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Kermit and Mack in the Claussen's bread ad, "Who Kneads It?"
The "Want a Bite" remake for Mc Garry's Sausage
Mack in a phone commercial

Mack was a humanoid Muppet character who appeared in some of Jim Henson's commercials in the mid 1960's. In some of these commercials, he had a violent, adversarial relationship with Kermit, which mirrors the relationship between Wilkins and Wontkins in the mid-50's Wilkins Coffee ads.

Henson moved away from producing TV commercials in mid-1969, when production started on Sesame Street. Mack was retired at that point, and he hasn't been seen since.

Claussen's Bakery

Mack first appeared in ads for Claussen's Bakery in 1964.

In one of the ads, Kermit approaches Mack, who's munching on a sandwich:

Kermit: "Whatcha eating?"
Mack: "A sandwich made with Claussen's Bread! Wanna bite?"
Kermit: "Sure!"
Mack lunges over, and chomps on Kermit's shoulder with a horrifying crunch. Kermit yelps.
Kermit: "Aaaaaa! He's a sharp salesman."

As the commercial ends, Kermit frowns and rubs his shoulder as Mack happily returns to his sandwich.

McGarry's Sausage

The contract with Claussen's only lasted a year, and then the pair starred in a series of ads for McGarry's Sausage from 1965-1968.

One of the McGarry's ads was a remake of the Claussen's ad quoted above, with Mack eating "savory, succulent McGarry's Sausages" instead of Claussen's Bread.

As evidenced in another McGarry's ad, the combative relationship between Kermit and Mack remained in the new commercials.

Kermit: "Help! Save me!"
Mack appears at the window, and asks:
Mack: "Do you buy McGarry's Sausages?"
Kermit: "No!"
Mack slams the window down on Kermit's fingers, and he lets go. There's a whistling sound as Kermit falls to the ground below. Mack opens the window again and calls down:
Mack: "Why don't you drop down to the store for some?"
And then a shot of the product.

On Cor

Mack was also renamed "Onky" in three ads produced in 1962 for On-Cor Frozen Foods.

Mack and Suzy

Mack was paired with Suzy, a young girl character, in ads for C & P Telephone Co. of VA (1965-1968) and Southern Bell Telephone (1966-1968). In these ads, the roles were reversed, as Mack would get the short end of the deal, except in one commercial, where he did what Suzy told him to do.

In one Southern Bell ad, Suzy approaches as Mack is dialing the phone.

Suzy: "Whatcha doin'?"
Mack: "I'm dialing long distance."
Suzy: "Didja dial 1 first?"
Mack: "No!"
Then a huge long-nosed monster (Big V) appears, and swallows Mack whole. The monster chews as Suzy calmly explains:
Suzy: "Strange things happen to people who don't dial 1."

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Mack can refer to:

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Final Fantasy

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"I think it is the faces - I need to see the faces of the ones I treat in order to help them."

Mack Ocktor is a Nu Mou from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. He starts out as the local healer for Wood Village and asks Clan Gully to bring him Cactus Fruit to make a curative. Mack's advanced studies in medicine lead him to trade his Ocktor Tome of Medicine to Clan Gully in the hopes of increasing public knowledge of his works. Ocktor travels to various locations including Rozarria to further his studies.

However, after being betrayed by another clan for his breakthrough medicines, he decides it is better that he remain a simple healer. In thanks for Clan Gully's help, he takes back his Tome of Medicine and gives them the Earrings of the Dead which allow the character equipped with them to summon the Scion Zalera.


Mack Ocktor has two Jobs throughout the game, which are White Mage and Scholar.


  • The First Step
  • The Next Step
  • A Step Further
  • The Last Step

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Biographical information
Ended service

February 2525

Physical description

Male Programming


He used the avatar of an American Cowboy from the 20th century. Messy black hair , Cracked leather work boots, blue denim jeans, a gingham pearl-snap shirt rolled up to his arms, and a sun-bleached gray cowboy hat. Generally covered in dust and grease. He is lighthearted and speaks in a southern drawl. Topped off with a smile.

Normal color


Political information and functions


Primary function

Maintaining almost one million semi autonomous JOTUNs; machines that perform most farming duties on Harvest.


Mack was a UNSC Agricultural Operations Artificial Intelligence construct serving planet Harvest in 2525 before and during the Battle of Harvest.




His chosen avatar is that of an American cowboy, exactly as those from old western movies from the 20th century. He usually has messy black hair and he wears cracked leather work boots, blue denim jeans, a gingham pearl-snap shirt rolled up to his arms, and a sun-bleached gray cowboy hat. He usually presents his avatar covered in dust and grease, to promote the idea that he has been hard at work. He is lighthearted and speaks in a southern drawl.


Mack is the AI in charge of all of Harvest's agricultural operations. These planetary operations include the control of the JOTUN harvesting devices which are used for planting, maintaining, harvesting and packing of agriculture on Harvest, as well as preparing the produce for its journey up Harvests space elevators.

He works adjacent to a separate AI, Sif, who is responsible for Harvest's shipping operations, as well as the Orbital Space Station, Tiara and its seven space elevators.

He is well liked by the population of Harvest and is said to be everyone's favorite uncle. He helps the people of Harvest with their problems and offers free advice about a problem before it even becomes known to the person who has the problem. During the evacuation of Gladshiem, the people of Harvest wanted him to appear as his mere presence calmed and comforted them.


He often would playfully "flirt" with Sif, eliciting strange responses in the female AI, seemingly of hate but tinged with an unexplainable feeling analogous to human attraction underneath. Eventually, he reveals to Sif that he is not one but two AI's, his counterpart being an AI known as Loki, originally the AI of the UNSC Skidbladnir, a Phoenix-class Colony Ship which transported Harvest's first settlers.


Battle of Harvest

When the combined Covenant Army and Navy force pressed their attack on Harvest, he gave over his control to Loki, transmitting "himself" into the thousands of JOTUN machines below. He instructs Loki to keep Sif safe, but Loki disagreed and believed she should be destroyed in order to prevent her data falling into alien hands. Loki disabled her, but she was repaired by the alien Lighter Than Some.

Mack versus Loki

Mack eventually rebels against Loki, resisting his attempt to activate a ground-based mass driver, an early, ground based version of the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, which Loki was trying to use to destroy the Tiara, as well as Sif's data center so that she would not fall into the Covenant's hands. His sudden attack also saves Loki as he destroys the Covenant forces assaulting the data center. He caused some problems as Loki, in his weakened state was unable to re-balance the Tiara which his fragment may have been able to accomplish; however, Sif (repaired by Lighter Than Some) is able to help Loki accomplish this. Mack's all-in-ones hacked Loki's maser and destroyed Loki's fragment on the Tiara (as revenge for harming Sif). Mack tried to bring Sif down into his machines, but there was too much damage to her arrays (thanks to Dadab wrecking the data center with his Plasma Pistol). Loki eventually regained control in time to destroy Sif with the mass driver.

An ONI ship later records Mack's final transmissions, extremely disjointed and rampant words he transmits to the destroyed Sif as the Covenant burn his world. He continues to resist, but as his resources dwindle he makes a last desperate attempt to help his now destroyed "love" Sif by burying her fallen Space Elevators.

By the time the Covenant attack, Sif and Mack are both slightly rampant. Knowing this, Sif accepts her fate when Loki destroys her.

Final Transmission

He says he will "Bury your strands so deep their fires can't reach them and glass them like the rest". [1] His final words are a misquoting of Shakespeare, a habit he had that both annoyed and charmed Sif during their time together.

Although he knows Sif cannot hear him he claims it keeps him busy while the Covenant slowly destroy Harvest.

He was undoubtedly destroyed as he said that the Covenant were destroying his JOTUN's. They likely destroyed them all, and him along with it.


  1. Halo: Contact Harvest, page 395
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Biographical information



c.22 BBY,[2] Florrum[3]

Physical description

Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

Chronological and political information

Galactic Republic[1]

"Jar Jar, what are you doing?"
"Oops! Sorry, mesa fix it."
―Mack to Jar Jar Binks — (audio)Listen (file info)

Mack was the nickname of a clone trooper pilot who fought in the Clone Wars for the Galactic Republic. Around 22 BBY, Mack was assigned to fly Senator Kharrus, Gungan Representative Jar Jar Binks and several Coruscant Guards to the planet Florrum in order to deliver a ransom in form of spice to a group of pirates who had captured the Sith Lord Count Dooku. Unknown to the Republic, Turk Falso, the second man in the pirate gang, cooperated with fellow pirate Barb Mentir to betray the groups leader, Hondo Ohnaka and steal the spice. Upon arriving in the atmosphere of Florrum, the Republic shuttle was ambushed by Mentir in a Flarestar-class Weequay ship. Mentir attacked the shuttle with his laser cannons and with two rockets. Due to an interference by Binks who accidently removed Mack from his seat in the cockpit, the rockets hit the ship sending it crashing into the Doshar fields on Florrum. The impact killed Mack, his partner pilot and Kharrus, but the rest of the team survived.



The clone trooper pilot nicknamed Mack was one of the many clones of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, which were born on the Wild Space planet Kamino to fight for the Galactic Republic.[1] Around 22 BBY,[2] the leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems Count Dooku was captured by a group of Weequay pirates. Ohnaka contacted Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and agreed to hand Dooku over to the Republic for a ransom in form of spice.[4]


Personality and traits

Although Mack was a trained clone trooper pilot, he was unable to evade the rockets launched by Mentir due to interference of Binks.[3]

Behind the scenes

Mack was first featured in The Gungan General an episode of the first season of the Clone Wars TV series. There he was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker who voices all clone troopers in the series.[5]


Notes and references

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