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The Anti-Sun, The Old Dragon, The Primordial Annihilator, The Ultimate Warbringer, and Tezcatlipoca



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Mageddon is an extra-terrestrial entity created by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter. It first appeared in JLA #37 (2000), although it was mentioned (as Tezcatlipoca) as early as Aztek #1 in 1996. Hints about it were made throughout Morrison's run on JLA as it comes as a crescendo to his run on that series.

In this storyline, the JLA alongside every hero of the world, the New Gods, and the empowered inhabitants of Earth, fought the warbringer Mageddon who has many aliases across the universe, such as "The Anti-Sun", "The Old Dragon," "The Primordial Annihilator", "The Ultimate Warbringer" and "Tezcatlipoca". Mageddon was truly one of the most dangerous and darkest enemies in the history of the Justice League, feared even more than Darkseid and surpassed only by the likes of Imperiex.

Character history

Mageddon was one of many war machines used during the Ragnarok of the "Old Gods" that led to the destruction of their world and the subsequent creation of New Genesis and Apokolips. Mageddon was capable of unleashing primal anger in intelligent minds, turning people into hostile, warlike savages.

Unable to be destroyed, Mageddon was "chained" at the edge of the universe's space/time continuum inside what was described as an "immense sinkhole" of gravity. The gigantic planet of Wonderworld was created and the placed at the edge of the universe to prepare for the day that Mageddon would escape; it was populated by a number of gigantic heroes and super-beings (Aquaman, The Flash and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner by comparison appeared to be only a few inches high). These heroes were led by Adam One and surrounded themselves with wonders from throughout the universe (in a manner highly reminiscent of Jack Kirby's Fourth World).

Unfortunately, Mageddon proved too powerful to contain; as it broke loose, its power to affect the minds of sentient beings came against Wonderworld, leading it to self-destruction save for one survivor know as the Glimmer (the Wonderworld analogue of the Flash) who escaped by running "perpendicular to time." Mageddon then began its way through the universe heading towards Earth.

Mageddon's arrival was heralded by two red, eyeball-like "spores" which grew around people who had come totally under the sway of Mageddon. The first appeared some time before Mageddon itself arrived, attaching itself to the telepath Hector Hammond while he was incarcerated in Belle Reve prison, causing the warden, guards and inmates to go on a murderous rampage which only stopped when the spore was destroyed. The second spore appeared just as Mageddon appeared in our solar system and possessed Lex Luthor, whose latest Injustice Gang had attacked The Watchtower, unwittingly playing into Mageddon's plans. Mageddon's approach was also signalled by increasing global political tensions and weapons trading, which built rapidly into worldwide war which every hero became involved in stopping. Eventually, the wars were averted thanks to the efforts of the fallen angel Zauriel, who died to return to Heaven and convince the heavenly host to return with him to Earth and avert the wars.

Superman attempted to attack Mageddon head on, only to be captured and turned into part of its system. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman, Black Lightning and Animal Man used a Purple Ray to tap into the morphogenic field that is the source of Animal Man's powers. They hoped that doing this would cause a temporary jump forward in human evolution for everybody on the whole planet, giving every human being superpowers that could be used to attack Mageddon. The plan only succeeded with the help of the Glimmer who appeared at what he knew to be Mageddon's final battle--the only place in history where anyone made a stand against Mageddon--and used his abilities to power the machine. As every superhuman available and the entire populace of Earth attacked Mageddon, the machine unleashed its final fail-safe: letting the "anti-sun" at its core go supernova in a blast that would destroy half the galaxy.

Despite the crippling despair Mageddon was bombarding him with, Superman was able to fight back thanks to encouragement from Batman (communicating via the Martian Manhunter's telepathic link) and was freed by a blind Aztek who self-destructed in the process, fulfilling his life's mission and damaging Mageddon. Ultimately, Superman, able to absorb anti-sunlight just as well as sunlight, was able to absorb all the anti-sun's energy and shut the warhead down permanently.

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