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Overviews per game
Fallout ammunition
Fallout 2 ammunition
Fallout 3 ammunition
Fallout Tactics ammunition
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel ammunition
Van Buren ammunition

Ammunition is the term used for projectiles fired from guns.


List of all ammunition in the Fallout games

Special and no ammunition required

A few weapons in the Fallout games do not use ammunition in the traditional sense at all. These are:

Clip vs. magazine

Left: 10-round stripper clip. Right: A speedloader device, sometimes incorrectly called a "moon clip".
The 36-round box magazine of the Xuanlong Assault Rifle

Although completely irrelevant to the game, this section explains the terminology distinctions between a clip and a magazine to better help the reader distinguish between these two commonly misused terms.

A clip is a device used to load ammunition into a magazine (most commonly an internal magazine). Such devices include the 8-round "en bloc" clip used by the M1 Garand, and the stripper clips used by the SKS carbine (the 'sister' to the more common AK-47). However, many people confuse this with a magazine, which is a device that feeds ammunition -and- encloses it. These are, for example, the curved magazine of the AK-47, which many people mistakenly call a "banana clip", or the magazine of the M16 rifle. A shortened term for magazine, "mag", is also available. It would be immensely incorrect to refer to anything that does not use clips or magazines as having a "clip size".

In Fallout 3, for example, the Chinese Pistol is loaded from the top by a stripper clip. It has an internal magazine that holds 10 cartridges. The Chinese Assault Rifle uses a 24-round (or 36, in the case of the Xuanlong Assault Rifle) box magazine, the so-called "banana clip" in slang, which is an incorrect term to use.

Energy weapons can be referred to as using cells rather than magazines, as they are a battery of sorts rather than dedicated storing and feeding devices.

Improper use

This error can be easily seen in the G.E.C.K. where you can enter the magazine capacity of a weapon as "Clip rounds". The correct term would be "Magazine capacity" or "Mag capacity". Most likely, the developers just wanted to make it clearer as to what they are talking about as most people are more familiar with the "clip" usage.

In the Operation: Anchorage add-on, one of the Chinese soldiers will yell (with English subtitles) "Empty your clips! No survivors!" upon attack.


It is implied in The Pitt (add-on) that ammo is still being produced in The Pitt (town) and is being used by Raiders and Slavers in the Capital Wasteland and those people are killed and looted thus ammo is spread throughout the wasteland.

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Final Fantasy

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"Now this is what I call great literature."
Cecil Harvey, when he acquires the Magazine.
Obtaining the Magazine.

The Magazine, also known as Playboy, Smut, or Lustful Lali-Ho, is an item in Final Fantasy IV. While never actually said, it is heavily implied that it is pornographic in nature, since the screen turns pink when Cecil reads it. It can only be obtained in the Developer's Office, and since this was not in the initial American release, the magazine could not be obtained.

The magazine actually serves a purpose in the Nintendo DS version. After getting a copy, placing it on a stool in the Developer's Room causes it to be confiscated, one of the requirements for getting the Reach Augment. There are in fact multiple pornographic magazines in this version: the Lustful Lali-ho, being found in the Dwarven Castle, and the Ninja Sutra, several of which can be found in Eblan. On an interesting note, you can use it in battle, but it will not do anything. It is apparently Cecil's favorite magazine.

It should be interesting to note that Cecil is not the only character that can read the magazine. Since any character can be in the lead, then any playable character (except for Tellah and Edward) can read it at any point in the game.

In The After Years, many copies can be obtained. If the player fights the Game Designer in the Developer's Room after giving it a Lustful Lali-Ho, they will sometimes receive a Discovery Book, an item that increases a character's max MP by 50.

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Magazine may refer to:

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