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The Mage's Staff (まじゅつのつえ Majutsu no Tsue), also known as the Magus Rod, Mage Staff, and Staff of the Magi, is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series. It's often one of the most powerful Staffs in the game, and usually boosts Black Magic. It's counterpart is the Sage's Staff.

The Magus Rod in Final Fantasy V.




Final Fantasy

The Mage Staff is found in the Sunken Shrine and casts Fira when used as an item.

Final Fantasy II

The Mage's Staff in Final Fantasy II.
"A staff charged with a thunderbolt"
Final Fantasy Origins description

The Mage's Staff is a mid-level staff found in Deist Cavern and Palamecia Castle. It casts Thunder V (Bolt 5 in the Origins release) when used as an item in battle, and has an Attack of 40.

Final Fantasy V

The Magus Rod is a Sealed Weapon, and is the counterpart to the Sage's Staff. It powers up all elements except Water, and has an Attack power of 37.

Final Fantasy VI

The Magus Rod powers up Magic and can be won from Earth Dragon, or from betting a Heal Rod at Dragon's Neck Colosseum and defeating a Tonberry.

Mage's Staff as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

Final Fantasy IX

The Mage Staff is Vivi's initial equipment, and teaches Fire. Additionally, the High Mage's Staff is Vivi's second most powerful weapon, and teaches Meteor and Osmose. It can be found through Chocobo Hot and Cold and bought in Black Mage Village.

Final Fantasy X

If the dominant abilities on any of Yuna's weapons are three Magic +% abilities, the staff will be named Mage's Staff.

Final Fantasy XI

The Mage's Staff is the base version of Black Mage's mythic weapon, the Laevateinn, and can be used to obtain the weaponskill "Vidohunir."

Staff of the Magi in Final Fantasy XII.

Final Fantasy XII

The Staff of the Magi is the most powerful Stave, and can be stolen from Luxollid. Strangely, it doesn't power up any elements like most Staves in Final Fantasy XII, potentially making it weaker then the Staves that do.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Mage's Staff is a low-ranked staff that provides 4 Attack, 1 Magic, and 15% Defense. It can be bought for 4,000 gil.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Mage's Staff is a Magic-raising artifact that increases Magic by 5.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

The Magus Wand is a level 35 Rod that provides +34 Attack and can be bought for 452 Gil.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Mage's Staff is one of the two weakest staves in the game, granting +11 Brave and +3 Attack. The only advantage it has over the regular Staff is the bonus of +10% to the duration of EX Mode. Meanwhile the Staff of the Magi is one of the stronger staves in the game, granting +32 Brave and +48 Attack, and adds +20% to the EX Mode duration.

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