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damage: Single: 12 - 24
Burst: 10 - 21
damage type: Normal
attack modes:
Single (AP: 4, R: 20)
Burst (AP: 5, R: 16)
burst rounds: 6
ammo Type 9mm
ammo capacity: 30
min. Strength: 4
hands req.: 2
weight: 7 lbs.
value: n/a
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.
The Schmeisser MP-38 9mm Machine pistol was introduced as the standard sub machine gun of the German Army in 1938. Cheap and reliable.

The MP38 is a small gun in Fallout Tactics.


The MP38 has damage comparable to the Sten Gun, except with slightly better range. It's a useful SMG until better weapons such as the Ruger AC556F are obtained.

Behind the scenes

In 1938, on the eve of World War Two, the German army needed a compact weapon that provided more firepower than a simple pistol to arm its paratroopers, tank crews and officers: the Maschinenpistole 38, commonly known as the MP38, was born. This weapon was immediately so successful that the Army established an ombudsman to all its troops.

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