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The Commonlands spires.

Functioning Ulteran Spires originally appeared in six zones of Norrath and in various places around the Kingdom of Sky. Ruins of the old Ulteran Spire network could still be found in many other places around the Shattered Lands.

With the launch of Echoes of Faydwer and the rediscovery of the Greater Faydark Combine Spires, the Mages rediscovered the secret of using the Combine and Ulteran Spire Networks. At that time the only Ulteran Spires that have been unlocked are the ones in The Commonlands and Antonica, plus the Combine Spires in Greater Faydark and Kylong Plains (over/around Teren's Grasp).

Introduced for the duration of LU53, a group of mysterious Quellithulians appeared around Norrath seeking volunteers to assist their efforts to re-energize and rebuild the previously unusable or destroyed Spires of Norrath. At the same time, they also sought help to realign and repower the existing Spires to be used in conjunction with those which were being reconstructed.

Spire Locations on Norrath

a Gate Caller scion

To travel to the Overrealm, first hail the Gate Caller scion NPC just next to the Spires. You will be given a teleportation shard which will allow you to magically travel to your intended zone. Stand near the middle of Spires and await transportation. (The scion calls out in regular intervals about how soon a teleportation will occur, and you will also see a warning message 10 seconds before teleportation.)

Teleportation occurring in 10 seconds...
The newly rebuilt Spires.
Teleportation Access to Tenebrous Tangle (Temple Grounds)
Teleportation Access to The Barren Sky (Whisperwind Isle)
Teleportation Access to The Bonemire (Drednever Crash Site)

To travel to the Combine Spires in Greater Faydark, ask a friendly Wizard if he or she could open a Translocate portal for you.

Note: There is no way to travel from the Combine Spires to any other Spires. You can only travel to the Combine Spires through the Wizard class spell.

To travel between Norrathian zones, find the nearest Spire and click the swirling portal in its center and select the zone you wish to journey to on the list and click "Ok". The zones you may choose from are those listed below and the Spires which teleport to the Overrealm as well.

Spires Locations in the Kingdom of Sky

There are two spires in each of the three Kingdom of Sky zones that give direct and instant access to the other 2 zones, in addition to their corresponding ground-based Spire.

In Tenebrous Tangle:

In The Barren Sky:

In The Bonemire:


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