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The MJOLNIR: BLACK variant used by Team Black.

Developed as a part of Project: MJOLNIR, the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Black variant is a standalone "skunkworks" prototype of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor created by a top secret parallel development lab in Seongnam, United Korea. While it was visually similar to the standard Mark VI armor, it included features that neither the Mark V or VI had: the HUD had a field of view of nearly five thousand meters, allowing extreme-range reconnaissance; the armor was jet-black rather than the standard olive-green, to increase the user's ability to hide in shadow during combat; one arm included a built-in microphone, processor, and speaker for translation of Covenant-to-English and English-to-Covenant, intended for use in interrogation and nicknamed as such; the armor was capable of carrying a seventh-generation "Smart" AI, Iona; and although it was used before the Battle of Reach, it included recharging energy shields. Being a prototype, it was not without its flaws - it had trouble being exact with altitudes, making three-dimensional tracking difficult, and the biofoam injectors could set a broken ankle into the wrong shape to heal.[1] The armor was used by Team Black during the Battle of Verge and during their actions on Line Installation 1-4[2]





  • HUD magnification has a field view of nearly five thousand meters, much greater than the Mark V or VI.


  • The biofoam injectors don't put broken bones back into place and instead pin it into the broken shape.
  • The motion sensor isn't very specific about altitude. For example, when Black-Two was looking for Black-Three, B-3 showed up on B-2's motion sensor as right next to her when he was several stories above her.


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