the Battle of Endor, she joined a fleet that gathered at the planet Godo. Later, she was part of a small team sent to infiltrate the Tof base on Saijo during the last battle of the war.

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  • Star Wars 99: Touch of the Goddess
  • Star Wars 107: All Together Now

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!







English (Asia)

May Kitaki

Video game debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4



Maggie, known as May Kitaki in the Japanese version, is a character appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4

He Deck utilizes a combination Spellcaster and Dragon-Type monsters. Its main focus is to Summon and power up "Dark Paladin".

Facts about MaggieRDF feed
Gender Female  +
Video game appearances Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4  +

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