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"And that, as they say, is that."

Maechen is a sage from Spira in Final Fantasy X. He has a vast knowledge of the history and origins of all things related to Spira as well as its many cultures.



Final Fantasy X

Yuna and her Guardians first meet Maechen on the Mi'ihen Highroad where he tells the tale of Lord Mi'ihen, the Crusaders, and the history of the Highroad. Thereafter he appears in many other locations, each time with a new story to tell. Many of his stories are quite long-winded, but much of Spira's history can only be learned from him.


Final Fantasy X-2

Maechen returns in Final Fantasy X-2 and again, many details regarding Zanarkand, Vegnagun, Shuyin and Lenne can be learned by listening to his ramblings. In the final conversation with him, he is revealed to be an Unsent. His actual age at death is unknown, but he was alive since before the destruction of Zanarkand in the Machina War with Bevelle, one thousand years before the main storyline of Final Fantasy X. It is, in fact, his voice, which Yuna and co. hear on the Black Mage dressphere from atop Mount Gagazet. It can be assumed that it is his consciousness burnt onto the sphere. Maechen had forgotten that he was an unsent, it was only upon shaking Yuna's hand that he recalled shaking hands with Lenne as indicated by the sphere and realised how long he'd actually been around for.


  • When in Guadosalam in Final Fantasy X-2 on a side quest mission Maechen makes mention of Tidus and of talking to him, from this it can be assumed that it is canon of the story to talk to Maechen.

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