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Lune Oddo Divinian
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Lune Oddo Divinian was the Force-sensitive son of Astri Oddo and Bog Divinian.



Lune Oddo Divinian was born in 27 BBY. However, his father, Bog Divinian, meant to use him as leverage to keep his mother in line. He was always called "Lunie" by his father, which he practically hated. Before the Clone Wars, she left him and went into hiding.



About 23 BBY, when Lune was four, his mother found out that he was Force-sensitive. Later, after the Galactic Empire was founded, his father learned of his Force-sensitivity and wanted to take him away for a special project Senator Sano Sauro was creating for Emperor Palpatine: to use Force-sensitive beings as pilots for the Empire to mold an invincible fleet. His mother refused and left her husband. She was found again by Ferus Olin in 19 BBY after she sabotaged the computer systems on Samaria to stop Palpatine from getting complete control of the planet. Ferus helped Lune and Astri escape, and was very impressed by Lune's abilities at the young age of eight.[1] After leaving Samaria, Lune stayed with Astri on Olin's asteroid base, where former Jedi Garen Muln assisted Lune in learning to use the Force.[2]


Lune went with his mother to Coruscant and he met with Dexter Jettster. Later, he went to a playground with Keets Freely and Curran Caladian. He modified the power slide to shoot him up higher and did somersaults with the Force. However, his actions were noticed by passing stormtroopers. Keets and Curran managed to get him out of there, but later, he was captured and sent to Coruscant's new Imperial Academy.[3]

The Imperial Academy

Trever Flume was enlisted to rescue him. In one class, they were able to best one of the older cadets, Kestrel. However, his father received word from Sano Sauro that Darth Vader needed someone for a "special project." Bog decided to send Lune. Lune and Trever tried to escape but were caught by Maggis, the head instructor. The two were separated and Lune met up with his father again. However, he was to be a test subject for a memory-altering drug created by Jenna Zan Arbor. He was freed by Ferus from Zan Arbor and after jumping from window they were both rescued in the nick of time by Trever and a defective Maggis. Lune then returned to the asteroid to continue his training with Garen Muln until the asteroid was no longer safe, and Lune was sent off in an escape pod. Shortly after, the asteroid was destroyed killing everyone on it. [4]

Lune, along with a purposefully brainwashed Trever, was then once again taken into care by his mother Astri Oddo and Clive Flax after Ferus and Trever picked up his escape pod after the destruction of the base.


By 0 ABY, Lune was operating as a mercenary pilot under the pseudonym 'Div'. He was one of many mercenaries hired by X-7 to hunt down Luke Skywalker on Kamino. After crash landing on the planet and assisting Skywalker, he was taken prisoner and held on Yavin 4. He later disappeared from his cell and Skywalker was set out to find him. [5]


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