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A picture showing the different types of combat styles.

The three combat classes of RuneScape are the meleer, ranger, and mage. They are balanced so that each class is weak to one other and strong against one other, in what is called the "combat triangle." A player's combat class is determined from that player's skills. A rough way to determine a player's combat class is to compare the following, and the highest number is your combat class:

  • 1/3 of (your Attack level plus your Strength level) = Meleer
  • 1/2 of your Ranged level = Ranger
  • 1/2 of your Magic level = Mage

(If You are none of these, then you are a Hybrid or someone with too low of levels for these to apply.)

Your combat class also affects your combat level, because in addition to Defence, Hitpoints, Summoning, and Prayer, the skills listed above for your combat class also contribute to your combat level.

While it was still possible to attack others in the Wilderness, combat triangle tactics were common. However, since Player killing in the Wilderness has been removed, the triangle moves elsewhere - namely, the 3 minigames found in the Wilderness: Bounty Hunter, Clan Wars, and Fist of Guthix. There are also PvP Worlds which use the same combat triangle (summoning on the side).



A player fighting with the Melee combat class.

A meleer uses the Melee combat style and is strong against rangers but weak against mages. Warriors generally wear heavy, metal armour that provides excellent defence against melee and ranged attacks, but inhibits the warrior's ability to perform ranged and magic attacks.

The two sub classes for the Melee combat style are Berserker and Warrior. The Berserker focuses primarily on their strength to deal massive damage, though not always frequently. Warriors focus on their defence and attack, as to hit constantly and be hit rarely.

Warriors are generally better than mages or rangers in most minigames, as it does not require much long-distance fighting, and there is not very much cover for mages/rangers to hide behind.


A player fighting with the Ranged combat class.

A ranger, sometimes called a bowman or an archer, uses the Ranged combat style and is strong against mages but weak against warriors. Rangers generally wear armour made from animal hide, and they use weapons that can hit from a distance. Updates to Ranged allow a ranger to also wear a Shield while attacking with a Crossbow, giving the ranger a potentially significant armour boost.

Sub classes include long bow, short bow, and crossbow rangers, depending on whether the player wants distance, speed, or power, respectively. Others may choose to use a thrown weapon, like a throwing knife, dart, thrownaxe or javelin.

Rangers are considered the best combat class for Bounty Hunter because they have decent defence and can attack from a distance. It is very common to see pure rangers slay other classes quickly in this minigame.


Main article: Mage
A player fighting with the Magic combat class.

A mage, or wizard, uses the Magic combat style and is strong against warriors but weak against rangers. Mages generally wear robes for armour and wield staves for weapons. However, robes and a staff aren't what make a mage powerful, rather their potent array of spells. To cast spells, mages use runes; stones that are magically-energized.

The mage combat class is further divided into two subclasses: Ancient Mage, user of Ancient Magicks, and the Modern Spellcaster, user of modern magics, for combat related activities. Players using the modern magic spell book have general spells for reducing a foes combat skills, temporarily binding an opponent to a square, and doing damage and teleports. Players who use the ancient spells are looking to counter-act all players instincts to run. Note that you have to complete the Desert Treasure quest before you can use the Ancient Magicks spell book.

Mages are considered the best class for the minigame Fist of Guthix, because they can bind the target, preventing them from escaping (the whole point of the minigame). Also, because stats are reduced, all attacks become slightly more potent, allowing mages to hit through armour like dragonhide which is usually spell-proof. All runes used in Fist of Guthix are provided inside the minigame.

Lunar Spells don't have any direct damage spells, but certain spells can be useful in combat. The cure spells instantly cure poison, and while they don't give a temporary immunity to poison like antipoison potions do, they are great if you've just beaten or ran away from a poisonous opponent. The heal spells are made for groups. Using heal spells, you can give a friend a lot of health without them having to eat food. Vengeance is a popular spell for combat, as it rebounds up to 75% of damage received in a hit onto an opponent, without interrupting a hit of the player with vengeance.


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Strictly speaking, the word "mage" refers to any person or creature that uses magic. In Tibia, depending upon the context, the word "Mage" can have various meanings:

  • When referring to a Player, the word "mage" will mean either a Sorcerer or a Druid.
  • Some NPCs will use the word "mage" to refer to other NPCs, characters or creatures.

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