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The 10mm SMG was part of the game even before it was named Fallout.
H&K MP9 Submachinegun (10mm variant). A medium-sized SMG, capable of single shot and burst mode.

The 10mm SMG is a type of weapon in Fallout games.

The H&K MP9 10mm SMG is a weapon in Fallout, Fallout 2.

A new 10mm SMG appears in Fallout 3.


Fallout and Fallout 2

10mm SMG
damage: 5-12
damage type: Normal
attack modes:
Single (AP: 5, R: 25)
Burst (AP: 6, R: 20)
burst rounds: 10
ammo Type 10mm
ammo capacity: 30
min. Strength: 5
hands req.: 1
weight: 5 pounds
value: $1000
prototype id: 9

It's considered to be one of the finest weapons in the world. The single shot is acceptable, comparable to the 6520 pistol, but the burst mode is excellent. The MP9 is easy to control, and can dish out punishment like other firearms in its size category. Consequently, it is highly popular among people requiring a powerful but compact source of firepower with low maintenance requirements. This weapon is vital amongst freelance-mercs as it can spew death at close range. It is an excellent weapon early in the game and can shred unarmored foes. It is very deadly at close range. Ammo can be found almost anywhere.




Fallout 2

  • The merchants in The Den stock the submachine guns. The Mordinos are also fond of the weapon.


  • In Fallout 2, if you have a female character named Buffy, Becky in the Den will give you one (however it is incorrectly called an UZI in dialog).

Fallout 3

10mm Submachine Gun
Attack statistics
dmg/attack: 7
DPS: 70
attacks/sec: 10
# of projectiles: 1
spread: 1.5
crit dmg: 7
crit chance: x 0.1 (unmodified: 1)
ammo type: 10mm
ammo per shot: 1
ammo capacity: 30
shots/reload: 30
skill: Small Guns
AP: 20
item HP: 250
repair: 10mm Submachine Gun
weight: 5
value: 330
base id: 00004321
xx003f72(sim version)

The 10mm SMG in Fallout 3 is most effective at close-range by unleashing a hail of bullets. However, the SMG is next to useless at longer ranges unless assisted by the perk Concentrated Fire. The SMG simply has too much spread to be of much use beyond close-range combat, though with careful burst placement it can take down most targets at medium range. Another downfall of the SMG is its ammunition consumption; if ammunition is not properly managed, the SMG can eat through 10mm rounds at alarming speeds. With full automatic fire and a 30-round magazine, the SMG is a decent emergency sidearm when enemies start to get too close. The 10mm SMG is especially effective against Feral Ghouls who run at you and three well aimed bursts in V.A.T.S. aimed at the head will take it clean off. It is also an effective emergency weapon against Yao Guais or, in a pinch, Deathclaws, as the reasonable V.A.T.S. targeting even at medium range (Especially at mid-high levels) and high rate of fire gives it the chance to saw into these beasts and hopefully save you from a grisly death.


  • Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG - Relic hunter Sydney's weapon of choice, the Ultra SMG holds an astounding 50 10mm rounds in a single magazine, and uses them to hit much harder than the regular SMG.


  • This weapon may be obtained in Dukov's Place if you kill Dukov.
  • Doc Hoff carries a 10mm SMG.
  • Many Slavers carry this weapon. Find them at the Lincoln Memorial or Paradise Falls.
  • Raiders may sometimes be armed with a SMG (especially at higher levels).
  • There are many SMGs in the National Guard Depot. (Note that they are all in very bad condition.)
  • Rivet City guards often carry the 10mm SMG. Pushing the door guard off the side of the bridge is an effective way to get extra SMGs and ammo.


  • The 10mm SMG was one of the weapons chosen to be slightly re-skinned in the Operation: Anchorage add-on.
  • If one looks closely, you'll see the 10mm SMG has a folded stock, very similar in shape to that of a Skorpion Vz.61 machine pistol.
  • It should also be noted that the rear of the weapon strongly resembles an MP5 submachine gun, though the front half has some kind of large, boxy attachment obscuring the barrel.
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