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Lying, Congressional Style
effects: Skill improved: Speech
weight: 2
value: 50
base id: 00034044

Lying, Congressional Style is a book which, upon reading, grants the Player Character in Fallout 3 a +1 Speech bonus (+2 with the Comprehension perk).

An image of this book is copied as a slide for the Vault Dweller's Survival Guide. Identifying number for this slide is VDSG Plate #921-44.



Closest map marker Location description
Arlington Library Children's Wing, it's next to the coffee-makers on a countertop in a break room.
Capitol Building In Conference Hall, on a podium.
Capitol Building South of The Capitol Building East Entrance in Seward Square, inside of a Pulowski Preservation Shelter.
Corvega Factory Directly forward from the entrance on a counter.
Dupont Station Near the entrance from Dupont, in a bucket on table in first room to the right with a Protectron and a Computer Terminal.
Georgetown In McClellan Family Townhome.
Germantown Police HQ On the ground floor, in the corner of a classroom on the child-sized rusty desk.
Jury Street Metro Station On a safe where you kill Ryan Brigg in the Jury St. Tunnels.
Jury Street Metro Station Southwest of the entrance, inside the unmarked Calverton church.
Megaton Can be found in your Megaton House after purchasing the Love Machine Theme.
Megaton After completing the Arlington Library portion of The Wasteland Survival Guide and it's optional objective, Moira will give you a copy.
Meresti Trainyard In Meresti Metro Station, under a box on top of the train.
National Archives In the secure wing east, next to the safe containing the Bill of Rights.
Nuka-Cola Plant Offices on the second level.
Rivet City Outside of the carrier, northwest of the entrance in a Mutant Camp with a captive.
RobCo Factory Factory floor, on large desk at back of foyer.
Robot Repair Center In Mechanist's Forge (Section A, 2nd floor) on desk.
Scrapyard In the office. Can only be reached with the Contract Killer perk.
Takoma Industrial Eastern room.
Tenleytown/Friendship Station In one of the several metal shelves near two Feral ghoul have killed a female mercenary in a cross tunnel between the tracks.
Tenpenny Tower Can be found in your Tenpenny Suite after purchasing the Love Machine Theme.
Tenpenny Tower It can be found in Tenpenny Tower in Allistair Tenpenny's suite. Book respawns after helping the ghouls get into the Tower.
Vault 108 Cloning Lab, on a table in the same room as the Charisma Bobblehead.
Vernon East/Takoma Park Coming into the Vernon East/Takoma Park metro from Vernon Square East, you'll find one just a few feet away in a ticket booth.


  • You can actually get a maximum of 25 Speech skill books when you consider the following:
    • You can only get either the "Lying, Congressional Style" book in your Megaton House or in your Tenpenny Tower Suite, not both. This subtracts one book.
    • The skill book in Allistair Tenpenny's suite respawns if you let the ghouls into the tower. This adds one book.
    • The "Paradise Lost" book is also a Speech skill book. This adds one book.

Behind the scenes

  • The book could be a pun of "Living: Congressional Style" written by A.R. Larry. While the book was written in 1932, it was never published.


  • If you buy the Love Machine Theme, take the skill book and then go buy a misc item for your house (Pristine Nuka-Cola Machine, My First Infirmary) you will get another skill book. Rinse and repeat to get a total of 6 skill books as long as you can spare the caps.
  • It's possible for the book in your Tenpenny Tower Suite to respawn. To have this happen, get the book while the tower is still owned by Allistair Tenpenny and his residents. If you then allow the ghouls to take over the tower, Tenpenny Tower is replaced with "Ruined Tenpenny Tower" and the book will re-appear.
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