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M-14 Rifle
damage: Single: 8 - 18
Burst: 7 - 16
damage type: Normal
attack modes:
Single (AP: 4, R: 40)
Burst (AP: 5, R: 32)
burst rounds: 8
ammo Type .303
ammo capacity: 20
min. Strength: 5
hands req.: 2
weight: 7 lbs.
value: n/a
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.
The M-14 succeeded the M1 Garand as the standard US Army Rifle. It chambered the NATO standard 7.62mm round and like its predecessor, was noted for its reliability and ease of operation.

The M-14 is a small gun in Fallout Tactics.



With a better range but lower damage than the AK47, with the same AP costs as a bunch of similar weapons, this weapon is more suited to a sniper.


  • Peoria found in a locker in the South West part of the store.


  • Although the description of the weapon says the M-14 chambered for 7.62mm ammo, in game it actually uses .303.

Behind the scenes

In reality, the rifle was never modified to fire .303, and the .303 cartridge itself was being phased out of use in British arsenals around the same time as the US adoption of the M14 rifle. Note that the real M-14 uses 7.62x51 which is a .308 cartridge.

Weapons of Fallout Tactics

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