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Also known as: M-Day
For the Earth-10005 event, see M-Day (Earth-10005).


Event Locations: Earth-616
First Appearance: House of M: The Day After
Cast of Characters: *Major Players: X-Men, *Secondaries: The Entire Marvel Universe
Synopsis: After the events of House of M, over 90 percent of superpowered mutants on Earth have lost their powers.


After altering reality so Mutants were the dominant race The Scarlet Witch then changed reality again, this time attempting to rid the world of the mutant gene. 90% of the world's mutants lost their powers overnight. The Xavier Institute became a haven for those who still had their powers, many of them attempting to escape persecution. Against the wishes of Institute professors Emma Frost and Scott Summers, the government assigned Sentinel Squad ONE to protect the mansion and it's inhabitants.

The Sapien League took advantage of the situation by attacking the mansion and any mutants attempting to reach it.

Mutants at the Institute rallied around the number "198", an early government estimate of how many powered mutants were left in the entire world.

Reporter Sally Floyd interviewed a number of depowered mutants for her Mutant Diaries report. However, a serial killer calling himself the Ghoul murdered several of those whom she interviewed, leaving "Not enough died" as a marker. The Ghoul was eventually killed in an explosion during an attempt to capture him by the X-Men. Given the nature of his teleportation powers, it's possible that the Ghoul survived.

It has been revealed that the energy previously possessed by the mutants was orbiting Earth after the events of M Day. While passing some orbiting rocks, the energy awakened Vulcan (Gabriel Summers). Eventually leaving orbit and entering atmosphere, the energy was absorbed by the Collective.

Known Powered Mutants

It is possible that Jean Grey kept X-Gene in her DNA, Beast and Dark Beast have found none X-Gene in dead bodies of mutants in Genosha, so some dead mutants lost their powers, but some could kept them, as seen in the Necrosha arc, however Jean is an important character that she may be used in future comics, and Marvel didn't want her as a normal human.

Known Depowered Mutants

Unconfirmed Mutants

This list mentions those whose status after House of M are unconfirmed:


  • Eric J. Moreel's Decimation List:

  • X-Men: The 198 Files


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