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map marker: Macomb
leaders: unknown
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Macomb is a town located in the area of the pre-war city of Macomb, Illinois, southwest of Chicago.

Around 2197, the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel received a distress call from one of their squads acting as escort to a supply wagon passing through Macomb. A single unit was separated from the main group and the road behind him has been blocked off. The warrior and his team arrived soon, being attacked not only by Macomb raiders, driven by hunger, but also by civilians, who were hungry and desperate, as the Brotherhood of Steel supply wagons carry food, weapons, and medical supplies - the three most sought after commodities in the Wasteland. The vehicle and Pilot Christian, the driver were rescued, and all the opposition was killed. Three extermination squads were dispatched to Macomb to remove the assorted "riffraff": all the bandits and mad civilians who were probably still there. Those who weren't killed paid back the Brotherhood's "generosity" by serving in labor camps. The only inhabitant of Macomb who wasn't hostile to the Brotherhood was Phillip Wilson, the town librarian. It is unknown what happened to him. Another person who was not hostile at the moment he was found is a hungry raider, but few moments after he attacked the warrior in desperate desire for food.

During this mission, the warrior recieves a hummer.

Mission walkthrough

chapter: 2
location: Macomb
given by: Simon Barnaky
main objectives: Meet the survivor
Escort the vehicle to safety
optional objectives: Find the librarian's glasses
previous: Rock Falls
next: Peoria

Just as you arrive you get the Hummer, the first vehicle in the game. Put in all your equipment (open your inventory while in the car) - no one will care or touch it. The rendez-vous is instantaneous, and the soldiers just pass away.

For this mission you will need long-range weaponry, as most of your enemies will sharpshoot from the roofs of the buildings. Do not hesitate: kill everyone, including the most harmless civilians.

Dangerous places: in the very end on the terrace of the very last building, there will be a raider with a rocket launcher. Better hope he misses, as it is nearly impossible to snipe him down before he shoots. You can sneak under his balcony, climb the ladder and shoot him in the back with a shotgun before he fires.

There is another launcher-guy before the library, covered with sandbags. Here, there will be a sharpshooter and a sneaking grenadier.

Hint: if you are wounded, get into the vehicle while you take stimpaks. Do not bother with the mines here too, just drive through them. Attention: the first trap is inactive; you can take it home. The barricades explode when destroyed, so keep a safe distance from them.

Subquests and other interesting stuff: if you talk with the librarian, you can later take back his glasses. Trade him the glasses free, and he will give you the book he has for trading.

There is a hungry raider, who starts talking to you (just floating texts) when you are close. He asks for food for exchange some information about the key you could find earlier. Than he turns red, and starts shooting. Just send there 2-3 shooters of yours with burst mode AKs in aggressive mode. It seems impossible to save him. If you put food before him (pie for example) he will say that he knows you got more and attacks you anyway, cannot trade with him, no reaction if you steal food to him.

In the North West there is a sharpshooter on the top of a building. You cannot loot his corpse. Sad thing.

There is a stick of dynamite on this map which won't stack with any others you have found: if you don't use it on this map, it is removed from your inventory when you leave.

The big metal doors can be opened by switches. After this mission it is suggested to start hunting down the random encounters - especially the PipBoy, if you feel you like him.

Appearances in games

Macomb appears only in Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout Tactics missions

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