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MP, which can stand for Magic Points, Mana Points, or Mist Points, is a stat in many games of the Final Fantasy series. These are measures of how many spells a character can cast. Every time a character casts a spell, an MP cost is deducted from their Maximum MP value. When a character runs out of MP, they will not be able to cast any more spells, and will have to resort to their weapon or some other form of attack. Various items and resting with a Tent or at an Inn usually restores MP. Naturally, stronger spells tend to have higher MP costs. Some games have Summon magic which use MP, but not always.

Not every game has MP. Final Fantasy (the original version for the NES and the Wonderswan remake only) and Final Fantasy III feature a "Charge" system, in which characters equip spells purchased at a shop. There are eight "levels" of spells, and each level can be used only a certain number of times. Each character can only equip a certain amount of spells per level. Final Fantasy VIII utilized a Draw system, in which spells must be stocked. Casting a spell uses up one stock of that spell.

Various abilities and equipment can alter how MP is consumed. The Gold Hairpin, for example, often halves MP costs for spells. In Final Fantasy VII, the "MP Turbo" Materia increases the MP cost of a spell or Summon, and in return that spell or Summon increases in strength. Abilities can be used to increase maximum MP by certain percentages as well.


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