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The M-5 was an advanced computer that was made in the mid 23rd century.



The machine made use of advanced Multitronic computer technology and was more sophisticated than a duotronic computer that was commonly used at the time of its creation. It was capable of thinking and reasoning like a Human and was capable of using Human memory engrams as a model for its computer programming. When installed, it was placed in the main engineering section where it was plugged into the main power grid and when it required more power, it could simply shut down unnecessary systems for its own use such as life support. The sophistication of the technology meant that an M-5 Unit was perfectly capable of running an entire starship with only a skeleton crew of twenty being present.

There were, however, notable problems with the Unit which included a fierce self preservation programming which meant that it became dominant during battle situations. (TOS episode: "The Ultimate Computer")



Primary universe

The M-5 multitronic unit was created by Doctor Richard Daystrom who used his own memory engrams in the machine and developed it after the failures of the M-1 to M-4 models. After its creation, Starfleet agreed to a test simulation of the Unit's capabilities and in 2268 and it was installed on the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.

The simulation called upon the vessel being controlled by the M-5 computer with only a skeleton crew of twenty crewman and for the ship to fight against the robot vessel Woden. However, the machine went rogue and attempted to protect itself which led to the destruction of the USS Excalibur along with the deaths of hundreds of Starfleet officers. The sensior crew of the Enterprise later attempted to cut off the computer's control over the ship but the M-5 Unit simply re-routed its command functions through new datalines and sent fake signals to the originals to trick the crew. It later projected a forcefield around itself to from harm. The machine was only stopped when Captain Kirk made the M-5 computer self-destruct by asking it if it was right to kill another being. The Unit stated it was a crime against the laws of God and deactivated itself which ended the threat it posed in the crisis. (TOS episode: "The Ultimate Computer")

A genetic bank on the world of Onyius II contained a sophisticated computer system with encoded engrams similar to the M-5 program and indicated an artificial intelligence. (TOS video game: Judgment Rites)

Mirror universe

In the Mirror universe, an M-5 Unit was created by the Terran Empire who abandoned it in an old weapon testing range in space where it managed to take control over four derelict Constitution class vessels. Its territory was intruded upon by the ISS Excelsior's whose crew had exchanged places with their primary universe counterparts as a result of exposure to the Janus Vortex. After attempting to trick the computer, Captain Hikaru Sulu had to fight the fleet assembled by the machine who attempted to protect itself from destruction. Its intelligence was located on the ISS Hood which was destroyed by fighter squadrons from the Excelsior which ended the threat posed by the machine. (TOS video game: Shattered Universe)

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