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Lyla Michaels
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5' 5"

128 lbs (58 kg)



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Lyla Michaels was rescued from floating in the sea as a child by the Montior, who then brought her onboard his satellite to raise her as his assistant, studying the Multiverse alongside him. Then the time came for Lyla to summon the heroes the Monitor needed to protect his cosmic tuning forks when very few of the positive-matter universes remained. Entering into an energy chamber in the heart of the satellite, Lyla was transformed into a multiple-copy person named Harbinger, sent across time and through different universes to gather up the selected heroes: some went willingly, others by force, and yet others by coercion. On her way to gather Arion the sorcerer, a Shadow Demon possessed one of Harbinger's copies, allowing the Anti-Monitor to manipulate and use her for his purposes. Ultimately she was used to kill the Monitor, only to find out that the Monitor had intended for Harbinger to kill him so that he could activate the machines and shunt the Earths 1 and 2 universes into a Netherverse where they would be safe from the anti-matter wave. But with the vibrations slowing between the two universes, they are now starting to merge with each other and will eventually annihilate each other. Harbinger gathered a group of heroes to send them to the remaining positive-matter universes of Earths 4, S, and X to protect its citizens from the anti-matter wave while she concentrated all her power on bringing those universes into the Netherverse. As she succeeds in doing so, Lyla lost her power to become Harbinger, though she continued to assist the heroes in other ways.

With the resetting of the universe that took place following the battle at the Dawn of Time, Lyla became Harbinger again, revealing that with the resetting of time, all the surviving positive-matter universes have all merged into one universe with one history. She helped the heroes defeat the Anti-Monitor once and for all when he used his power to transport Earth into the anti-matter universe. She returned to Earth and joined her fellow surviving team members Lady Quark and Pariah in the exploration of the New Earth reality.

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  • History of the Universe orb: this orb held records of all events in all possible timelines, including those wiped out in the Crisis.

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