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MA2B Assault Rifle
Production information



Assault Rifle

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit


Ammunition Type

.390 Caliber

Rate of Fire

Fifteen Rounds Per Second


United Nations Space Command


The MA2B Assault Rifle is a cut-down version of the standard MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System. It can be considered as a "Carbine".



Like its relatives in the MA5 family, the MA2B is tough and reliable. It has electric targeting, an ammo supply indicator, and a recoil-reduction system. The MA2B can deliver an impressive fifteen rounds per second and uses .390 caliber ammunition [1].

The MA2B features a larger magazine than its MA5 rifle counterparts. In addition to the standard Armor-Piercing rounds found in most Human firearms, it can use "Shredder" rounds, which is an anti-personnel ammunition type made from depleted uranium.

Operational Use

The SPARTAN-IIs were known to carry this weapon into action, usually when they were required to carry very little ordnance for a mission. John-117 and Blue Team used the MA2B on their first combat mission to capture Colonel Robert Watts of the Eridanus Rebels.

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