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Kana ルーネス
Romaji Rūnesu
Age About 15 - 17
Hometown Ur
First meeting Altar Cave
Final Fantasy III Character
"An orphan raised by Nina and Elder Topapa in the village of Ur. Adventurous by nature, his curiosity gets the better of him as he tumbles into a hole created by the great earthquake."
Final Fantasy III instruction manual.

Luneth is the main character of the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy III. Like the rest of the Final Fantasy III cast, Luneth has no unique abilities, instead relying on Jobs. In the opening FMV, he is shown as a Warrior.



Luneth is a positive character and he is always able to support the party when things look bleak. He is very impulsive and sometimes regrets what he says when he talks without thinking. He is a determined fellow, willing to fight to the end to defend his promises and what he believes in. In the game, Luneth is described as the keeper of the light of courage.

Luneth serves as the party leader. He usually speaks on behalf of the team and he is also a bit cocky. But Luneth is very brave and will instantly jump into situations or fights despite the dangers. He has also defended his childhood friend, Arc, from being bullied by the other kids in their village.

It would appear that he had a small romantic interest in Aria, a priestess of the Temple of Water. Luneth was deeply grieved when she was killed by the Kraken, after she pushed him out of the way to save his life, taking the Kraken's attack.


Luneth is an orphan who was raised in the remote village of Ur by the priest Topapa and his foster mother Nina. One day, he went out exploring in the Altar Cave and fell down a hole. Here, he found the Wind Crystal, who chose him as a Warrior of Light. He then went out to find three others who shared his destiny. Subsequently, he teamed up with Arc, Refia, and Ingus to remove the Djinn's curse on Kazus and Castle Sasune, and the four of them returned to the crystal, who blessed them with its power.

Before the beginning of the game, when all our protagonists were small children or possibly infants, Luneth and his true parents were dwellers of the surface world below the Floating Continent. One day, the family went aboard an airship. Soon, the ship was engulfed in a thick, vast darkness and crashed on the Floating Continent. Luneth's parents were killed on impact, but a man, who was described by Topapa as being covered in ash, took the surviving child to Ur and gave him to the elder. This man was later identified as Cid. From that time onward, Nina and Topapa raised Luneth as a son.




Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Onion Knight in Dissidia Final Fantasy has an alternate outfit that is directly based on Luneth. He wears an indigo Onion Knight outfit and his hair changes from curly blonde to the straight white hair Luneth has, plus a change in eye color.


  • Luneth's appearance is similar to that of the unnamed warrior in the game's logo. It is possible that he is based off of that character.
  • Luneth is the only player character in the game with his own unique body armor. He is initially equipped with a Vest that cannot be obtained otherwise; however, it is also the weakest armor in the game (together with the Rusty Mail) as it provides only minimal Defense and Magic Defense.
  • It is possible that Luneth may have harbored romantic feelings for Aria based on his reaction to her death.
  • When you fight the Iron Giant, Arc will yell out "L-Luneth!", however if you rename Luneth it will be L-[insert name here] instead of changing it to the appropriate first letter.

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