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Species: Xenexian
Gender: male
Born: 2334
Temporal Displacement: 16 months from 2373 to 2374
Affiliation: Federation
Father: Gr'zy of Calhoun
Sibling(s): D'ndai of Calhoun
Marital Status: married
Spouse(s): Elizabeth Shelby (m.2376)
Children: Moke (adopted)
Occupation: commanding officer
Previous Assignment: CO, USS Excalibur (2373-2374)
Assignment: CO, USS Excalibur-A (2376 onwards)
Rank: captain
Insignia: badge insignia.
collar rank insignia.
For the mirror universe counterpart, see M'k'n'zy of Calhoun (mirror).

Mackenzie Calhoun (formerly known as M'k'n'zy of Calhoun, a.k.a. 'Calhoun the God') was a male Xenexian Starfleet Officer who served in the late 24th century.


Early life

M'k'n'zy was born to Gr'zy in the city of Calhoun on the Danteri-occupied planet Xenex in 2334. M'k'n'zy had one elder brother, D'ndai. (NF novels: House of Cards, Once Burned; NF - What Lay Beyond short story: "Death After Life")

When he was fourteen seasons old, M'k'n'zy and his brother witnessed their father being beaten to death by Danteri soldiers in Calhoun's public city square. Although, M'k'n'zy wanted to leap forward and defend his father, D'ndai held him back, fearing that M'k'n'zy himself would also be killed by the soldiers. (NF - The Captain's Table novel: Once Burned)

Over the next three seasons, the anger at his father's death led M'k'n'zy to begin to plot rebellion and driving the Danteri oppressors off of Xenex. On a hot day in 2351, M'k'n'zy decided to begin the rebellion by attacking and killing a Danteri tax collector named Stener. Secretly trailing Stener and his escort as they left Calhoun and traveled along the single road to the small village of Moute, he soon seized upon his chance, hurling stones at the three guards to knock them unconscious, he then rounded upon Stener with his sword. However, one of the guards wasn't completely subdued and he leapt to Stener's defense before M'k'n'zy could impale him. While Stener rode off to safety, M'k'n'zy engaged in a swordfight with the guard, eventually overcoming and killing him, his "first blood". As the guard lay dying, M'k'n'zy felt compelled to stay with him and hold his hand until he died. Once he had, M'k'n'zy openly wept for an amount of time, before leaving before Danteri hunting parties found him. (NF - The Captain's Table novel: Once Burned)


Following the failed attempt on Stener, M'k'n'zy returned home to tell D'ndai what he had done and of his intentions to lead a rebellion against the Danteri. D'ndai had no great love of the Danteri and agreed to help his brother gather up supporters as well as allowing his several private fliers to be used in the coming battle. Out of respect for M'k'n'zy, he was appointed to the rank of r'ksha and given command of the largest flier and a crew of ten of the "truest and bravest men", although they were all barely teenagers. (NF - The Captain's Table novel: Once Burned)

Unfortunately by the end of the first year of combat, all of M'k'n'zy's men had been killed during separate engagements with the Danteri. The last of his men died during a "surprise" raid on a Danteri outpost when M'k'n'zy, emboldened by many successful campaigns, had acted on information given to him by a source, which in turn was a Danteri trap. M'k'n'zy's so-called "sixth sense" for danger saw them avoid walking directly into an ambush which meant they weren't all killed or captured, but the resulting firefight was just as catastrophic. (NF - The Captain's Table novel: Once Burned)

Although M'k'n'zy wasn't as emotionally upset by his men's death than he had been when he killed the guard, he still carried an immense burden of guilt despite assurances by his brother, that he was not responsible. While walking the streets of Calhoun one night, M'k'n'zy came across a mysterious building known as "R'Ksha Foldes" ("The Captain's Table"). His curiosity getting the better of him, M'k'n'zy entered and he was faced with a number of strange people including the mysterious Cap who welcomed him as the "youngest captain ever to visit the Captain's Table". A short time later, M'k'n'zy found himself in a "disagreement" with another patron at the bar, Miles Gloriosus, after M'k'n'zy inadvertently sat at his table, although M'k'n'zy was able to get the better of Gloriosus. Following this, M'k'n'zy talked to Cap about the attack on the outpost, and Capt told him that it was his fault, because as the captain, he was ultimately responsible for the success and failure of the mission. M'k'n'zy then left the "Captain's Table" with Cap promising that he would tell a story next time he visited. When, he tried to return to the bar a few weeks later, he couldn't find any trace of it. (NF - The Captain's Table novel: Once Burned)

By the time he was nineteen seasons old, M'k'n'zy had become a warlord amongst his people and had eventually succeeded in freeing Xenex from their Danteri overlords. He was likened to Alexander the Great by Captain Jean-Luc Picard of a visiting Federation starship, the USS Stargazer. Picard urged M'k'n'zy to join Starfleet, warning him that things would not go well if he allowed the climax of his life to occur in his youth. (NF novel: House of Cards)

In 2354, Calhoun fathered a child by Calhoun clan widow, Catrine, according to Xenexian traditions. Calhoun would not meet the boy, Xyon, until he was well into adulthood (NF novels: Martyr, The Quiet Place)

Starfleet career

Starfleet Academy

Upon entering the Academy, M'k'n'zy of Calhoun took the name Mackenzie Calhoun as it was easier for his contemporaries at the Academy to pronounce. (NF - The Captain's Table novel: Once Burned)

Early Starfleet career

Prior to 2369, Calhoun was serving as third officer and tactical officer aboard a starship. During an important first contact mission to which Calhoun's ship was assigned, Captain Edward Jellico and his son was temporarily transferred to the ship for the duration of the mission.

Shortly after Jellico and his son beamed down with Mackenzie and a security escort, the contact mission turned sour and the natives turned on the Starfleet officers. In the melee, all of the security escort except Calhoun was killed and he alone defended the Jellicos with a nearly depleted phaser and a club which he made from chair legs from between 15 and 20 armed natives. Although Calhoun suffered numerous abrasions, contusions, two broken ribs and a fractured skull, he and the Jellicos returned to their ship safely.

Following this, Calhoun had earned Jellico's friendship and support which helped him further his career in Starfleet. (NF - The Captain's Table novel: Once Burned)

The USS Grissom

By 2369, Calhoun had risen up the ranks to become a full commander. By this point in his life, the savage M'k'n'zy had now been covered with a cloak of respectability and civility, however Calhoun still found himself appraising anyone who approached him, which proved off-putting to other Starfleet officers and meant that Calhoun was cast in the role of an outsider aboard many of his duty assignments. Following his promotion, Calhoun applied for the first officer's position aboard the USS Grissom, under the command of Captain Norman Kenyon. After waiting at Starbase 27 for several days, the Grissom arrived and Calhoun beamed up to the ship to be interviewed by Captain Kenyon.

During the interview, Kenyon noted that while Calhoun came highly recommended by Admiral Jellico, he had failed to gain any sterling recommendations from his previous commanding officers. (NF - The Captain's Table novel: Once Burned)

In 2369, after Captain Kenyon's brother and daughter were killed while on a diplomatic mission to Anzibar, the captain slowly started to go insane. Kenyon eventually killed himself, but not before the crew of the Grissom nearly mutinied.

Calhoun resigned from Starfleet shortly afterward, believing that he had somehow let down Captain Kenyon, after punching his superior officer and former Academy Dean of Students, Admiral Edward Jellico. (TCT novel: Once Burned)

Starfleet Intelligence

From the years 2370 to 2373, Calhoun worked for Admiral Alynna Nechayev in an unofficial capacity as an undercover operative, doing various jobs on the behalf of Starfleet Intelligence. Included among the jobs tackled by Calhoun while working for SI were the destruction of a Federation designed phased cloak that had been turned over to a Romulan commander by Picard in accordance with the Treaty of Algeron, and the rescue of a Orion slave girl named Vandelia after an undercover investigation of crimelord Zolon Darg. (TNG - Double Helix novel: Double or Nothing; NF - No Limits short story: "Loose Ends")

The USS Excalibur

Calhoun was recruited back into Starfleet in the year 2373 by Captain Picard, who felt that Calhoun's talents would be perfectly suited to commanding a ship designated to patrol Sector 221-G, the recently fallen Thallonian Empire. Calhoun was given command of the USS Excalibur and was reunited with Elizabeth Shelby, who served as his first officer. (NF novels: House of Cards, Into the Void)

Calhoun served as the Excalibur's captain until her destruction in early 2376. After the destruction of the Excalibur, Calhoun was believed to have been killed in action. In truth, Calhoun had found himself on the planet Yakaba where he met a local woman named Rheela. Upon Rheela's death, Calhoun adopted her orphaned son, Moke.

Calhoun returned to Starfleet just in time for the dedication of the Galaxy-class USS Excalibur-A, which was to be commanded by Shelby. Calhoun had realized how much Shelby meant to him while on Yakaba, and immediately proposed marriage to her. Shelby accepted after verifying that this individual was, indeed, Mackenzie Calhoun. The two were married in a ceremony officiated by Captain Jean-Luc Picard. They honeymooned on Xenex. (NF novels: Dark Allies, Restoration; NF - No Limits short story: "A Little Getaway")

The USS Excalibur-A

Calhoun commanded the Excalibur-A for several years during such events as the Gateways Crisis, the conflict with the entities known as the Beings, and the brief war with the Selelvians and the Tholian Assembly. (ST - Gateways novel: Cold Wars; NF novel: After the Fall)

By 2379, after the Selevian war and the establishment of the New Thallonian Protectorate, the Excalibur was attached to Space Station Bravo under Calhoun's newly-promoted wife, Admiral Elizabeth Shelby.

Acting on a hunch as to the whereabouts of the missing Princess Kalinda of New Thallon, Calhoun brought the ship to the planet Priatia, where the Excalbur encountered the Priatians' allies, the extradimensional race known as the Teuthis. (NF novel: After the Fall)

The Teuthis sent the Excalibur to their own realm, an enclosed gelatinous environment similar to the Fluidic space of Species 8472. There, Calhoun "negotiated" a deal with the native species, the Teuthis and the Bolgar, that allowed the Excalibur to return home. (NF novel: Missing in Action)

During the Borg attack on Earth in 2380, Calhoun marshaled nearly a dozen starships under his flag and intercepted the Enterprise-E on its way to Earth, transferring the command of the fleet to Captain Picard before they engaged the USS EinsteinBorg super-cube. (TNG novel: Before Dishonor)

Several months later, a full-scale invasion by the Borg led to the decimation of several Federation and Klingon worlds. During one engagement, Calhoun and the Excalibur crew attempted to use their vessel as a projectile against a Borg cube, to no avail. However, they were nonetheless successful in destroying the cube and saving a Federation colony. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

Personal life


Elizabeth Shelby

While attending Starfleet Academy, Calhoun first met and became romantically involved with cadet Elizabeth Shelby, and the two became engaged to be married. Calhoun would later claim that he had first seen Shelby in a dream years before ever meeting her.

Calhoun and Shelby ended their relationship after Shelby decided to repeat her fourth year at the Academy. (NF novel: Stone and Anvil)

Kat Mueller



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Fallout Tactics characters project
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race: Human
affiliation: Reavers, Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel
role: Recruit
rank: Initiate
appearances: Fallout Tactics
SPECIAL: 5 ST, 7 PE, 5 EN, 5 CH, 6 IN, 7 AG, 5 LK
tag skills: Small Guns, Sneak, Science
perks: Sharpshooter, Silent Running, Action Boy (2), Ghost, Thief
level: 19
actor: None
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Mac is a recruit in Fallout Tactics.

Mac knows a lot about tech stuff. Lithe and elegant, she would make a good dancer if there was anywhere left to go dancing. Like all reavers, she wears a lot of leather and plastic. The difference with Mac is that she really likes to wear it.


Mac becomes available after you've helped the reavers in Newton.


Mac appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Recruits of Fallout Tactics

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Captain Mac (マック, Makku) is a minor character from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. He is Kaeli's father, and sails a ship in the lake between Windia and Aquaria. When the lake dries up, he is stranded, but is able to survive long enough for Benjamin and Reuben to re-flood the lake by blowing a hole in Spencer's Tunnel. His ship floats back to the docks at Windia, but is full of monsters.

The heroes board the ship and defeat the monsters, but when they reach Mac, he warns them that he has discovered a missing piece of the prophecy which refers to the Dark King. He then gives Benjamin his ship so that he and Phoebe can travel to the base of the Focus Tower and climb to the very top to defeat the Dark King. Even after the Dark King is defeated, Mac allows Benjamin to keep his ship.

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The Mac-10 is a sub-machine gun available in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and a silenced version in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is known as the Ingram Mac 10 in the original PS2 version of Vice City, Mac in all other versions of Vice City. In Vice City Stories, the gun is called Silenced MG.



The MAC-10 in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

The MAC-10, abbreviation of Military Armament Corporation Model 10, is a recoil operated sub-machine gun (technically, a "machine pistol") developed in the United States from the 1960s to 1980s. The gun was originally designed for use by police forces, and even saw limited service in the Vietnam War, however it was soon proven that such a small gun cannot accurately fire beyond 20 meters at such a high rate of fire. Its manufacture continued until 1986 when post-dated fully automatic firearms were banned for civilian ownership, and no government agencies showed interest. The MAC-10 achieved success through Hollywood rather then real life, because few of the guns ever made it into the hands of criminals, and even then were marginally effective. In GTA Vice City and Liberty City Stories, the Mac-10 has an unbelievable fast rate of fire and can shoot up to 50 rounds in five seconds. In GTA Vice City Stories, the silencer has slowed down the Mac-10's rate of fire and thus it's not able to fire as many rounds at a limited amount of time as it's predecessor.


GTA Vice City

GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories


Wikipedia has an article on:

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"That MAC gun can put a round clean through a Covenant capital ship."
Sergeant Johnson, talking to the Master Chief on board the Orbital Defense Platform Cairo.

The Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, also known as Mass Accelerator Cannon[1], MAC Gun and MAC Cannon, is a large coilgun that serves as the primary offensive weapon for UNSC warships. Larger versions, nicknamed "Super" MACs or the "big stick", of these are used as orbital defense platforms. They are the only non-nuclear weapons in the UNSC arsenal capable of effectively reducing or destroying Covenant shields. Smaller shipborne versions can take as many as three hits to overload a shield while an orbital platform can put a hole through any size Covenant vessel up to, and including a carrier.



An Orbital Defense Platform above the planet Reach preparing to fire its Magnetic Accelerator Cannon as seen in Halo Legends' Origins.

The theory behind the operation of a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon is the same as that of a coilgun.[notes 1] The cannon fires a massive metal projectile using a linear system of magnetic fields coils down a long shaft, increasing the projectile's velocity until it carries an incredible amount of kinetic energy. The ship-based models use ferric, ferrous, or depleted uranium cores, while orbital platforms and station-based versions use ferric tungsten rounds.


The size of a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon is such that it is normally an integral component of a warship's structure. Some types of Defense Stations are literally built around the massive weapon for orbital defense.


A standard ship-based MAC fires slugs of either ferric tungsten or depleted uranium at around 30,000 meters per second. The high muzzle speed gives the 600-ton slug the kinetic energy and momentum necessary to damage a target and partially mitigates the unguided nature of the slug and its lack of maneuverability. Orbital Defense Platforms fire a 3,000-ton slug at nearly 40 - 50% of the speed of light, around 150,000 km per second, which is capable of piercing multiple obstacles before fully stopping the projectile, if needed.


Magnetic Accelerator Cannons are built into the superstructure of a ship or weapons platform, requiring that it maneuver in order to aim the weapon. Shipboard versions generally require an AI to aim the cannon, as the projectiles are unguided. Orbital platforms have dedicated targeting computers.


The firing process uses electromagnetism to fire a ferromagnetic-tungsten slug at high velocity. An extremely large amount of current is put through the first solenoid (coil of conducting wire) which creates a strong magnetic field which attracts the metal slug. As the slug passes into the solenoid, the solenoid is quickly turned off and the second solenoid, which is further up, turns on, which attracts the now high velocity metal slug just like the first solenoid, and the process is carried on. By the time the slug is fired out the end of the barrel it has been accelerated to a speed of approximately 30,000 meters per second for ship-based MAC and around 150,000 kilometers per second for "Super" MAC. At the same time, a pair of thrusters on the bottom side of the station fire for a couple of seconds to counteract the acceleration imparted to the station. It normally takes five seconds to recharge the capacitors as well as load the slug, which is why boarding craft have to be deployed to take the stations out.


Standard Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

The standard ship-mounted MAC fires a 600-ton ferric-tungsten projectile with a depleted uranium core at thirty thousand meters per second. The large amount of energy needed to fire the weapon is particularly onerous on a warship, and the extended recharge time is a significant factor in combat against Covenant warships as multiple MAC rounds are required to penetrate Covenant shields. At 58.5 kilotons per shot[notes 2], the standard Magnetic Accelerator Cannon is sufficient to destroy any human vessel or severely damage an unshielded Covenant vessel.

Shipborne MAC draw power from the ship's reactor and require a charge of the weapon's magnetic coils in order to be fired. The time it takes to bring the MAC's systems to full charge on a UNSC vessel is the deciding force in a conflict. Thus, while a vessel may not run out of ammunition for a long time (depending on the size/weight of the shots and the capacity of the ship), a captain or commander has to carefully analyze the situation of a battle and use his shots strategically. The weapon can be fired even when not at full charge, but the range and velocity of the projectile is greatly diminished.

An average UNSC frigate sports one MAC system, while a standard destroyer may possess two. UNSC cruisers and carriers carry an unknown number of these powerful projectile weapons.

Modified MAC

When the UNSC ship Pillar of Autumn was refitted for the war against the Covenant, it received the latest version of the ship-based MAC weaponry. Magnetic field recyclers coupled with booster capacitors allowed the cannon to be fired three times per full charge, unlike traditional shipborne MAC systems, which could only fire once per charge. The Pillar of Autumn also carried new lighter MAC rounds that had a ferrous core but a harder outer layer of tungsten carbide. This technology is only possessed by the Pillar of Autumn and is never seen in gameplay. Also, the Pillar of Autumn's MAC charges up faster than normal UNSC MAC cannons, most likely due to the Pillar of Autumn's advanced reactor.

"Super" Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

An Orbital Defense Platform (ODA-142: Cairo Station) armed with a "Super" Magnetic Accelerator Cannon.
Main article: Orbital Defense Platform

A UNSC Defense Platform typically mounts larger and more powerful version of the standard Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, nicknamed "Super" MACs or the "big stick".

These cannons fire a 3000-ton ferric-tungsten round at nearly 50% the speed of light, impacting with a massive amount of relativistic kinetic energy, which at 50% of the speed of light is of equal power to 9.98 teratons of TNT. No known ship, UNSC or Covenant, has been shown to survive the impact of one of these rounds. Against Covenant shield technology, the rounds possess enough kinetic energy to punch through shields, cut through the ship, and, upon exit, still retain enough energy to cripple or destroy a second ship.

It is theorized that if a ship's armor or shields were to absorb all the kinetic energy of a MAC round, the release of thermodynamic energy would still vaporize the ship. By receiving power from ground-based power plants, orbital platforms could achieve recharge and reload times as short as five seconds.

Related Technologies

M68 Gauss Cannon

Main article: M68 Gauss Cannon

The M68 Gauss Cannon is a UNSC weapon mounted on the M12G1 Warthog LAAV and on the stationary Gauss Turrets. It utilises the same coilgun technology used in Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, but on a smaller scale.

M99 Stanchion Gauss Rifle

Main article: Model 99 Special Application Scoped Rifle

The M99 is a man portable anti-material and anti-personnel special application weapon. Like the M68 Gauss Cannon, it utilized the same coilgun technology as a MAC, only on a even more still smaller scale, using 5.4mm/.21 caliber rounds. Though smaller than conventional ammunition, these rounds were accelerated to speeds fast enough to travel long distances with almost no change in trajectory, punch through any obstructing materials, hit their target, and still retain significant kinetic energy.

M92 Principle Gauss Cannon

The M92 Principle Gauss Cannon is a Magnetic Accelerator Weapon that runs along the length of a Open Frame 92/Extra-Vehicular Activity.

Mass Drivers

Main article: Mass Driver

A Mass Driver was a somewhat primitive United Nations Space Command orbital launch assembly designed to propel low-weight payloads into orbit, otherwise known as orbital lifting. The operating principle of the Mass Driver is essentially the same as that of the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon: a coilgun that magnetically accelerates a package consisting of a magnetizable holder containing a payload.

While not a purpose-built weapon like the UNSC's Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, these platforms are still potent weapons of opportunity. While never officially incorporated as a weapon, Mass Drivers have been used, most notably at the Rubble and Harvest, as defensive magnetic accelerator weapons.


Other MAC Sizes

Although never explicitly elaborated upon, there may be many more different sizes of MAC weaponry based on the sizes of possible mounts. For example, one might extrapolate that a frigate would mount a smaller, less powerful cannon than a supercarrier or a Marathon-class Cruiser, if only for power management issues. Conceivably, a 'large' ship could mount many 'small' MACs. However, the lack of such occurrences might suggest that the power of a MAC, once the mass and volume of all attendant components (i.e. capacitors) are accounted for, does not scale linearly. There is one known exception (destroyers), which are outfitted with two MAC cannons. The Pillar of Autumn had one large MAC cannon which could fire three 144 ton "shredder" rounds in succession on a single charge (see below).

Halcyon-class Cruiser MAC Location

Many believe that the MAC barrel is located near the underside of the ship, where there are three large plates. However, it is also quite likely that the barrel is located along the entire length of the ship.


  • The Magnetic Accelerator Cannon is twice mistakenly referred to as the "Mass Accelerator Cannon" in the Halo Universe - in Halo: Contact Harvest, and in Halo Wars, in which it is referred to as a "Mass Accelerated Cannon", which seems to be a simple typo as it does not make sense grammatically. It may be a confusion between the MAC and the Mass Driver, a non-military application of similar technologies.
  • The colony ship-turned-warship UNSC Spirit of Fire's MAC cannon is revealed to be unable to penetrate a Citadel's shield in Halo Wars in one hit. This might be the result of a weaker, earlier version of the Cannon, or that the Shield is very powerful. It is likely though that the Spirit of Fire, being a colony ship refitted for battle, had a weaker MAC gun. Alternatively, it may only be for gameplay purposes.



  1. A coilgun (not to be confused with a railgun) is a type of cannon which uses one or more electromagnetic coils to accelerate a magnetic projectile to high velocity.
  2. A 600 ton slug moving at 30000 m/s has 2.44x10^14 joules of kinetic energy. When converted to tons, this is the kinetic energy equivalent to a 58.5 kiloton bomb.


  1. Halo: Contact Harvest, page 119




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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Some Star Wars games have been formatted for use with Apple Macintosh. Recent releases include:

A Macintosh Computer

Video Games Released On Macintosh

  • Star Wars: X-wing
    • Imperial Pursuit (expansion)
    • B-Wing (expansion)
    • X-Wing: Collector's CD-ROM (remake)
  • Star Wars: TIE Fighter
    • TIE Fighter: Defender of the Empire (expansion)
    • TIE Fighter: Collector's CD-ROM
  • Star Wars: Rebel Assault
  • Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire - The Hidden Empire
  • Star Wars: Dark Forces
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  • Star Wars: Episode I Racer
  • Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
    • Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • Star Wars: Battlefront
  • Lego Star Wars: The Video Game
  • Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
  • Star Wars: Empire at War
  • Star Wars: Behind the Magic
  • Star Wars: Droid Works


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