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The Enterprise orbits M-113
The USS Enterprise enters orbit of M-113.
Alternate name: Regulus VIII
Classification: Class M planet
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Location: UFC-113
The surface of M-113.
The ruined surface of M-113.

M-113 (also known as Regulus VIII and Fotialla) was the fourth planet of a star system orbiting UFC-113, a yellow dwarf star. The planet was once home to an advanced humanoid civilization, as well as an indigenous species of creature known as the M-113 creature or "salt vampire". (ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation)

By the 23rd century, the civilization had long-died out and only ancient ruins remained on the planet, and only one "salt vampire" was known to have lived, as the planet turned into a hot and arrid wasteland. The only plant life that survived on the planet were a type of dry bush and the poisonous Borgia plant. Because of the hot and arrid environment, anyone who visited the planet needed to bring a large supply of salt so that they could survive.

In 2261, Professor Robert Crater and his wife, Nancy arrived on the planet, and established an archaeological dig around some of the ruins on the planet. Over the next four years they exported many fascinating discoveries off the planet, but in 2265, the number of items being exported dwindled immensely when Nancy was killed by the last remaining "salt vampire", although this was not discovered until 2266.

Instead of killing the creature, Crater took pity on the creature and it assumed the shape of Nancy and lived with Crater for a year. However, the truth was revealed in late 2266 when the USS Enterprise arrived to perform routine medical examinations of the Craters'. During the encounter several Enterprise crewmen were killed by the vampire before it was ultimately revealed and killed. (TOS episode & novelization: The Man Trap)

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