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Machina War
Final Fantasy X
The ruins of Zanarkand, 1000 years after the Machina War.
Location: Zanarkand
Result: Destruction of Zanarkand
Creation of Sin and Dream Zanarkand
Bevelle Zanarkand
Unknown Yu Yevon
Warrior Monks


Unknown, likely Heavy. Heavy, Any remaining survivors were turned into Fayth.

The Machina War was an event that occurred one thousand years prior to the events of Final Fantasy X. It was a war waged between the city of Bevelle and the city of Zanarkand. It is unknown what caused the war to start, but what is known is that the war ended with the creation of Sin, which caused death and sorrow for the next 1000 years.

In the war, Zanarkand relied on their Summoners while Bevelle built Machina so powerful, civilians worried that they could destroy Spira. One machina of note was Vegnagun, which could not be used due to its sheer power and was stored away underneath Bevelle in secret.

In the end, it was obvious that Bevelle's might would win the war very easily and that Zanarkand's summoners would not stand any chance of fighting them. Knowing this, Zanarkand's leader Yu Yevon turned all surviving citizens of Zanarkand into Fayth with the exception of his daughter Lady Yunalesca and her husband Lord Zaon, in order to summon a Dream Zanarkand. He then created Sin, which ultimately destroyed Zanarkand.

As soon as the news of Sin reached Bevelle, a ceasefire was instantly called and the war ended.

The effects of the war is commonplace in Spira, from the machina ruins in Besaid, Mi'ihen Highroad, and In the Calm Lands. It is unknown about the ruins, salvaged machina parts (FFX-2) and the rampaging machina in Bikanel Island because it is said that it was irrelevant to the war.


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