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Machinima is a type of CGI filming style in which a movie or animated short is filmed using 3D models from video games. Red vs Blue is a popular machinima made using the games in the Halo Trilogy.

Machinima in Halo: Combat Evolved, such as Red vs Blue (seasons 1, 2, and 3), was filmed using the pistol, a glitch which raised a characters head if their gun was pointed at the ground, and panning using editing software. In Halo 2, it was filmed using the cease-fire trick, which left only the the HUD to be edited out in post-production.

Halo 3's Theater is extremely useful to machinima makers. Theater mode allowed machinima makers to record in game and then go back and view it from different angles. The camera was no longer tied to a character and could fly through the air, allowing for more free filming and more natural pans.

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This article is about the first Machinima competition. For the second Machinima competition in 2010, see RuneScape Machinima Competition 2.
RuneScape Machinima Competition 1

The RuneScape Machinima Competition was a competition organised by Jagex for RuneScape players to submit videos[1]. Players were required to submit machinima videos to the YouTube channel managed by Jagex. Machinima refers to the use of real-time three-dimensional (3-D) graphics rendering engines to generate computer animation. The term also refers to works that incorporate this animation technique.

The competition was launched on 11 August 2009, and the closing date was 25 August 2009[1]. Six finalists were picked by Andrew Gower, Mark Gerhard, and the members of the Jagex Community Management team. These videos were featured in RuneScape's polls for the player community to pick a favourite[2].

Video Ideas by Excl garnered 39,962 out of 95,015 votes (42%), winning the RuneScape polls by a wide margin[3]. As the winner, Excl won a lifetime membership of RuneScape, an all-expenses-paid trip into the Jagex Games studio to meet with the Jagex staff, and received signed Jagex merchandise. Excl wrote a blog, Community Management: Excl's Visit, describing his trip to Jagex.

The remaining runners-up (Arrow gun 99, Bumbum007, Jinsr44, KKcomics, and MommaKitty) won Jagex merchandise and free lifetime membership for RuneScape.



The rules of the competition were:[4]

  • Original video
  • Be of duration of not more than two minutes
  • Must be "both entertaining and creative"
  • Created/taken within the RuneScape game
  • Must be submitted to the YouTube channel (not the Postbag from the Hedge or Players' Gallery emails)
    • To send the entry, a new message must be composed with the video attached to it
    • Must contain the words "RuneScape Machinima Competition" in the subject box
  • The player's RuneScape name must be clearly visible in the video
  • The "Video comments" in YouTube must be switched 'off'
  • Must comply with YouTube's terms of service

The finalists

Below were the six finalists chosen by Jagex:

A song by bumbum007: We received loads of RSMVs, but none featured anyone with such a big mouth. We chose this video for the lyrics, the original songwriting, the energy and bumbum007's ability to cram a song lyric into the smallest gap.

My RuneScape Machinima Competition entry by Mommakitty2: If we had televisions in RuneScape then Momma_Kitty has a pretty good idea of what we'd be watching. This video made the finals thanks to the massive range of parodies thrown into what is a very entertaining two-minute video.

Video Ideas by Excl: What do you do if you've already made hundreds of RS machinima videos? You make a video about trying to come up with an idea for a video, of course! Excl's movie has great vocal talent and gives us a window into how he goes about deciding what to make next.

Line dancing by Jinsr44: We're no fans of line-dancing - or Michael Flatley - but Jinsr may have turned that around with this brilliantly choreographed linedance-a-thon around RuneScape, complete with flashing skillcapes. Double win!

Mithril sword fight by Arrow Gun 99: Never has a fight over a free mithril sword resulted in such venom! Levitating furniture and crates being thrown through portals all feature in Arrow gun 99's exuberant fight sequence that's left us looking forward to the inevitable sequel.

Gnarlie and the Gaming Factory by KKcomics: We can't comment on the accuracy of KKcomics representation of the judging process, but the competition is sure to find that out! We chose this video as it really made us laugh and had great timing. The fact that Mark is depicted sitting on a throne with a trapdoor lever and a green party hat had nothing to do with it.

— Jagex, - Poll - Poll Submitted page[5]

Poll results

  • Video Ideas by Excl (39,962 votes) - 42%
  • Linedancing by Jinsr44 (17,400 votes) - 18%
  • Mithril Sword Fight by Arrow Gun 99 (14,773 votes) - 16%
  • A Song by bumbum007 (9,343 votes) - 10%
  • My RuneScape Machinima Competition Entry by Mommakitty2 (7,986 votes) - 8%
  • Gnarlie and the Gaming Factory by KKcomics (5,551 votes) - 6%

Winning machinima video

Video Ideas by Excl

The video had a duration of 2:01, meaning that it was not eligible for the competition due to being over two minutes, although when the play button is clicked, the total duration turns to 2:00.


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