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Maduin is summoned into battle in Final Fantasy VI.

Maduin, also known as Madeen (マディン Madin) is a recurring summon in the Final Fantasy series. Unlike most recurring summons, Maduin often changes appearance across games. In most of its appearances, Maduin is a Holy-elemental summon.




Final Fantasy VI

Maduin's in-game sprite.
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Maduin is an Esper, and Terra Branford's father.

Maduin, like most Espers, was born and raised in the Land of Espers. He was the guardian of the gate between the Esper World and the human world. One day, however, a human girl, Madeline, came through the Gate to the Esper World. Maduin saved her, but she was asked to leave by the other Espers because she was a human. Only Maduin wanted her to stay, and they secretly fell in love. Madeline later gave birth to Terra. Two years after Madeline first came to the Esper world, an army led by Emperor Gestahl stumbled upon the Esper world, and his followers and he captured many Espers. Many of the Espers blamed it on Maduin for letting Madeline in. During the conflict, Madeline attempted to flee the Esper world with Terra, and Maduin pursued her. Ultimately, both of them were swept out of the Esper world as the Esper elder sealed the gate and exiled Gestahl and his men. Gestahl struck down Madeline and took Terra, and Maduin was taken to the Magitek Research Facility.

Years later, the Returners infiltrated the facility to rescue Maduin and the other Espers there, but they were so drained of strength they became Magicite. Maduin's magicite was able to bring Terra back to her senses after she was overwhelmed by her powers, and restored her lost memories. In the ending, magic vanishes from the world, and thus Espers and Magicite begin to fade. Maduin's Magicite fades as well, consoling Terra with the possibility she may continue to exist as a human once magic is entirely gone.


Maduin's attack is called Chaos Wave, also known as Chaos Wing, and it deals non-elemental magic damage to all opponents. His Spell Power is 55, and he is unblockable. He costs 44 MP to summon. He teaches the following spells:

Final Fantasy IX

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Madeen disguised herself as a female Moogle named Mog, who lived and grew up with Eiko Carol in Madain Sari. When Zorn and Thorn kidnap Eiko and take her to Mount Gulug, Eiko is eventually at the mercy of both of them. Mog then comes out of Eiko's pocket and goes into Trance; revealing herself to be the Eidolon Madeen. Madeen urges Eiko to use her special ability, Terra Homing, which eliminates Zorn and Thorn. Afterward, Madeen reminds Eiko that she will always be with her before disappearing entirely.

Eiko can learn to summon Madeen from the Ribbon accessory. When summoned, Madeen uses Terra Homing to deal Holy-elemental damage. The amount of damage Madeen can do is equal to 71 plus Eiko's level.

Both Madeen's name and her attack name are actually mistranslations. Madeen, along with the Add-On "Madain's Ring", were both meant to bear the name Maduin, and Terra Homing is a misromanization of Terraforming (テラホーミング).

Tetra Master


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

FFTA Madeen

Madeen can be learned from the Cheer Staff by the Summoner class. It uses the most MP of all the summons in the game, taking 36 MP and needing 300 AP to master. This summon deals Holy-elemental damage to all targeted enemies.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Maduin is a Holy-elemental Esper, and similar to its Final Fantasy Tactics Advance appearance, casts Holy damage to all units within a large area, and is learned from using the Cheer Staff.

Crystal Defenders

Main article: Madeen (Crystal Defenders)

Madeen appears in this game not as a summon, but a boss.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Maduin does not appear in person, but two items make reference to it. Terra's Level 100 exclusive weapon is called "Maduin's Horn" after the Esper in Final Fantasy VI. The "Maduin's Fang" Accessory explicitly makes reference to Mog's transformation into Madeen in Final Fantasy IX.

An important note is that, while Maduin and Madeen have always been the same creature in the Japanese releases, the description of Maduin's Fang refers to the Final Fantasy IX Madeen as Maduin, marking the first and only time the two creatures have been addressed as the same being in the English release

Non-Final Fantasy Appearances

Itadaki Street Portable

Maduin is a card in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable.


  • A body armor is named Maduin Gear in Final Fantasy XII.
  • In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Maduin is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Monk Job.


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