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For an overview of Gauss Rifle models in all games, see Gauss Rifle.
M72 Gauss Rifle
damage: 32 - 43
damage type: Normal
attack modes:
Single (AP: 5, R: 50)
ammo Type 2mm
ammo capacity: 20
min. Strength: 6
hands req.: 2
weight: 10 pounds
value: $8250
prototype id: 392

The M72 Gauss Rifle is a small gun of German design in Fallout 2. It uses an electromagnetic field to propel ammunition at high velocity. Its range, accuracy and penetrating power are almost unparalleled.


It is extremely powerful and effective, capable of demolishing most foes in only one or two shots. When equipped with this weapon, the Bloody Mess trait is seldom necessary to see the most violent death animations. Its ammo, 2mm EC, is quite rare however. Most consider this the best weapon overall, as it has high damage, long range, and a good-sized magazine, coupled with the ability to knock down foes, useful for stalling enemies using short ranged attacks. It cannot burst, but even so, a targeted shot to the eyes deals brutal amounts of damage; not even Frank Horrigan is able to stand such punishment.


It can be found in Marc's inventory in the bar on the tanker in San Francisco. You can obtain it either by killing Marc and looting his body or by pickpocketing him. One of the black haired female vagrants on the tanker has this gun in her possession as well. Red 888 Guns in San Francisco will stock Gauss Rifles on occasion (along with Gauss Pistols and 2mm EC).

The Oil Rig has a few in some of the ammo crates.

Lastly, if you come across a random encounter with a cave that has something in them, the cave may be full of very well armed robbers. If your level is 19 or higher, the robbers will be equipped with combat armor, and some will be armed with this rifle (less in number compared to other weapons). Other weapons these robbers use include Turbo Plasma Rifle, YK42B Pulse Rifle, FN FAL, H&K G11E and Mega Power Fist.

The only place you can definitely find this weapon is Dumont in NCR. You cannot pickpocket it (probably has that equipped) therefore you will have to kill him to obtain it. Characters with high enough sneak skill can equip a weapon like the bozar while sneaking, get really close to the sheriff and kill him in a single shot. Keep hiding and than grab the rifle from his dead body. Also, you will get 150 rounds for the rifle with this method.

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