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MC Steel
Image of MC Steel
Billing information
Ring name(s)
Height 6 ft. 0 in.
Weight 220 lb.
Born May 18, 1983
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Theme music "I Caught Fire" by The Used
Affiliation(s) LPW: Josh Green
TWF: TJ Tilli, Jack Swagger & Atlas Adams
FMW: TJ Tilli
Federation(s) Lords of Pain Wrestling
Full Metal Wrestling
Tilli Wrestling Federation
Brand(s) Insanity
Previous federation(s)
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Wrestling style Hardcore Luchador
Finisher(s) "Second City Stopper"
Will • Use weapons
• Scout veterans to learn
• Always give his all
Won't • Be intimidated
• Walk out on a match
• Show fear
Trainer Greg Bownds
Handler Matthew Winter
Professional career
Debut Insanity LIVE from Woodstock (Sept. 15, 2009)
Record 1-2

Matthew Steel, better known by his ring name MC Steel, is a professional e-wrestler that currently performs for Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) on its Insanity brand. Out of character, he is an administrator on the LPW eWrestling Encyclopedia.


Early life

Growing up in Chicago Heights, MC Steel believed luck was for losers. He wasn't the richest kid in town and he wasn't that smart either, but he could do one thing: fight. At the ripe age of 16, Steel started wrestling, where he learned that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. He stayed with the business, going undefeated for three and a half years. He was recruited by Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW), starting a new generation for the wrestling world.



Lords of Pain Wrestling

Rookie months

Steel signed with Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) in August 2009. In his debut match on Insanity LIVE from Woodstock, he lost a Triple Threat match aganist Black Ada and El Gran Luchador, but was not pinned. He suffered his first pinfall loss the next show against Joe Michaels. He won his first match in LPW against Seth Omega at Insanity LIVE from Baltimore.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Second City Stopper (Spinning facebuster)
    • West Coast Smoker (Shooting star spear)
    • Flash Magic (Shining Wizard to a standing opponent in the corner followed by a rolling cutter)
    • 21 Guns (Corkscrew neckbreaker)
    • Steel Welcome (Spinning neckbreaker)
    • Super Steel Welcome (Elevated DDT)
  • Favorite moves
    • 360° spinning splash
    • Boston Crab
    • Dead on Arrival (Double underhook powerbomb)
    • Diving double foot stomp to the back
    • Double underhook piledriver
    • Double underhook suplex
    • Front facelock/bodyscissors combination
    • Full nelson
    • Jumping superkick
    • Moonsault
    • Reverse piledriver, sometimes proceeded by scooping the opponent up
    • Running arched big boot
    • Sitout double underhook powerbomb
    • Sitout rolling suplex slam
    • Shuffle kick
    • Steel Sandwich (High-angle corkscrew senton bomb)
    • Wheelbarrow DDT
  • Hardcore moves
    • Star 67 (Standing shooting star press with steel chair held to chest)
    • Cemetery Drive (Full nelson facebuster onto a steel chair)
  • Nicknames
    • The Extreme Enigma
    • Straight Edge Warrior
    • The Second City Saint
  • Managers
    • Josh Green
  • Entrance Video
    • MC Steel Entrance Video
  • Entrance information
    • Coming out to "I Caught Fire", Steel walks through the main entrance and stops at the bottom of the entrance ramp. He raises both of his hands and the gold pyrotechnics go off. He then walks up the steps and into the ring.

Championships and accomplishments

Match History


Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes Score
zPending 1-4 Seth Omega vs. MC Steel LPW Epic January/February, 2010 Dog Collar Match N/A
zLoss 1-4 Joe Michaels, Son of Shockey, and Kafu Dr. Wagner, Seth Omega, and MC Steel LPW All-Stars January 12, 2010 Future of Insanity Six-Man Tag Team Match 3.60
zLoss 1-3 Steve Monroe MC Steel Insanity LIVE from Atlantic City December 12, 2009 Submission Match 3.65
zWin 1-2 MC Steel Seth Omega Insanity LIVE from Baltimore November 11, 2009 Singles Match 3.18
zLoss 0-2 Joe Michaels MC Steel Insanity LIVE from Manhattan October 16, 2009 Singles Match 2.93
zLoss 0-1 Black Ada MC Steel and El Gran Luchador Insanity LIVE from Woodstock September 15, 2009 Triple Threat Match
LPW Debut Match
Promo score is a rating which ranges from 0.0 to 5.0, the latter being the highest. Promos are judged to determine the better promo between e-wrestling competitors.


Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes
zWin 21-7 Lethal Injection (Jack Swagger, TJ Tilli, MC Steel & Atlas Adams) Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Sting & Karl Sanchez Retribution 3.1 December 28, 2009 8-man Tag Team Match
zWin 20-7 MC Steel & Atlas Adams (c) Brian Kendrick & Paul London Pyromania (2009) December 26, 2009 Retained World Tag Team Championship
zWin 19-7 MC Steel & Atlas Adams Brian Kendrick & Paul London Retribution 2.4 December 21, 2009 Tag Team Match
zWin 18-7 MC Steel & Atlas Adams Brian Kendrick & Paul London (c) Retribution 2.3 December 14, 2009 Won World Tag Team Championship
zWin 17-7 MC Steel, Atlas Adams & Jack Swagger Brian Kendrick, Paul London & Rhino Retribution 2.2 December 7, 2009 6-Man Tag Team Match
zWin 16-7 MC Steel & Atlas Adams Dudley Boyz Retribution 2.1 November 30, 2009 #1 Contender Match for the World Tag Team Championship
zWin 15-7 TJ Tilli, Jack Swagger, John Morrison, MC Steel, Atlas Adams & Elijah Burke Abyss, Kofi Kingston, Shawn Michaels, Paul London, Kurt Angle & Sting Survivor Series (2009) November 29, 2009 Singles Match
zLoss 14-7 Brian Kendrick & Paul London TJ Tilli & MC Steel (c) Retribution 1.5 November 23, 2009 Lost World Tag Team Championship
zWin 14-6 MC Steel Mr. Kennedy Retribution 1.4 November 16, 2009 Singles Match
zWin 13-6 MC Steel Sean O'Haire & Mark Jindrak Retribution 1.3 November 9, 2009 Triple Threat Match
zWin 12-6 TJ Tilli & MC Steel (c) Mark Jindrak & Lance Cade Retribution 1.2 November 2, 2009 Retained World Tag Team Championship
zLoss 11-6 TJ Tilli 29 other TWF Superstars Retribution 1.1 October 26, 2009 Insanity Championship Battle Royal
zWin 11-5 MC Steel and TJ Tilli The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart) Won World Tag Team Championship
zWin 10-5 MC Steel and TJ Tilli Paul London and Brian Kendrick Over the Edge (2009) October 25, 2009 #1 Contenders match for the World Tag Team Championship
zLoss 9-5 Edge MC Steel ECW 28 October 20, 2009 King of the Ring Round 2 Match
zWin 9-4 MC Steel Chris Benoit RAW 27 October 12, 2009 King of the Ring Round 1 Match
zWin 8-4 MC Steel Brian Kendrick RAW 26 October 5, 2009 Singles Match
zWin 7-4 MC Steel and TJ Tilli Paul London and Brian Kendrick RAW 25 September 28, 2009 Tag Team Match
zWin 6-4 MC Steel Test RAW 24 September 21, 2009 Singles Match
zWin 5-4 MC Steel and TJ Tilli Paul London and Brian Kendrick RAW 23 September 14, 2009 Tag Team Match
zLoss 4-4 TJ Tilli Krimzon Mask, Sandman, R-Truth, Lance Storm, MC Steel, Rob Van Dam & J.X. Smith SummerSlam (2009) September 13, 2009 Crazy 8 Elimination Match
zWin 4-3 Shawn Michaels, TJ Tilli, Triple H and MC Steel Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid RAW 22 September 7, 2009 8-Man Tag Team Match
zWin 3-3 MC Steel CM Punk RAW 21 August 31, 2009 Singles Match
zWin 2-3 MC Steel Rey Mysterio RAW 19 August 17, 2009 Singles Match
zLoss 1-3 Shawn Michaels MC Steel RAW 17 August 3, 2009 Singles Match
zLoss 1-2 Shawn Michaels MC Steel, Vampiro and Goldberg Night of Champions (2009) August 2, 2009 Intercontinental Championship match
zLoss 1-1 Shawn Michaels MC Steel RAW 16 July 27, 2009 Singles Match
zWin 1-0 MC Steel and Shawn Michaels Vampiro and Goldberg RAW 15 July 20, 2009 Tag Team Match
TWF Debut

XX Wrestling

Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes
zWin 4-3-2 MC Steel and Redd Dogg The Lolipops (Dylan and The Walmslenator) XX Wrestling 9 December 15, 2007 Tag Team Match
zDraw 3-3-2 MC Steel The Walmslenator XX Wrestling 8 November 15, 2007 Retained WackDown Championship by no contest
zDraw 3-3-1 MC Steel The Walmslenator XX Wrestling 7 October 15, 2007 Singles Match; ended by no contest
zWin 3-3 MC Steel Clarky XX Wrestling 6 September 15, 2007 Singles Match
zLoss 2-3 Dylan MC Steel XX Wrestling 5 August 15, 2007 Lost WackDown Championship; Dylan gave title back
zLoss 2-2 BX (Clarky and Wammy) The Ultraviolence Connection (MC Steel and Little Al)
The Lolipops (Dylan and The Walmslenator)
James Snow and Redd Dogg
XX Wrestling 4 July 15, 2007 United States Tag Team Championship Match
zWin 2-1 MC Steel James Snow XX Wrestling 3 June 15, 2007 Steel Cage Match
zWin 1-1 MC Steel James Snow XX Wrestling 2 May 15, 2007 Singles Match
zLoss 0-1 The Lolipops (Dylan and The Walmslenator) MJ (MC Steel and James Snow) XX Wrestling 1 April 15, 2007 Tag Team Match
XX Wrestling Debut Match

Appearances in other federations

XX Wrestling

Steel was briefly an active member of XX Wrestling where he won the WackDown Championship. Out of character, Steel was the booker and head writer for the company.

Tilli Wrestling Federation

Steel currently appears in Tilli Wrestling Federation (TWF). After a brief singles run, and a shot at the Intercontinental Championship, he began teaming with TJ Tilli, where he won the World Tag Team Championship. His current record in the TWF is 14-7.

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